"Hey Benny." A woman in her late thirties greets the aging manager. He smiles at her.

"Hello Kate? You here to see how the team is shaping up?"

"I wanted to see Tommy." Kate replies.

"Tommy? But you haven't wanted to see him since he left the first time."

"I know. But he still needs to see old friends once in a while right?" Kate starts to walk towards the diamond.

"He wouldn't see it like that. Be smart Hercules." He uses her old nickname from when she played on the sandlot.

"Don't worry about me Benny."

She walks over to Tommy who is being pestered by reporters. She stands silent in the background until one reporter mentions Tommy's ex-fiancé Judy. She wrote a tell all book about Tommy and his ways.

"Okay. That's quite enough thank you. Tommy, Benny needs to talk to you about some things. Say goodbye to the nice reporters." She starts dragging her former friend away from the reporters.

"Um… goodbye." He replies, probably to just humor her. Or maybe he actually doesn't remember her.

"Hey Tommy. Long time no see. It's Kate. Phillips. Remember? One of the sandlot players you turned your back on."

"Don't bring that up. If I didn't do that, I wouldn't be here. My life is perfect."

Kate's eyes turn soft and sad. Tommy remembers she was prickly and sarcastic, but she did have a softer side if she really liked you. She also had a soft spot for Wings.

"Is it really Tommy? That day so many years ago, you didn't just lose the sandlot. You lost eight amazing friends."

"Eight? What about you?" Tommy questions, raising an eyebrow and crossing his arms at the smaller girl.

"I may still resent your decision but everyone needs a friend. But I just have one question before I leave here today. If you could go back in time, would you change it? Would you take back all those things you said to us? Your decision to turn against us? Would you choose friendship over fame?" Kate seems desperate to know.

"I don't know Katie. Give me some time. Ask again tomorrow." Tommy suggests.

"I can't. I'm moving away Tommy. My mom is sick and my dad is barely keeping them above water. I'm moving to New York to look after them. This is goodbye Santa."

"Kate wait!" The woman looks over her shoulder at the baseball player. "If you had a chance to go back in time, would you try your hardest to get Wings to stay?"

"Oh but Tommy, I did. He just was so distraught over the sandlot. And the fact that I could understand you didn't help my cause. Goodbye Tommy."

Tommy watches his old friend exit the diamond and suddenly he feels really mad. He couldn't believe this. He was a terrible person. So why did he get the feeling he wouldn't change his decision if he went back in time?