Erica listened to the wind pounding on the window, along with the rain. She shivered and cuddled underneath the blanket she had thrown over her legs when she settled on their couch. She heard the jingle of keys at the door and perked up a bit. The door opened and revealed an incredibly wet and disheveled Adam. She bit back a giggle as she heard a flurry of inappropriate words fly from his mouth.

"Can you believe this bloody weather?"

Erica always loved it when he got all angry and frustrated. She motioned toward the window. "What? You don't love this? I think the weather is great." She replied, struggling not to laugh.

"Oh you think this is funny?" Erica noticed a mischievous glint and was instantly on her feet.

"No. Adam, no!"

But her protests were ignored and before she could run, Adam had picked her up and flung her over his shoulder. She squealed and fought, but he managed to get to the door and swing it open. Erica's scream was engulfed by the wind and she was whipped with rain. "Adam!"

He headed back into the house and shut the door. "Still funny?" He asked as he put her down on her feet.

"No. Not even a little." Erica muttered, peeling off her wet clothes one by one. She saw another familiar glint in Adam's eyes and she lifted up a finger. "Do not even think about it. It's not gonna happen after the stunt you just pulled."

"Wait a minute, I was just having a little fun." Adam followed her up the stairs. "That's all. You can't punish a man for having some fun with his girlfriend."

Erica responded by throwing her bra in his face. "Wanna bet?"