Well, to say that I am not excited for this project is a downright lie. I have been excited about this since yesterday. So yeah... here we go :)

A shrill scream pierced the night air as the sounds of breaking objects are heard. Sounds like this are extremely common every night. A stallion dashed past his aggressors and tried to find the only safe spot he knows, his room. He held a silver key and he jammed it into the lock and desperately turned it. The door obeyed his orders and he dashed in, shutting and locking the door behind him. Immediately, he trotted over to one of the corners of his room, laid down and wept. He did that every day of his life...

That stallion... was me

Another flashback...

I cautiously crept down the stairs of an abandoned house just outside our property... I needed it as a release from what was sure to come in almost no time at all. Once they figure out I left, I'm dead. A basement... one that was perfect but there was something else, a door at the far end of the basement. Curiosity and a sense of desperation kicked in. I forcibly opened the door and a long corridor stretched out in front of me. I slowly trotted down it, unsure if I wanted to go on or not. In the end, pressing on was the most logical choice because I would've been dead if I went back.

My hoof almost slipped on something I didn't see until I looked down. It was a golden notebook. I cautiously picked it up and examined it. Dust was nonexistent on the front cover which made me wonder how long it was down there. I flipped it over to take a look at the back cover. My eyes immediately widened and they flicked from it to my cutie mark and back several times. It was an exact match. I hastily took the notebook and hurried on...

My eyes cracked open to the sound of running water. Immediately, they were blinded by the harsh light that the sun could only manage.

Where am I? I thought, beginning to pace. I shrug and began to look around for something, anything that could give me a sign of where I was. And then I saw it, a path that wound itself between the trees. I trotted down it, happy to see a different path because the old one got boring after a while.

For hour after restless hour, I trotted down the new path, hoping to find something that would give me clues to any sort of civilization at all. Eventually, I found it in the form of a clearing. I grinned and trotted faster, hoping to see a village or something. It was then I spotted a clearing in which a mare fell at my hooves.

I jump back, startled at the new development that was unfolding in front of me. "H-Hello?" I weakly call.

She responds with an "umph" followed by a "I'm alright."

"Are you sure?" I gaze at the mare, unsure of what to do.

She stands up weakly and offers her hoof, "Yeah, I'm sure. My name is Shybeat, but you can call me Shy, and you are?"

I stare blankly at her "Hello... I am Golden Stream" I look away, thoughts and questions whirling inside my mind. And suddenly, the emotional barrier that was holding them back broke and I fall to the ground, weeping.

"G-Golden?" I see her mouth "are you okay?"

I don't hear her, the sadness keeping her words from reaching my ears but the movement of her mouth tells me she said something. I try to get up but the emotions just push me to the ground again.

"I-I-I..." I fall silent, unable to even speak.

She trots closer with a worried look in her baby blue eyes. "It's okay... whatever it is, I'm here, I'll take care of you."

I drew back, as if I was stung. "How can you make me believe you? How can, after all these years, I trust anypony ever again? My life... is a lie."

"Because, I am not your life... I just wanna help." She responds a little too cleverly, almost like she means it. A thought then occurred to me maybe she does.

I slowly, almost cautiously get up and face her.

I know you just want to help," I said quietly. "It isn't that simple anymore... nothing ever is." I sigh, something I haven't done in years. "I just... I just don't know what to do anymore. I... am all alone" I look down, ashamed of my reaction to her.

She looks me in the eyes, giving me a long and careful look as though she was peering into my soul. she gives one single nod and replies, "I-I understand what you've been through... but you don't have to worry about that anymore... I won't let anything happen to you anymore... I promise."

"I... thank you..." I give her a hug. "You promise not to leave me here lost and alone?"

She hugs back and smiles, "Of course I won't"

I just stare, still unsure of how to handle this situation. I just respond with a nod. I feel empty inside, like a big chunk of my soul is missing, never to return.

"T-Thanks again," I try and muster up a smile but it falls flat.

She returns the smile, "You're welcome."

"I... just don't know what to do or where to go..."

"Don't you have a home?" She asks cluelessly. Not knowing my past, that question may seem harmless to any other pony, but to me, it brings so many bad memories, so many things i try to avoid, try to forget.

