Prologue: When Bliss Came To Risks

Sawada Tsunayoshi and Hibari Kyouya are lovers. You read right, they are lovers. After the rainbow representative battle they realized their feelings for each other. It might seem impossible to many that the most scariest guy in Namimori will go out with the most useless guy at school, but you better believe it. It took them courage, tears, and blood to finally accept the truth. It was hard at first, since Hibari doesn't know how to show love and appreciation, he pretty much grew on his own. Loving someone is new to him, but he wouldn't take the chance of losing someone important.

They were having the best times of their lives. Well, some of Tsuna's gaurdians are a little upset, namely Mukuro and Gokudera, but besides that, they were in perfect bliss. Hibari had the habit of calling Tsuna to the reception room in certain occasions. To most of the students, they would tremble in fear. Just the thought of Hibari - The Hibari Kyouya - is calling them, is already a living nightmare. But to our certain brunette, it's just another day in a quiet paradise. Every time he heard his name being called, he calmly stood up with a small warm smile, and ignored the whispers of his classmates.

Then during the end of the day, Hibari would walk Tsuna home, hand in hand if no one's around and bid him a good-bye kiss before heading back to his own house. Their plan was to keep their relationship a s secret until Nana saw them kissing at the front door. Nana stared wide-eyed at them before breaking into squeals, giggles, and, tears. Tsuna who was as red as a tomato just looked at his mother before saying, "Mom I can explain."

Nana looked at him and said cheerfully, "Explain what Tsu-kun? I'm already aware of your relationship with Kyou-kun!"

"What?" Tsuna looked at her mother and to his smirking lover before Reborn appeared and said, "Dame-Tsuna, I already told mama that you and Hibari are lovers."

"E-Eh? Why would you do that?" Tsuna asked in a confused tone. Reborn hid his eyes in his fedora and smirked. Tsuna gulped, he did not like the look on that baby's face, especially that smirk. Hibari snaked his arms on his lover's waist, making Nana giggle even more. He looked at her and bowed before saying, "Ma'am, it's been a while."

"Oh Kyou-kun no need to be formal with me. I told you to call me mama if you want to. After all, you are as good as my son now." Nana said before giggling again. Tsuna was really confuse. First, his mother knew about their relationship, second Hibari and Nana are talking as if they know each other, and third he doesn't like the smirk on Reborn's lips. "Wait mom, you know him?" Tsuna voiced out his question and pointed at Hibari. Nana hm-ed and said, "Of course Tsu-kun. Hibari often visits me here during lunch hours."


"Don't shout Dame-Tsuna or I'll shoot you." Reborn stated calmly while polishing a green gun. Tsuna eeped and hid behind Hibari murmuring a sorry, while Hibari chuckled at the brunette's movement. "I told mama about your relationship with Hibari since she was asking him everyday since the day you started going out." Reborn explained.

"O-Oh. Is that so. Then, Hibari-san why didn't you tell me?"

"You're mother asked me not to tell you." Hibari answered. Tsuna pouted cutely and sighed before smiling again. "Well Kyou-kun since you're already here, why don't you join us for dinner?" Nana offered kindly. Hibari nodded and went inside the Sawada household, together with his lover and the spartan tutor. Tsuna intertwined their fingers and smiled. It was the perfect bliss for a normal couple to have such loving family. You could always disregard the fact that Tsuna's tutor is sadist and his lover is a guy if you would find it disturbing but nevertheless, it was the perfect life for Tsuna, until that day arrived.

"I cannot accept this!" came Iemitsu's booming voice. "I do not accept this!"

"But dear, they love each other very much. As much as we love each other." Nana reasoned out.

