Welcome to my little story. For you new readers, I want to apologize for the bland and generic writing in the first few chapters, it get's better at around chapter 6. So please, stick with it, I promise the writing will get much, much better and there will be loads of romance and sex. Thank you.

Warning: I use the words penis and vagina.

"Garrus - you're on watch in the Choras Den alcove tonight!"

Garrus Vakarian gave a friendly if slightly hesitant nod towards his superior and stacked up the pads that he had been working on. He was still the rookie on the team, didn't yet get assigned to the more exciting and dangerous jobs on C-Sec. Not that he complained, inexperienced as he was he could see why he didn't get the dangerous wards to patrol but he was just slightly bored with the simple watch jobs. But at least it was better than this desk job shuffling datapads like he had done for his first three weeks at C-Sec.

The Choras Den alcove was a hidden and not quite so secret watchpost above the dance floor. Through semi transparent windows that appeared to be dark glass panes viewed from the inside of the club. Garrus's job was to watch over the people in the club. He was supposed to see and sense trouble brewing before it escalated and interfere and call for backup when necessary.

This was the third night that Garrus sat on his watch post above the dancers and so far nothing whatsoever had happened. He began to wonder if all the stories of the dangerous mobs on the Citadel were just exaggerated because all he ever saw were some drunks who needed to be reminded that some females were just not interested in them and that the dancers were not up for "grabs". That kind of stuff was easily handled by the club's bouncers.

He had been at C-Sec for four weeks now, leaving a promising start of a career in the military on Palaven as a favour to his father. For the hundredth time he asked himself if he should have done what he wanted and stayed in the military, trained as a sniper and tech expert instead of following his father's example in the C-Sec force. He even had gotten an invitation for Spectre training and was about to accept when his father talked him out of it and blocked any follow-up contact. He knew that his father did all his meddling in his personal affairs not only because he despised Spectres but to make his mother happy. Garrus let out an involuntary sigh, his mother was a soft hearted woman, very attached to him and his sister and for all the cold and calculated behaviour his father usually showed, the possibility to see his bondmate hurt over their children was unbearable to him. He did everything he could to find safe places for their children to work and live and the dangerous life of a Spectre was just unthinkable.

So Aetius Vakarian used his old connections as one of C-Secs most decorated officers to ensure a position for Garrus on the Citadel and a job as a technical engineer for his sister Solana at Armax Arsenal in Cipritine on Palaven. They both didn't think of rejecting these positions, his father had done well and ensured the safety of his family in the best way possible. A caring father was not to be questioned by his children for that. Such was the turian way.

Garrus leaned back on his chair and stretched his legs, trying to find a comfortable position after having sat in front of the window for over an hour already. It was a slow night in the club and everything looked quiet, so Garrus decided to use the restroom while he could. He opened the door to the hallway a bit to let his eyes adjust to the bright light outside of the room, the last time he had almost ran someone over practically blinded by the light.

This time something else stopped him from stepping through the door. There were two humans in the hallway, a male and a female, as far as he could tell. Humans visited the Citadel quite frequently and a lot of them lived on the Citadel, one of the wards was almost exclusively human. Before Garrus had joined C-Sec and moved to the Citadel he had never seen a human in the flesh, all he knew about them he learned from the vids during his military training. They were an interesting species, endlessly curious and demanding. And every single one of them seemed to be different from the other. Diversity seemed to be the main human trait.

His instructors during his military had showed them vids from the Relay-314-incident and brought in veterans to talk about their experience in the war. They emphasized how every human was different and how even in a rigid military system like the Alliance Navy humans still acted as individuals sometimes even disobeying orders to act on their own without repercussions as long as the results were good. Garrus remembered the gasps of surprise at that from the soldiers around him and how he thought that maybe, just maybe these individual actions weren't all that bad if the humans managed to hold out on the overwhelming force of the turian military with their small troops like they had on Shanxi. He never voiced those thoughts aloud, those were definitely not the Turian way.

Shaking his head to get out of these memories Garrus wondered if he should just walk past the humans in the hallway but he stayed hidden in the darkness of the room and couldn't stop watching through the gap.
The two humans in the hallway looked like they were trying to eat each other, that was definitely not covered in the vids he had seen. But he remembered reading something about kissing that was done with those flexible mouths the humans had so that must be what they were doing there. Garrus had never been all that interested in humans but he kept watching the couple. They both were Alliance military, they both looked strong and had the Alliance insignia on their shirts and pants. But there was something off about their movements like they didn't agree with each other.

