I looked in the mirror. It didn't take long for the tears to set in. Why does my body punish me like this? The doctor's had just told me I was unable to have children. It had just sunk in just after I got home. As I wiped the tears away, I remembered there were other options: like adoption. This made me stop crying and run into my bedroom, scouting out my laptop and searching: Adoption in Scotland. I went onto the page and booked a meeting. My heart started to beat, almost out of time. I finally had a chance to prove I was a good mother, not just to teenagers. Tomorrow, 5:15pm was my chance. Now that I was single, loneliness was a nightmare. Madi had come yesterday, but she went back this morning. Suddenly, my phone started to ring. I answered it. "Hey, Sian, how are you?" Michael asked. "Well, my day started off... badly. I can't have children" I sighed. "Oh, I'm so sorry. Wait, it started badly? Did it get worse?" Michael asked, I smiled. "No, it got better. I've got an interview, so I can adopt" I said as Michael laughed. "Congratulations. I have to go, Macy's back from her friend's" Michael hung up, and I sat in the wonderful silence. Just thinking about the fact that I could make a difference to a young person's life, not just a student, but a son or daughter. I still had to go through a hard day of school. I had gone to the doctor's at 9:30am and had come back at 9:55am, and faced a day of teaching. It was around 8:30pm but I was shattered. I decided to go to bed, so I got dressed up in my PJs and slit back into bed.