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Diskit is causing serious trouble at the Virtual North Pole by putting everybody in the arcade on the Naughty list but Ralph and his friends will take care of that.

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Diskit was trying to enter the workshop but there were firewalls up to protect the Virtual North Pole from viruses but she found an opening, using her powers as an elf was about to snitch on her but she infected him making him sneeze and cough making her cackle.

"Soon Christmas will be ruined for the entire arcade and there's nothing anybody can do not even Wreck it Ralph!" she said laughing evilly.

She was making her way to where the Naughty and Nice lists were giving her an evil idea as she didn't have to make Santa sick after all to get her way, hotwiring the computer, and making everybody on the Naughty list.

2"That'll teach Santa not to leave me out of the holidays!" she cackled

In Ralph's apartment in his living room, Vanellope was working on her letter to Santa since she had ideas including giving Ralph the best Christmas ever and was drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies seeing that Ralph had left for a while, as he was doing shopping trusting the nine year old not to get into too much trouble.

I guess I'm done and hope that the big guy in the red and white suit gets it, as Ralph said he's pretty smart and can give people whatever they want for Christmas.

She then put the letter in a green envelope but was going to post it before Ralph got back in case the post office closed but made it in time putting it into the mailbox returning to the apartment just as Ralph was returning.

"Wow looks like you didn't burn down the building which is a good thing as Gene wouldn't be happy but what have you been doing?" he asked her.

"Christmas stuff Ralphie you know?" she replied making him understand.

He knew that she was trying to give him a present but he didn't mind as it was sweet of her, since nobody before had wanted to give him presents because of him being the bad guy but happy.

She would hope that Santa would get her letter in time but unaware of what was going on in the Virtual North Pole as an elf like creature appeared glitching making her in awe.

"Wow you guys are glitches and have a super power like me?" she asked making her excited and glitching, making Ralph worry but understood her excitement but had a bad feeling something was going on.

The elf glitch told them about Diskit and her plan to ruin Christmas but Ralph was angry, since Christmas was a great time of year but wouldn't let her ruin it.

"I know you'd help since you've defeated a virus before." the elf told them as Vanellope knew he was talking about Turbo which made her shiver but it was okay.

"Let's go kick virus butt and save Christmas!" Ralph said going with them but Felix had stowed away.