The man had light brown fur and was slightly taller than the woman. Her fur had the brightest red he had ever seen on any creature and he wondered if it was artificial. She pressed the man against the wall and was clearly the more demanding of the two. She was biting his neck, his lips and her whole body pressed into him and one of her legs wrapped around his. She looked like a strong female, moving with purpose like an attractive turian woman would. Garrus thought she was very sexy and that surprised him because he had never even considered human females as attractive.

The man seemed to not appreciate her demanding behaviour, he looked a bit uncomfortable. Maybe he was just too drunk or tired but Garrus had the distinct feeling that he didn't like the feeling of being overpowered by the female. She sensed it too and pulled back from him, biting her lower lip. She didn't look mad, her mouth was pulled wide, Garrus remembered from the "Introduction to Alien Expressions vid" that this was a "grin". As she stepped back she looked up to the flustered man and when she spoke Garrus was surprised how deep her voice was.

"As nice as this is, I think we have to stop now. Why don't you go back to the bar, I'll be back in a little while?" It sounded to Garrus like she was letting him down gently, giving him an out without making him feel rejected. The guy looked relieved and mumbled something incomprehensible and almost ran down the stairs into the bar.

The woman adjusted her clothes and let out a little sigh when she suddenly turned around and looked directly into the darkness of the surveillance room where Garrus was standing.
"Well, C-Sec-Blue, did you like the show?" she asked with a smile and Garrus was surprised how different her face suddenly looked, all soft and bright. Then he felt like he had been caught at something illegal and almost closed the door in reflex but he stopped himself. She had already seen him and the alcove entry wasn't exactly advertised but it wasn't really a secret either. Closing the door and hiding in the dark room would have been silly now.

Before he could answer she had stepped through the gap and stood right in front of him, her red fur bright alight from the light behind her. He towered over her but she did not appear to be intimidated by him. He realized that he hadn't answered her question and spread his mandibles in a grin. "Well, Alliance-Red, I must say I've never seen a female of your kind to be so - demanding. It looked … interesting..." He stopped and his subharmonics trilled confused. What am I trying to say here?

She stepped even closer and her smile got even wider. Her face was directly in front of him and she looked over his mandibles, his eyes and his mouth and he wondered how well humans could see in the dark and if she really saw him. Behind her the door closed and the room was suddenly completely dark again. He could still see her outline and her eyes but she looked around confused and grabbed his upper arms with surprising strength.

"Can't you see in the dark?" he asked with a rumble, trying to sound reassuring. But he wasn't sure if she could even hear his subharmonics. She had his arms in an iron grip and without his armor she might have hurt him. She was stronger than he had initially thought.

"No, it's too dark, can you still see me?" Her voice sounded strong and Garrus realized that she was careful but not afraid.

"I can just see your outline, I'm sorry, I'll turn a light on, I just have to step over there..."

"No, leave it dark, my eyes have already adjusted a bit, I can see the blue light from your visor. I think … maybe this is a nice way to … explore …"

One hand had left his arm and he felt her many fingertips trace lightly over his face, mapping his mouthplates, stroking and squeezing his mandibles and then she ghosted over his fringe and Garrus almost lost his balance. The whole situation was suddenly very erotic and he felt the need to touch her face like she had touched his.

The first feeling of her skin against the bud of his talons almost shocked him, it felt softer than the finest Asari silk. He wondered if only her face had such soft skin, surely the fearless human warriors of Shanxi could not have been so soft! His hand moved to her shoulder and slipped under the fabric there and still that utterly soft skin continued.
He had to ask, "Are you this soft all over?" and he heard her chuckle. "Yes, my armored turian, that's what human skin feels like all over our bodies."
"How did your species even survive?"

Her mouth was suddenly very close to the soft skin of his throat and her breath was ghosting over it. "Do you really want to discuss this now?"

A deep rumble rolled through him. "No."

"How about you take off that armor?" She was still so very close him, her hands moving lightly over and under his fringe and her many fingers were almost disorienting. He hesitated for a moment, he was still on duty and being caught without armor with a human female doing whatever this moment will lead to after the first month on the job sounded like a very bad idea. But then he smelled her and he just had to nuzzle into her fur, taking in her scent and his hands seemed to move on their own, releasing latches and piece by piece his armor clattered to the floor.