- - - Flash Back - - -

Turns out, Nana slipped while talking to Iemitsu on the phone about Tsuna's and Hibari's relationship. Iemitsu dropped the call and Nana heaved a heavy sigh. This is not going to be good, she thought to herself. Iemitsu grabbed his things and went to the ninth to inform him of his sudden trip while the older one just smiled and nodded. The said man was furious and went to Japan the next day. He stormed his way on his house and saw his wife perfectly shocked at the sudden appearance. She tried to hug and kiss him as a warm greeting but he avoided it and went straight to Tsuna's room. He kicked the door open and saw red when he saw that Tsuna and Hibari were sleeping together on Tsuna's bed, naked. Tsuna stood up at the sudden noise and saw his father. He was confused at first then he remembered something they did last night and covered his self with his blanket. Hibari who is a light sleeper, woke up, and glared at the new comer.

"D-Dad. What are you doing here?" Tsuna asked, looking at his father. Iemitsu ignored this and looked at Hibari then at his son with rage in his eyes.

"I want you two to be at the kitchen in five minutes or else." he threatened, shut the door close, and stomped his way down to the kitchen. Tsuna and Hibari looked at each other before getting out of bed to change. Tsuna stumbled as he felt the pain in his lower back. He rubbed his back, waiting for the pain to subside, unaware of his lover's hungry stare. Hibari controlled himself and helped Tsuna to his feet and helped him dress.

Five minutes later, they were done and went downstairs as they were told. Iemitsu tapped his finger patiently on the dinner table and Nana gave nervous glances at her family. Tsuna and Hibari sat down on the opposite side of the table and intertwined their hands. "So dear, why the sudden visit?" Nana started the conversation.

- - - Flash Back Ends - - -

"I don't care if they love each other! What I don't accept is our only son having a guy as a lover!" Iemitsu said angrily. Nana was running out of patience and bang her hands on the table. Tsuna flinched since he had never seen his mother act this way before. "Iemitsu!" she said while glaring at him. Iemitsu didn't falter but Tsuna could sense a glimpse of nervousness from his father. "I already let you pass when you left us for work and only came home once in a blue moon. I already let it pass that you didn't spent half of your life with your family. What I won't accept is you, interfering with his life. I didn't stop you nor did I left you when you left us so don't interfere with his life."

"Are you telling me that it's my fault that our son had become this way?" Iemitsu accused. "If I'd known this would happen I would've never leave you in the first place."

"I'm not blaming you but I don't want you to control him. You weren't here when he grew up." Nana said, tears starting to fall down from her eyes. Iemitsu saw this and felt guilt for making his wife cry. But he held his pride and let out the breath he was holding. Tsuna was trying his hardest not to fidget all this time. He was trying his very best to avoid his cry. The only thing making him strong is Hibari's grip and warmth. He never saw his parents fought like this before. Partly because Iemitsu is hardly ever home but mostly his mother is always calm and avoiding fights. When Nana finally broke into tears because of frustration, he can't keep himself composed anymore.

Iemitsu ignored his wife's cry for the first time and said pointed an accusing finger at Hibari. "You," he started. he was pissed off when Hibari cocked a delicate eyebrow at him. "I want you to break your relationship with him and you, Tsuna-" he said while pointing a glare at Tsuna. "You are going to Italy to continue your studies where I can keep an eye at you. You're tutor isn't doing his job of looking after you."

"Excuse me but as far as I had remembered, watching over your son's studies is my duty not meddling with his affairs." Reborn said, coming out of nowhere. He looked at his student and thought to himself, What will you do now, Tsuna?

"I don't care. As I said, Tsuna will go to Italy where you will never see this lover of yours ever again." he said firmly.



Nana and Tsuna said simultaneously. He glared at both them. "Shut it you two. That's my decision and that's final!"

It was quiet for a while until it was broken when Tsuna suddenly stood up. "No." he said calmly. Iemitsu looked at him, barely containing his anger.

"Excuse me?"

"I said no." Tsuna said firmly while glaring at his father. Hibari was amused at his herbivore's carnivorous act despite the situation they where in. He closed his eyes as he smirked and listened to his beloved's voice.

"You will not send me to Italy, you will not shout at my mother, and you will certainly not control my life!"

Iemitsu was surprised by his son's sudden outburst. He composed his self and said, "I'm your father and I know what's best for you."

