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She shot one of her arrows hitting her target square on. She soon found out it didn't do anything but make her target angrier. They were facing this giant sorcerer's "pet". They as in HIM and her. Doctor Prime and Miss Magician. She glanced to her side to find him lifting a bus with his mind and throwing it at the monster. Prime had to stop for a while. That shot took quite a bit out of him. In any case, it looked as though the bus had slowed the beast down even if it was for just a second.

J'onn J'onnz, AKA Martian Manhunter, had sent the two of them to fight and capture this sorcerer. Darius Black. One of the exobyte incident magic wielders. He used to work for Brother Blood, which means he worked for Circe too. They didn't know if he still did. It didn't really matter. He was a threat and needed to be stopped. He started as a mild nuissance but he'd grown stronger everyday. At first it seemed like they could take him, but once he summoned that behemoth they'd been taking more than dishing out.

As soon as the beast regained it's composure, if you could say that thing had composure, it threw a powerful punch at Prime. Still breathless from his heavy lifting, the punch hit it's target, sending the good Doctor flying into the wall a full 50 feet behind him.

"Prime!" She looked to the beast again, but she did so a second too late. It grabbed her with that giant hand/paw hybrid. What it was proved to be the least of her worries. It squeezed. She was feeling like her bones were about to crack. She was blacking out. Than that whole life-flashing-through-your-eyes thingy started.


She was walking around the Watchtower to find Zatanna. She was doing monitor duty and she knew how much the witch disliked to be alone in front of a computer for extended periods of time, so she was going to pay her a visit. Then it happened. She bumped into HIM.


"It's okay, I didn't see where I was going." When he said that he took a good look at her and she returned the favor. She was beautiful. He'd never seen anyone like her. She couldn't really say the same since she couldn't see anything through his helmet. She was interested to know who was underneath it.

"Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yeah uhhh..."

"Doctor Prime. Nice to meet you..."

"Miss Magician. Nice to meet you too." Somehow, he looked distant. Like he had his mind somewhere else. They stayed quiet for a few more awkward seconds until he spoke up again.

"Well then... I'll see you around?"

"Sure." I hope so.

"Alright then. Sorry again."

"It's fine." She might not have seen his face, but she was... intrigued at who he was and somehow looking forward to seeing him again. She didn't know why back then, but she felt compelled to be around him again. But that would have to be left for another time. Zatanna was waiting and she wasn't in the mood to get cursed for leaving her best friend alone in "boredom" duty as she so gladly called it.


She knew now what it was. What drew her to him. She felt warm around him for some reason. She eventually found out why. She eventually saw the real Doctor Prime. The one behind the helmet and the suit and the power. She knew now who he was before the Brainiac attack and Exobyte shower and he knew her. At this point they knew more about each other than they did about anyone else in their lives.

And right now, she knew she needed to help him. Doctor Prime could take lots of punches, but to see that one from that thing knocked him out was scary. She wasn't by any means weaker than Prime, but seeing that, she understood one thing: she needed to get out of that hand/paw and fast. She didn't want to think of what would happen if she couldn't.

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