Chapter 13: Dilophosaurus in love

Jasper had just finished his meal of a small mussasaurus. They resembled the large long necked ones but were smaller, a lot smaller. At least it still filled up his tummy. He snorted tummy? He's not a baby anymore, he is a officially an adult, well, young adult actually. This was the stage where he gets to search for a mate and raise a family of his own. For quite some time now he had been following the scent of a female dilophosaur. From what he can tell from her scent that she too had just recently left her nest and is currently leaving scent marks for males to follow. And he can tell it wasn't one of his sisters, the idea grossed him out. Hopefully he can reach the female before someone else does. Brushing himself off and checking himself, he prepared to search for this female.

After nearly several hours of searching, and nearly getting killed by a pair of tyrannosaur parents just because he got curious about a runt that couldn't move, he eventually reaches a river where her scent stops. There was a trilling sound, like a swan, the female was calling for a mate. This was his chance. He stood up straight at his full height of nine feet, and walked towards the direction of the calls. He found her resting near the river; she was duller in color and stood at eight feet. A young male in his prime, she's a babe. And she was in heat. The female dilophosaur stood up and growled at him. He responds by hooting softly and strutting around her cautiously. He saw another male nearby resting and watching the procedure with a look of disinterest. Apparently this male had his turn at the female and sensing Jasper he had backed off to see if he can win the female.

Dilophosaurs rarely fight each other unless it's a minor misunderstanding. When it came to mating, the females get to chose. Sometimes they will allow several males to try and court her individually until she decides who she wants. After that the unlucky males will disperse leaving the new couple to do a courtship dance.

The female carefully watched Jasper as he show submission by briefly flapping his frill and ducking his head with a small trill. He did this display for ten seconds when she turned around, walked over to a bush, laid down and ignored him. Jasper had a comical look of surprise; apparently the other male thought so to and made the dinosaur equivalent of a chortle. This time Jasper began to make hooting sounds and flapping his frill. She ignored him. He then tried bobbing his head up and down and making a sound like a swan. She peeked at him, and turned away again. The other male chortled. Jasper was so frustrated that he released his frill, shrieked angrily and spat across the river. A cry of pain came across the river, causing the three dilophosaurs to look in that direction in surprise. A lone Struthiomimus was swinging its head and screeching in pain. It then tried to wash its face in the river. They poison spit came off but the damage was done. It fell to the ground in pain and died.

For a while the three predators looked at the body, at each other, at the body, and each other again. Then the female got up and began displaying the same movements as Jasper did, only a bit more feminine and with a hint of flirting. He had won her approval. The other male snorted in disgust and walked away to find another female. Jasper let out a call like a dolphin, a sound that meant, "She has accepted me!" Then the two began the courtship ritual. Jasper ducked his head to drink and hooted. The female to a drink and hooted. He bobbed his head and trilled like a swan. She mimicked him. They did this for the next few hours, slowly growing closer together. Finally Jasper crossed the river to retrieve the dead Struthiomimus and brought to the female as a gift. She accepts his gift graciously. As final act that will seal them together, they rubbed their heads together, their arms stroking each other's body as they moaned, hooted, and snarled, before she gives him the invitation to mate with her. Jasper accepts. That night under the moonlit night, there was a new couple in Isla Sorna.