"No, you don't." Tsuna answered his father's statement. Iemitsu looked at him in the eye and said, "I do."

"No, you don't! Tsuna said again, this time it came as a shout. Nana stopped her weeping and looked at her son. "You don't know a thing about what's best for me." Tsuna was now trembling in anger. Iemitsu looked hurt but he didn't let his son notice it, but Hibari did.

"You said you're my father? Where were you all this time? Do you even know who I am or what I used to be?"

"You know very well where I was. It was for your own good."

"I didn't asked you to do that for me! I didn't asked you to disappear from our life and come back a few years later as if nothing has ever happened!" Tsuna yelled in frustration. "When I needed a father to protect me, you were not there. When I needed someone to teach me to protect myself you weren't there to teach me. My whole life I lived in fear. I didn't know how to act against mean people who did nothing but to make fun of me. Sorry if I'm not the one you're expecting me to be but you weren't also the one I'm expecting you to be!"

Iemitsu stood shock before saying, "What happened to my obedient son?"

"I'm not a little kid any more dad! I grew up when you were away." Tsuna answered, still holding back his tears.

"I know but I still watched over you even though I'm very far from you."

"It still doesn't change the fact that you weren't there. When I need you most, you weren't there. Ever since you returned I had the most horrible days of my life. And now, everything is just starting to get better. So don't come back here demanding my happiness to be taken away. So stop controlling my life!"

Tsuna was gasping for breath as his tears finally flowed down on his cheek. He gave one last glare at him and went upstairs, Hibari followed him suit as he nodded at Nana. She was looking at Tsuna with worry and approval before nodding towards Hibari. Tsu-kun is finally learning to stand up for himself, she thought a little merrily. Then reality took over and she remembered their current situation. She saw Iemitsu trying his hardest to process in his mind the sudden outburst of their son. She stared at him for a while and looked at their clock, 3: 30 pm, what a way to end the day.

Iemitsu couldn't believe what he had just heard. He was trying his hardest everyday in his work so he could someday come home and live with his family. He knew his son knows and understand that, but now, he wasn't so sure anymore. His knees finally gave up and he sat knelt down on the clod floor. Reborn hn-ed before saying, "You were gone for a long time Iemitsu. You're son had already grew up. As he said, he's not a kid anymore."

Iemitsu just stared at the floor, his blonde hair covering his eyes as Nana wiped her tears and headed to their room.

Tsuna is at the roof, crying his heart out ever since he got to his room. It was almost sundown. He kept on crying unknown that his lover is watching him from behind. He almost fell when he felt someone tapped his shoulder. He gave a soft 'eep' as someone hugged him from behind, preventing his fall. Tsuna looked up and saw Hibari. He looked away, feeling guilty for ignoring his lover, the whole day. He relaxed on his lover's chest as he held his arms.

"Sorry, Hibari-san." he started. Tsuna blinked at him. Then he asked, "What are you sorry for?"

"For having such a rude meeting with my dad and for doing nothing but cry and shout to protect you."

Hibari smiled at him lovingly. The smile that he only show to his lover. "That's the best thing that anyone has done for me."

Tsuna blushed madly and smiled gratefully at him. He snuggled closer and whispered a soft, "Thanks Hibari-san. Promise you won't leave me and never give up on me?"

Hibari chuckled and placed a small chaste kiss on the brunette's forehead. "I promise with all my heart."

With that Tsuna fell asleep. Hibari waited for the sun to set before carrying his brunette in his arms and taking him to his room. He put Tsuna gently on the bed before snuggling closer to him. He put an arm around his neck and patted the brunette's gravity defying hair. He inhaled his scent and whispered, "I love you, Tsunayoshi."

As if he heard him, Tsuna snuggled closer and buried his face on Hibari's chest. Hibari just looked at him for a while before smiling and falling to a dreamless sleep.

The next day Tsuna woke up and saw that Hibari had already gone. There was a note on his table and he reached out for it. It says:

Dear Tsunayoshi,

Sorry I couldn't stay until you wake up but I have to go home and finish some paperwork.

I hope that things will go well with you're father.