My gaze hardens and I turn away. "I... don't want to talk about it..." My voice came out cooly and I realize my mistake. "I'm sorry for reacting like that..."

The smile on her face fades and the look of worry returns. "No... I-I'm sorry. it's a soft subject, i understand."

I sigh, unable to get my emotions under control. "Y-You didn't know..." Another sigh. She remains silent, appearing unable to think of anything to say. Her thoughts wandering freely to my head. Her curiosity about me shows in her expressions. Her desire to help is almost overwhelming. She's a pony who cares, this I can tell for sure

I continue to stare blankly, unable to comprehend why she cared so much. "I... still don't know what to do or where to go. I am... lonely" I look down, still unsure of myself.

She appears to be thinking for quite some time before responding. "Consider yourself lonely no more... you're coming home with me." She smiles.

I froze in my spot, my mind reeling at her last words. I try to get the thoughts together. "Y-You mean it?" I wanted to turn the other way and tell her that I don't believe her but there was something about the way she said it. There is something... friendly about the way she said it. I just nodded.

"Of course! Consider yourself family."She said smiling fondly.

I stare blankly at her still unsure what to say as my emotions are still all mixed up, partially from the excitement, I think, but mostly from what I left behind. Endless days of torture, abuse, anger, everything I dealt with on a daily basis. I just simply nod and she continues staring at me, smiling with such excitement I don't quite understand just yet. I notice her eyes fading from the baby blue shade, to a green color. I force down my temptation to ask, figuring it would be best not to.

"Maybe I should show you around Ponyville, I don't believe you are from around here." she continues to smile happily at correct prediction.

Not wanting to leave her hanging, I nod my head and manage to muster, "no... I am not." I don't know if she understood me, or if she did, i wonder how. She doesn't respond right away, which leads me to believe maybe she doesn't know what to say.

"Uh... follow me?" she says, still a little unsure. She spreads her wings and jumps into the air and hovers waiting for me who is still very unsure, even more so now. I mimic her actions waiting for her to lead, without any idea where exactly she is taking me, or even what Ponyville is. Of course I had assumed it was a town, but then again, I didn't know for sure. She takes off flying doing a few flips and twirls every now and then, I just watch occasionally mimicking her moves.

After a while of flying we land in the center of a small town. I feel like the buildings are all huddled close together, close and snug, almost friendly. I look around, noting a building that looks similar to a gingerbread house with an oversized cupcake with three equally oversized candles. The roof is decorated with frosting swirls and gumdrops. Not too far from that strange building there is a large tree with an arrangement of balconies and windows. Outside the tree, there is a sign with a book on it, instantly grabbing my attention. The next building to grab my attention was a tall building, much like a castle. This one is well put together, neat and organized. I don't like it too much, it seems too marified. A little further in the distance, I saw a cute little cottage that appeared to be carved out of a hill. In front of it, there was a small little bridge hanging over a decent sized stream. In the front yard, there appears to be an array of small bird houses. Looking closer, I notice small little holes sticking out of the ground. My thoughts are possible rabbit holes, or other creature's. In the far distance behind the town, there is a large orchard, filled with every type of apple tree imaginable. Looking at them, my mouth begins to water. I imagine hidden among the trees, there is a small farm house with a barn.

Any normal pony would've smiled if they saw Ponyville for the first time. But I'm not a normal pony. I never was a normal pony. I am just taking in the surroundings but that's about it. After I cried, I feel so emotionally drained. It seems like I am a shell of who I once was and I thought I would stay that way forever... until Shy turned around and gave me a warm smile.

"Like it?" She asked, indicating the whole entire village. I wanted to say something, anything, to dispel what I was feeling since I met her. Nothing came out, not even a nod or any other acknowledgment came to me. I took another look around the village and something came to me... a slight smile.

Eventually, I work up the courage to say a response, "Y-Yeah..." I fall silent again, still unable to comprehend what she was showing me. In fact, I wasn't able to comprehend anything since she fell and landed right in front of me. I do the only thing that comes to mind, look down and sigh.

"So, is there anywhere you wanna go? Anything you wanna do?" She asks excitedly. I turn my gaze towards the strange tree, the only thing that remotely caught my eye. It appears , she understands my gesture. "That's the library," she smiles proudly, "it's definitely one of the most unique buildings here in Ponyville."

