gohan was seated in his desk studying.

it had been a week since his mother had died.

his father has been leaving the house more often at night. and when he comes back , he is suddendly all drunk and smells funny.

gohan never came near his father at night.

instead he let go , but he want to make sure that his father came back happy.


i watched the time waiting for my father to return from wherever he was.

it was past nine and he wasnt here.

just i as i was about to get up and leave i heard the door click.

okay pause the story. sorry but i am not using a document thing or whatever so you are gonna see alot of i okay?


as i was saying , i heard the door clicked and opened to reviel my dad with a bottle.

he was leaning against the and drank the bottle untill it was empty and he threw it to the ground causing it to brake.

clean it up.

then my father sat on the couch as i gave him a what the hell face while getting the broom.

as i was working my ass off he turned on the t.v. and started watching some show with porn.

i dumped the pan and went to make him a plate from the dinneri just cooked.

no reason for standing around looking retarted.

i made his favorite food again. i thought he deserved it but now i am having second thoughts.

i made the plate for my dad and handed it to him before sitting next to him.

ofcourse i scooted a little from him .

hey dad mirai asked if i wanted to go eat out with him. so i wont be home tomorrow for about six hours.

my dad growled.

not that i was leaving but it was because i was going with him.

he has not liked mirai at all.

i know when he is fake bieng happy around him and not.

i dont know why he hates him , he saved our lives by coming here in the first place.

honestly i would say it was too good for him.

fine by why six hours? it does not take that long to eat.

i blushed.

well after that mirai said he had somewhere to take me. sort of like a...date?

he scowled. i swear i saw viens on his face .

he took a deep breath and threw his dishes in the sink.


what has gotten into him?


the next day i decided to put on something cute.

i admit, i do sort of have a crush on him.

he has been there for me ever since mother died.

i finally choose out shorts my mom got me before when i said i didnt like it. and a baby blue t shirt. its not that long since it reached the about one quarter of my shorts. no need to tuck it in.

next i got a blue headband from mom.

yes i am a guy but lets face it... i am more feminem then manly.

she gave it to me because she said my hair gets a little crazy and needs to be seperate. i have not wore ever since.

but in honor of my moms death i put it on my head.

lastly i got white socks and white tennis shoes.

when i just started brushing my hair my dad came in.

he walked behind and grabbed the brush out of my hand and set it on my dresser.

make sure you two behave and try not to have too much fun. you know i can come whenever i want.

i rolled my eyes.

ofcourse... it all makes sense now.

he was going to try to ruin our date... wait that didnt sound right.

yes dad i understand.

suddendly we both heard a motor cycle drive up to outr house.

he honked a horn... if a motor cycle has one... and yelled my name.

its mirai. get out dad.

i shoved him out and shut the door before running out side to for him.

mirai got up and his eyes were as wide as ever.

gohan... you look... amazing.

my face redened.

hey you look great your self.

trunks got on his vehicle and i sat behind him with my hands on his shoulder.

i am not a beginner with moto cycles so i dont have to bee all over him.

my dad was looking at the window once again looking very pissed.

i still waved and we took off.

i laid my head on his back wondering where we were going after eating.

mirai then slowed down and i thought we were there only to see he was at a stop light.

i again rested my head and thoughts poured all over my head.

finally , he stopped and i looked up to see a chinese resturaunt.

he got up and pulled me up with him.

as we were walking i saw men smirking at me and some licking their lips.

i dont know if they saw a fried shrimp on my head but it started to scare so i clung on trunks arm and closer to him.

once we got inside...thank kami...he had us reseved in a private room.

the private room was filled with men and wemon who looked as though they were in their thirties.

finally i saw someone who looked about my age and i thought that maybe we could be friends.

gohan could you wait here? i have to talk to steve.

i nodded and let him leave

the kid was not wearing classy clothes like the rest so i was grateful that he was normal.

i walked to the table he was at getting a fruit punch.

im a shy person i sont be all like... hey whats up? or...wanna hang out?

i slowly made my way over to him and he looked at me.

i froze blushed.

he smiled and grabbed my hand and kissed it.

gooday mate... you look very lovely today.

he some sort of accent so he must be from some other country.

h hello.

care to chat?

uhm sure.

he smiled again and took my hand and took me to a corner.

so what brings someone as beuatiful as you here?

i blushed again.

well me and my friend wanted to go out to eat somewhere.


i raised an eyebrow.

he then started whispering.

how about visiting my place?

uh... but i dont know where your place is hehe.

he gave me a card.

has my address and my number.

when i put it in my pants he suddendly put his hand on the wall next to my head.

he winked.

you know... i have been waiting for this moment a long time .

i did not like where this was going.

i think i heard him pur and i felt his hand rub my waist.

he crossed the line.

excuse me but i need to see my friend.

then i ran away looking like a maniac.

i accidently ran into a man and he caught me just in time as i was about fall.

luckily that man was trunks.

i tugged on his arm and pointed to the door.

can we please leave?

but you didnt eat.

who cares?

i dragged trunks out and held onto him.

did something happen.

oh just chatted with someone.

scratch the part that i wanted to be friends.

we got on his motor cycle and left.

i am glad we did.

one... i can get away from mr. wierdo

two... he can take me to his surprise.

we drove for quite a long time and we ended up on a hill.

we got off and i followed him.

is this your... prize.

he nodded smiling.

now i am dssapointed.

i was over excited for this crap?

he motioned for me to walk to the peak.

when i did he held my hand and looked down.

i did the same and i was in awe.

the ocean sparkled like glitter and the reflection of the sun was on it.

i saw dolphins jump out a couple of times and saw them do back flips.

i gasped a couple of times and sometimes squeeze mirais hand.

this was so beuatiful.

like it? i thought you would enjoy this.

i was still amazed.

this is so... romantic.

i leaned on his shoulder and sighed..

he rubbed my back and laid his head on mine.

this really was romantic.

we were sitting on a hill over a beuatiful sunset watching the dolphins dance in the sparkling ocean.

suddendly i was not thinking and blurted out something.

i love mirai.

i covered my mouth but he laughed and replied.

i love you too gohan.