I love you, always remember that.

-Hibari Kyouya.

"Why do I feel like Hibari-san is saying good-bye?" he asked himself. He shook his head, convincing himself that it must be his imagination despite his hyper intuition's protest. Tsuna washed his face and went downstairs, not sure if he's ready to see his father. He took a deep breath and calm his self before heading towards the kitchen.

When he reached the kitchen he hear his mom humming and cooking. He was about to greet her when he heard his father said, "Nana."

He stopped dead on his tracks and listen to their conversation, even though it's against his will to eavesdrop. "What is it?" Nana asked calmly. Iemitsu sighed before asking, "How can you accept them so easily?"

Nana stopped her cooking. She smiled softly and looked at her husband before saying, "That's because I saw the same spark in Tsu-kun's eyes when you ask me out. I saw him smile so happily that it never crossed my mind to object."

Iemitsu looked at her longingly. He was about to ask another when Nana beat him to it. "Why can't you accept their relationship?"

Iemitsu was about to say that there would be no heir for the next Vongole but he can't tell her that. So instead he said, "How do you expect to continue our bloodline if he would marry another he?"

Nana looked at him disbelievingly while Tsuna thought, I knew it. It's all about his precious Vongole. Not that he hates it, on the contrary, he loves it. But to think that a father would put a mafia family in the same level with his family, how will his son feel? He sighed and made his presence known. "Morning mom." he said then looked at his father before saying, "Dad."

Nana looked at him cheerfully though not as cheerful as she always is and asked, "Morning Tsu-kun. Breakfast?"

"No I'm not really hungry. I'll eat later." Tsuna answered. "Eh? But you didn't eat dinner last night?" his mom said worriedly. Tsuna just smiled at her before nodding. There was a brief silence until the kids came running down.

"Nyahaha. Lambo-san will finish all mama's breakfast!" said a boy with cow printed shirt. "Lambo that's not nice. Save some for I-pin and Fuuta too!" I-pin said while running after him. "Yeah Lambo, save some for us and the others too." Fuuta yelled after. They went running down the stairs and came at the dinner table. Nana greeted them cheerfully but the kids knew something's wrong. "Eh? Mama are you okay?" Lambo asked while staring at her. Then I-pin asked, "Mama are you sick?"

"You don't have to move around if you're not feeling well mama. We could take care of the dishes while you're resting." Fuuta offered kindly. Nana was a little shocked that the kids noticed her behavior, while Tsuna just smiled warmly at her. Nana smiled at them before shaking her head and saying sweetly, "Mama's fine. I'm just a little tired that's all. You don't have to do the chores, I'll be fine."

"Eh? Then mama if you're tired, I-pin will help you do the housework!" I-pin offered cheerfully. Then the three kids fuzzed over her and who will do what. Nana just laughed, while Iemitsu stood up and went upstairs. "Hey mom," Tsuna said, "I'll just go to Hibari-san's place today. Would it be alright?"

"Of course honey. Be careful." she answered happily.

Iemitsu let out a deep and heavy sigh. Should I really leave them be? he thought to himself. Then he notice a very familiar and murderous aura. He looked at his left and saw Reborn in his pajamas looking straight at him. He stepped towards him before saying, "It's not like you to worry about the Vongole's successor even though our family is really important to you. What are you worried about?"

Iemitsu gave a sad chuckle before answering. "I'm afraid that after my son change the current Vongole, his successor wouldn't be like him. So as much as possible, I'd want him to have his own son as his successor."

Reborn shook his head and said, "You shouldn't worry about the future Iemitsu. You should worry about your present because this is where you belong. If you're thinking about something as stupid as that as a reason then I already got the solution."

Iemitsu's head perked up at this statement and looked at Reborn who is smirking devilishly. "Solution? How?" he asked. Reborn snorted before saying, "Do you really think that I'd let the Vongole be reverted to the way it was after Tsuna changed it in the future? Really Iemitsu, since when did you looked down on me?"