"I... kinda want to go there" I say quietly. "It looks rather interesting." Almost immediately, my hoof goes to a saddlebag that was strapped to my back. It lingers there for a bit before grabbing something out.

Her eyes turn to the object I am hesitant on pulling out, her curiosity clear in her expression. She doesn't say anything about it, instead she trots towards the library. "Well, come on then!" she calls back, clearly excited by my interest in something.

I trot after, trying to muster up a smile... and succeeding. "I'm coming!" I responded with a small smile etched on my lips. She's breaking through, I thought. She laughs a sweet, tinkly laugh as she looks back noting my smile. I catch up to her, the smile still holding on my lips. She is actually making me feel better. My smile widens a bit.

"Heh... I think I am finally breaking through." she says as if she read my mind, though I don't think she meant to say it out loud because shortly after her cheeks are flushed with a light pink color.

I notice her reaction and the smile increases yet again. "Yeah, you are breaking through. And I thank you for that." I finally pull out the object that I wanted to bring out before I got here.

She looks at it, her curiosity getting the better of her for once. "Is that... a notebook?" She opens the wooden door that separated the library and trots through it.

I follow, unsure of how to respond. "Y-Yeah..." I open the notebook to the first page and hold it there, as if I was going to start writing something.

She simply smiled and immediately began to trot to one of the nearest bookshelves that lined the walls. She began to pick books off of them and gazed at the covers, putting them back where they belonged when she was done. I just found an empty spot at one of the tables and laid my notebook on top of it. I feel through my saddlebag to find a pen, pulling one out in the process.

"How should I start this?" I mutter, tapping the pen on the smooth wood. I stare at the page, hoping that it would give me some sort of inspiration. I found it almost immediately and began to write. Shy noticed this and sat down next to me.

"Whatcha ya writin'?" She asked. I don't even look up to acknowledge her presence, too focused on the task at hoof. I catch her peeking over my shoulder before guilt gets the best of her and she looks away.

I noticed the curiosity in her gaze before she looked away. I thought for a moment or two before sliding the notebook in her direction. She takes it carefully looking at me to make sure it's okay. I just nod and offer a slight smile. She takes it and pages through it.

"How... is it?" My slight smile fades and I am back to feeling emotionless again. Well, it was good while it lasted I thought glumly.

"Wow! You have amazing talent! No joke, I love it. Have you published anything?"

I just stared, "No..." I just sigh and look at her. "Can I have it back now?"

"Oh... right." She hoofs it back to me a carefully. "I was wondering because your writing is very excellent."

I continue to stare, attempting to comprehend her words. "Thanks..." I fall silent again as I begin to write with her watching me. She turns her gaze to a bookshelf and picks a book out and begins paging through it fairly quickly. My eyes then leave the paper in front of me to the bookshelves. I slowly get up and trot over to see what they have for books. I idly pick one out at random and look at the back cover. I debate on if it is worth it or not, decide that it isn't, and put it back. I sigh and move on to the next ones, repeating the process until one finally catches my eye. I sit back down, put away the notebook, and began to page through the book. It turns out that I am a pretty fast reader much like Shy. In around ten minutes, I was finished and I put the book away.

"You must be a really quick reader... much like me." She smiles and trots back over as I pull out my notebook and pen yet again.

"I.. just noticed it now." I confessed, closing the notebook. "But there is something I want you to see."

"And that is?" I flip over the notebook to where the back cover was showing. She looks at it with a curious expression on her face. Her eyes flick from my cutie mark back to the cover and back again. The curiosity in her gaze heightened. "T-They are an exact match. Why do you think that is?"

"I don't really know. I was hoping you would know..." I sigh and put a hoof on the back cover. Unbeknownst to me, the mark glowed and something black shot out of it and into me. I tuck the notebook and pen back in my saddlebag.

Her eyes widened slightly, W-What was that? She thought.

"Are you ok?" I ask, plainly noticing her reaction.

"Y-Yeah..." She responds a little too quickly. "I'm alright..." She couldn't shake the feeling that something was about to happen.

"Are you sure you're alright?" I ask, peering at her carefully. "Did I do something wrong?" A glimmer of an emotion washed over me... and promptly left leaving me the same as before.

