I wait anxiously outside the hospital room, pacing every few yards. Wings smiles at me and places a hand on my shoulder.

"Kate, relax. Tommy is fine."

"Wings, he's like my brother. Okay? I'm worried sick! Especially since I have the strange feeling I visited him before the accident." It's this feeling. Like something itching the back of my brain. Like it wants me to remember, but there's nothing to remember.

"But you didn't. You were with me the entire time. And Julie. And Jake." He replies gesturing to our kids playing with Wok and Roll. Those silly boys better not be teaching them anything I wouldn't. But, knowing me, they're teaching them exactly what I would.

"You're right."

"Kate, Benny, you can visit him now." Q informs us. I heave a sigh of relief and walk inside beside Benny.

"Oh my god! Tommy! I was worried sick!" I gasp and rush to his bed.

"Katie! I chose right this time! I chose friendship." He tells me with a huge grin as his eyes shift to Judy and his two sweet children. I am their godmother.

"Well duh. Why wouldn't you? You cannot choose fame over me. I mean come on. Who would give you these amazing cupcakes then?" I snort as I hand over a box filled with his favorite cupcakes.

"Thanks Kate. So are you and Wings…?" He trails off at the end and I chuckle a bit.

"Of course! Do you not remember your own godchildren? Goodness, how hard did you hit your head?" I tease him because I really am worried about his head. He has hit that part of his head too much in his lifetime. Seriously, give the guy a break.

"Hey buddy! Guess this old ball still has some luck left in her." Ryan greets as he pops the ball over to Tommy.


"Do you realize how many calls I've been getting concerning you?"


"Yeah. On my radio show." Ryan replies like it was obvious. Which, now that I think about it, it was.

"Well some of the other guys want to come in and visit." I say as the door opens and Wings and the others file in. We all gather at the foot of his bed with Wings' arm around my shoulder and my kids hugging my legs.

Tommy grins at us and then up at the ceiling. Then finally he grins back at us and hugs his family tightly like he never wants to let go. He was right. He did choose right. Because after all these years, I have finally accepted that Tommy actually went back in time. I mean, he wrote me a note about it. And he isn't insane. So I'm glad he chose the right choice. Because we're all a big happy family. Just like my mom and the others.

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