"A-Ah no. I-It's not that. But what solution?" Iemitsu stuttered. Reborn's smirk grew wider and said, "I had Verde create a pill that could give a male have an artificial womb so Tsuna and Hibari could still have a child."

"Is that really possible?" Iemitsu stared at him wide-eyed. "Don't you trust me?" Reborn asked.

"Fine I do trust you. Is the pill done yet?"

"I already gave it to him the other day."


"Yeah during dinner. I think no one notice except Hibari who glared at me."

Iemitsu nodded and ran downstairs to tell Nana that he approved of Tsuna's relationship with Hibari. Reborn smirked and said, "Of course I didn't do that for just my dame student. But at least this would lessen the tension inside this cheerful house."

Tsuna knocked on Hibari's front door and waited for him to answer. Hibari was wearing a black yukata when he opened the door. Tsuna couldn't help but stare at his lover with a light blush. Hibari noticed this and said, "Like what you see?"

"W-What? N-No! I-I mean Y-Yes, um, I m-mean-" Tsuna stuttered. Hibari chuckled and Tsuna just realized that he was just teasing him. Tsuna pouted cutely and said, "So mean Hibari-san."

Hibari chuckled again and ruffled his hair. "What brings you here Tsunayoshi?"

"Um, anou,-" Tsuna didn't finished since he didn't know what to say. He can't tell him that he went here to runaway. It also slipped his mind that Hibari is busy today with paperwork. Hibari saw the troubled look on his lover's face and knew the reason why he came here.

"You came here to runaway, didn't you?"

"H-How did you- Ugh. My face said it all didn't it?" Tsuna asked after sighing. Hibari just smiled and nodded. "To think that you'd do a herbivorous act after the bravery you showed yesterday."

"S-Sorry. I-I didn't mean to." Tsuna answered and bowed his head. Hibari held his chin and gave him a soft kiss and whispered, "Idiot. It's okay."

Tsuna blushed and looked at his lover with a breath-taking smile. Hibari looked away to hide his blush that can only be seen if you look really really close. He invited the brunette inside and continued his work. Tsuna made his way to Hibari's kitchen and made some Oolong tea. Even though Hibari's house is huge, Tsuna had pretty much memorized his way there. It's as if, it's his second home. He finished making the tea and went upstairs to Hibari's room. He came inside went towards Hibari's desk and gently put the tea cup on his side. Hibari just nodded and continued signing some more papers. Tsuna ate some dumplings and drank his tea while waiting for his lover to be done.

"It's okay you know." Hibari said suddenly. Tsuna blinked then asked, "What's okay?"

"If you want to runaway, we could always start somewhere they wouldn't find us." Hibari answered not looking up from his parer work. Tsuna tried considering the idea of him and Hibari running away. The could be free from the mafia and everything else but, he can't just leave them alone. "I'm sorry Hibari-san but we can't leave them. They may be a pain, but they mean so much to me."

"I had a feeling you were gonna say that." Hibari sighed. Tsuna was about to answer when he suddenly felt the urge to throw up. Luckily, Hibari's room has its own bathroom or esle it'd take forever to reach the bathroom of this house. He ran towards the toilet bowl and emptied his stomach. Hibari ran after him and gave him a soothing rub on the back to ease his pain. When Tsuna was done, Hibari helped him up and he washed his face. They went to rest on the couch and waited for Tsuna's dizziness to subside. When he looked okay Hibari asked, "What just happened to you?" his voice full of concern. Tsuna just shrugged and said, "It's nothing."

"You wouldn't throw up for nothing."

"Maybe because I didn't eat last night and this morning. So um-"

Hibari gave a relieved sigh and said, "Rest."

Tsuna nodded and sleep on the couch. He didin't understand it though, he'd been sleeping a lot lately and yet he still felt tired. He just shook the thought away and fell in a dreamless sleep.

Hibari walked Tsuna home and they were both surprised when Iemitsu was waiting for them at the front door. He grinned at them and said, "Yo."

Tsuna just stared at him while Hibari glared at him. Iemitsu chuckled and said, "No need to be nervous. I already accepted your relationship."

