Chapter 1: A mother's memories.

Isla Sorna, Site B

Deep within the jungles of Isla Sorna, a lone female Tyrannosaurus Rex lay on her stomach next to a small hole. Only it wasn't a hole, it was a nest. Her nest in fact. In it laid five eggs, each the size of a football. They were covered with a thin layer of dirt and leaves to incubate it. And she was there to protect her nest from any scavengers or other predators. This female is called Kanna, given to her by a human caretaker. And this was her nest.

This was her very first time actually, her and her mate's first time. She never had any experience with eggs and nests, all of her young life she was raised by humans. When she and the others escaped during the hurricane, she was an adolescent, sticking close to her older sister, Zaba, until she was old enough to be by herself. Her sister had met a green male and became his mate, later having a hatchling. She herself would later find a mate could Dragonfly. Apparently when he was younger, he would always chase dragonflies for fun. She of course remembered him, she once played with him. She allowed him to try and court her, which only took two minutes. Soon they mated and now they have eggs, and soon a family.

Kanna gently rubbed her snout against one of the eggs, feeling something move inside. She was elated; the eggs will soon be hatching any day now! And she will be a mother and Dragonfly a father. Purring softly to the eggs she laid her head back down, her body wrapping around the nest. Suddenly she heard heavy footsteps, causing her to raise her head up in alarm before relaxing and giving a greeting growl. Her mate appeared greeting her back bringing in half a dead Hadrosaur. He dropped next to her and nuzzled her. Kanna then informs Dragonfly of their nests status, to which he responded by growling happily. She then feasted on the carcass before going to get a drink near the river. Dragonfly took his position in guarding the nest.

Two days passed and four eggs have hatched; two males and two females. They hatchlings jumped around squeaking at their parents who responded by giving comforting growls. Both parents then looked towards the last egg. There was a squeaking noise inside as the egg rolled around. Worried for her last eggs safety, she gently tapped the egg with her teeth until it cracked. Out came a young male T-Rex. It squeaked tiredly as she gently licked it, purring gently. Soon the baby calmed down and fell asleep. The other hatchlings stumbled over to their smaller sibling and cuddled next to him before falling asleep as well. The proud parents nuzzled each other as they wrapped themselves close to their babies and took a nap.

First Fanfiction. Not sure if I'm doing this right.