i sighed and went to get dinner started.

trunks got up and brought out a bag of rice.

so... can i help you?

i hesitated and nodded.

trunks smiled and started cooking right away.

since he was doing that i decided to do the dishes.

yah... i know dad his super lazy but i am just gonna have to accept the new him.

i grab the dishes and dried.

i noticed mirai staring at me the whole time.

it was getting pretty annoying so i stop and look at him.


he shakes his head fast and started stuttering.

oh sorry.

he turned back to the pot and watched it as if it was intresting.

i raised an eyebrow just when the door was knocked on.

i opened it and to my horror it was the guy from earlier today.

hallo. i see my gps was right.


what the hell did he do? track me down?

you see i has track you down with a device of mine.


but why me?

well i realized that i wanted to see your pretty face so badly after the diner.

i was ready to puke any moment now.

you were so beatiful.

aaaaany mimuet now...

you do relize i am a guy right?

yes so?

what a freak...

well i am a little busy now so uh bye.

the weird kid stopped the door.

may i stay for while?

okay some people may know me for bieng the nice but when it comes to this... i am unreconizable.

look dude... i dont like you that way... i am not gay either so please go before something happens.

he cupped my chin before kissing me.

in the lips.

in the open.

i heard stuff shattering on tghe ground so i wasnt surpised about mirai.

okay back to me...

i pull away and punch the crap out of his face which sent him flying.

i was red hot too.

in embarresment and anger.

h how could he just k kiss me like that?

trunks shut the door and hugged me.

uh gohan... who was that guy?

i dont know why everyone is so attracted to me.


i took a deep breath and sighed slowly.

guys are always staring at me and i dont know why. i wonder if they even have a wife.

trunks picked me up and sat on the couch.

mirai youre suppose to be watching the food.

its done.


it was silent for a moment.


i turned my head to face him.


trunks was leaning close to my face.

i started to feel his hot breath.

but for some reason i got up.

i im sorry trunks.

wh what?

look its not your fault. its mine. i had a crush on you for a long time. but i just dont feel like i am ready. you know... making out with eachother.

its okay gohan ill go slow.

but thats not just it. the japanese law says that my parents have to choose who i will be with. and it sure wont be you. i wish mom was here.

tears rolled down my cheek but i quickly wipe them because i dont want mirai to think i am a wimp.

i understand lets go to space. no rules up there.

hell no. there are enough stories of me in space .



trunk walked up to me.

so do you want to keep our relationship a secret?

i thought for a moment before nodding.

trunks sighed in relief and went to kiss me , only to touch lips.

i shake my head and went to get the plates and silverware.

he may be going slow but i am not stupid.

trunks closes the front door and helps me.

i hope our secret can last for untill i turn eighteen.

thats seven years.

i have a loooooong way to go.