"What?" Tsuna asked, confused. "You heard me right son. So Kyou-kun, welcome to the family!"

Hibari glared at him even more when he used the nickname Nana gave him. "Why the sudden change?" he asked coldly. "Now, now, that's not the proper way to talk to you're father-in-law is it?"

"I don't care." Hibari snarled. Iemitsu chuckled and was about to tell them when Tsuna began throwing up on the bushes. "Son you okay?" he asked worriedly. "Sorry. Didn't mean to throw up on mom's garden. I just couldn't stop myself."

Hibari hushed him and rubbed his back, while Iemitsu grinned. "Nothing to worry about son. It's normal for you to feel that way." he said.

"What do you mean?" Tsuna asked, afraid of the answer. Before he could answer, Nana came outside and hugged his son. "Congratulations Tsu-kun! You're having a baby!" she said cheerfully, back to her normal self. Tsuna looked at them and said, "What?! B-But that's impossible! I-I'm a guy!"

"Believe or not Dame-Tsuna you are pregnant." Reborn said, coming out of nowhere again. "E-Eh? But how's that possible?"

Then Reborn explained everything to his pathetic student, ignoring all his protest for not telling him so they could have waited until Nana called them for a celebration. She cooked a feast much to her husband's delight and hugged her sons to express her love.

Hibari smiled as he watched all the scenes unfold right before his eyes. To think that he would be having such a wonderful family. He can't find the words to explain how happy he is but he knew he didn't have to. Instead he smiled and looked at his lover, who is looking at him and reaching towards him. Tsuna kissed him on the cheek and said, "I love you Hibari-san."

Hibari smiled and said, "I love you too, Tsunayoshi."

A perfect bliss for the perfect couple. If only fate had been kinder, this happy moments would've last much longer.

That night Iemitsu received a call from Oregano telling him that the CEDEF base is being under attack. He was so shocked that he didn't know what to do. When he came to his senses, he dropped everything and looked at Nana with an apologetic smile. She knew right away that this would be about work so she nodded and pointed her gaze at her sons. Iemitsu went to Tsuna's direction and said quietly, "Son I gotta go. CEDEF's base is under attack and I have to go there now."

Tsuna understood and looked worriedly at his father. Iemitsu smiled and ruffled his son's hair. When he was about to go Hibari came after him. "Wait," he said. Iemitsu stopped and asked, "What is it?"

"I'll go with you." he said, surprising both Tsuna and Iemitsu.

"What?!" they asked in unison. "I said I'm going with you." Hibari repeated, annoyed. "No. I want you to stay here and-"

"And what?" Hibari cut him off. Tsuna just heaved a sigh and said, "Let him go, dad. He wouldn't be stopped once he made up his mind."


"And besides. I don't think Hibari-san would be beaten in battle."

"Tsuna, this is no joke. Those are real-"

"I know!" Tsuna said. Then he lowered his voice and said, "I know. But the thing is, I understand why he wants to go."

Iemitsu looked at his son and son's lover for a while, trying to understand them. But it seems, only they could understand each other. He sighed and said, "Fine, but I'm not letting you out of my sight."

Hibari smirked and went over to his lover. He rested his forehead on Tsuna's and said, "Promise I'll be back. Promise I won't leave you and won't give up on you. I love you."

Tsuna shed a tear and cupped Hibari's face. "I love you too. Be careful out there. I won't forgive you if you leave me." he said. Hibari chuckled and gave his lover a passionate kiss before following Iemitsu towards the sound of a chopper in the distance.

Tsuna and Hibari galnced at each other one last time before parting and going to their own business. "I love you Hibari-san. Don't ever forget that."

Tsuna went inside and helped his mom finished the chores and helped the kids to play. Once done, he slept and dreamt about Hibari saying his name, over and over again. He woke up with a startle, beads of sweat falling from his forehead, and his heart beating really fast. He went downstairs to relaxed himself and found his mother crying on the chair and a letter on the kitchen table saying Hibari Kyouya was no more.

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