She shook her head, "No... as far as I'm concerned, you did everything right." A slight smile played on her lips.

I breathe a sigh of relief. "Good, for a second there, I thought I did something wrong." My slight smile returns for the briefest of moments before it fades. "But I didn't... that's a good thing right?"

She giggles, "Yeah... doing something right is a good thing. Although doing the right thing may cause... pain for others. It's how the world works... replenish rain to a dry land makes it habitable but it could put others in drought by doing it. Do you understand?"

I try to comprehend her words, Well then... what about me? I have lived neither... I ran from them but I still betrayed them. I sigh yet again.

She smiles, giving a small effort in trying to cheer me up. "Do... you want a muffin?" Her smile widened as she saw my reaction. "It looks like you do. Come along, I know a place." She trots out leaving me with no other choice but to follow.

"I... never really had one before." I confessed, she turned to me with an incredulous look in her eyes.

"Y-You didn't? What kind of life did you live?" I frowned and the worried expression returned.

"Please... don't ask for my sake." I trot quicker to catch up to her. "I don't like to talk about it."

"Ah..." She trailed off, her curiosity in me increased with every passing moment. We trot to the cupcake shaped building I had noticed earlier from the tour. We trot up to the wooden door and push it open, trotting inside. "Welcome," She said, indicating the whole building. "To Sugarcube Corner, or as I like to call it, the Corner." She grinned and trots up to a pink pony.

"Hiya! Can I help you? I mean, I know I can help you... that was a rhetorical question. Anywho! what would you like to order?" the pink pony rambled on. Her attention soon drawn to me. "Oh my! are you new? I mean you must be, I've never seen you before! And i know everypony in Ponyville so you must be new!" She smiles excitedly.

"Ah... erm... I am new. My name is Golden Stream," I said, smiling. "And you must be..."

The pink pony smiles, "Hiya! My name is Pinkie Pie." She continues to smile. "And I suppose you didn't come here just to talk to me. I mean if you did, I would be one of the happiest ponies in the world." She continues to ramble on.

"Erm yes..." I interrupted. "We did come here for some muffins." Pinkie's face brightens and she trots out a door in the back. She almost immediately returns with a basket.

"Here ya go." She shoved the basket into Shy's hoofs, smiling brightly. "Have a nice day!"

"You too." Shy says, returning the smile with one of her own. "C'mon! try one!" she says excitedly as she shoves a muffin into my hoof. I stare at it blankly unsure of what to think. I bring the muffin to my nose and breath in the sweet aroma of it, causing a smile to play on my face. When I take a bite, I feel my eyes and smile widen. I then decided that muffins are my new favorite treat.

"Mmmm..." was all that escaped from me as I nommed the muffin in pure enjoyment before reaching for another. Shy smiles at me, letting me know that's all she needs to hear. I watch as she eats one as well, seeing the same enjoyment in her. I think my life is now complete. I mean, what could be better than muffins? This thought manages to widen my grin.

"I take it you like it?" she giggles knowingly. It makes me wonder why she asked such a rhetorical question, but I don't mind because I find it funny. I just nod, not wanting to talk with my mouth stuffed. "Heh.. the way you love these muffins, I'm almost sure you would give Derpy a run for her muffins." I just chuckle to myself, not wanting to admit I don't know who Derpy is. I assume she is a mare who apparently loved muffins, and anypony who loves muffins has to be good. I reach for yet another muffin, not wanting to question why I felt this good. I let my mind wander for a few minutes, trying to find any idea for my first story. I also might use it as a defense sometimes just in case somepony rambles on about topics I don't care about. My mind wandered further and further until it... touched something else. My eyes widened and I tried to withdraw my wandering mind to no avail.

"Whats wrong?" She asked, curiosity and worry etched on her face. I tried harder to withdraw my mind but it was held there like some sort of captive.

"I-I don't know..." I said, trailing off at the end. "I... felt something interesting." I tried to withdraw my mind yet again and it held firm. Then all of a sudden, the things mind opens up to mine. My eyes widen further and the concerned expression on her face increases.

"G-Golden?" She gazed at me for several moments. "Are you sure you're all right?" I gasp and close my eyes as its thoughts crossed my mind.

Well... that was fun XD