this was something that was in my head, after the daydream about the snow day which became a certain story on here.

It's December in the arcade meaning Christmas isn't too far away and Ralph and the gang are making plans and having antics.

I hope you guys like, especially Shizukutsukishima749

It was the first day of December in the arcade meaning Christmas was coming as everybody was excited since Christmas was a special time of year for them and the people that came to play in the arcade, as in Niceland, Gene and the others were decorating the building as somebody was peeking out of his house.

It was a certain nine foot tall man in a red shirt and overalls but wore a warm red hoodie but wore boots on his huge feet, after being sick last month he had gotten some warmer clothes with Vanellope's help wore a purple scarf.

Normally around this time of year he spent the holidays alone until everything chaned thanks to him and a cybug attack on the arcade they'd averted, he wasn't considered a bad guy anymore and needed to get a Christmas tree for his house.

He then headed into town deciding to walk as snow fell which was keeping his good mood flowing, even if it was going to be another Christmas by himself this year.

A stray snowball hit the back of his head as he turned around hearing laughter, seeing a certain little glitch there wearing earmuffs.

He couldn't help but amile at Vanellope's antics but she saw him going into town.

"I'm gonna go get a tree for my house,kid, okay?" he said.

She nodded in reply as she understood knowing Christmas was a big deal and sighed because like Ralph she spent the holidays alone and knew this year would be different.

"What do ya mean, there's no trees left, dingus?" Ralph said as he was standing in the tree lot with the owner trembling in his ski jacket, fur topped boots and clutching a warm cup of eggnog in his hands.

"W-We sold out, M W-Wreck It, sir!" he said shaking as Ralph sighed knowing this guy was only doing his duty, but decided not to scare the poor guy or wreck the place as Vanellope was in awe knowing normally her large friend wrecked when he didn't get his own way.

"Come on kid, we'll get a tree somewhere else, like the forest!" he said smirking leaving with the little girl on his back heading towards the park as she liked where this was going.

He found a tree that would make a perfect Christmas tree ripping it out of the ground using his strength to do it making Vanellope clap her hands in awe.

"Let's go home to my place, decorate this sucker, and have some hot chocolate!" Ralph said seeing Vanellope get excited approaching his house which was outside the apartment building, putting down the tree as Ralph found the key in his overall pocket.

He felt better entering the warmth of his home after being in the cold for a while bringing the tree inside hoping that the others especially Gene didn't know, since what he'd done was considered illegal.

He then found boxes of old decorations that his parents had used, to decorate the tree when he was little.

"Big Guy, you sure, that you're okay?" Vanellope asked seeing him nod in reply, as he was bringing them out of the boxes with Vanellope's help decorating the tree which made them both feel good on the inside.

After decorating the inside of the house, they were having hot chocolate and cookies which made Vanellope stunned knowing before how Ralph didn't like chocolate unaware he did now after it had saved his life making her smirk

She then followed him because she was curious about the others here treated him now.