Without that barrier between them, the woman suddenly moved close to him again and became just as demanding as she had been with the man out in the hallway. Her mouth moved over his throat, nibbling and biting his skin. She pressed her body against him and Garrus' back bumped against the wall and the woman touched him everywhere. Her nimble fingers found the clasps in his underarmor and with lightning speed she had pushed the fabric away and stroked his plates. Her fingers traced the plates and stroked the skin between them, her blunt teeth were on him everywhere and he felt like he was about to explode from pleasure and desire.

She must have noticed how much he liked her actions just from the sounds he made and she payed attention to his reactions, tested stroking different areas with different strength and just when he thought it couldn't get any better she used her short and blunt talons to scratch with surprising strength over his plates. He growled loudly and grabbed her waist, stroking her sides and his hips snapped against hers. She giggled and said something about him purring like a cat but he didn't really had the sense to listen.

He nuzzled her neck where her throat and her shoulder formed an elegant curve and he noticed that she somehow had gotten rid of all her clothing without him even noticing. It probably should have worried him how she messed with his sense of awareness but in his mind was only room for the desire to get closer to her. His plates had loosened a while ago and he felt his erection growing. He could just hope that she wanted this as well because he was rapidly losing the ability to think straight.

His nuzzling and stroking seemed to get approval from her, evidenced by a loud moan and the way she was arching her back was probably a good sign too. He found himself looking at the mounds on her front and stroked one with his hand while he still held her waist with the other hand. She moaned and moved her hips against him in a wonderfully erotic move and he stroked the incredible soft mound again for that reaction.

The little nub in the middle of the mound looked interesting and as his hands were already busy he experimentally licked over it with his tongue and she gasped and moaned as her whole body moved over him like fluid. Her fingers pressed under his fringe, whether she knew of this spot before or found it by pure luck didn't matter, her fingers pressed and stroked the bundle of nerves and the sensation went through his whole body like an electric current. His knees buckled and they tumbled to the floor and suddenly she was all over him, biting, scratching and her hips were gyrating against his and he could feel her warmth and her wetness through the fabric of his pants.

She felt like fluid again, her soft skin and her many fingers all over his plates and he wanted to touch everything of her. Her waist, her ass, the softness and the ripple of strong muscles under her skin. It was all so different, so alien but so very erotic.
She moaned and her voice was even deeper with a rough growl when she spoke: "You're so hot, so very hot! And you feel so strong and you're not as spiky as I thought."

"Spiky?" Garrus wondered if he should feel insulted.

"Yeah, I thought your plates would feel like metal or like stone, they have this metallic shine to them." She rubbed against his erection straining in his pants again, clearly enjoying the contact. "But your plates feel more like rubber and the skin between them is soft like mine. I wonder what your penis feels like."

She started to tug impatiently at his pants as he stared at her. He knew an invitation when he heard one and he almost ripped his pants on his spurs, pulling them down urgently.
His erection sprang free from it's confinement and he sighed in relief only to gasp in pleasure when her oh so soft fingers were suddenly all over his penis, stroking, rubbing, grabbing him strongly and softly at the same time.

He couldn't wait anymore, he threw her on her back and almost thrust into her when he realized that he had no idea if human vaginas were built like turian ones. He couldn't really see it but he felt around with the buds of his talons. She was even softer there and there was some fur. That was a bit weird but then he felt her soft lips and her wetness and he quickly decided to just accept the fur. As he was stroking around her labia her reactions got even stronger, her movements jerky especially when he stroked a little nub on top. It was very strange but her moans turned into pants and the whimpers from her were just too delicious.

He kept stroking and rubbing that nub and used his other hand to stroke from her mound down her waist and up again and then he went down the other side. She never stopped moving, her hips jerking, rubbing against him with her legs, her many toes stroking over his back and it was like she had a second pair of hands. And then suddenly she started panting faster and the pants turned into whimpers and then her back arched completely away from the floor and she screamed in ecstasy. It was the greatest sound Garrus had ever heard.

After a minute she seemed to come back to her senses and suddenly he found himself on his ass, the back of his cowl against the wall and she was touching him and suddenly there was a condom, where the hell did that come from? and before he could catch his breath she had put the condom on him and straddled him and lowered herself down on him. Slowly, maddenly slow she took him in and the feeling was so intense, her vagina so wet and tight and there were muscles there grabbing him … he could only growl in pleasure.

She took him in completely, rubbing her nub against him and then she moved up again, stopping just before his tip would leave her warm wetness and then she moved down again and he could see that she looked directly into his eyes and she moved up and down again, increasing her speed, demanding, grabbing his hips for leverage. Garrus couldn't take lying still anymore, he flipped them over and slammed into her. He pressed his nose against her throat, inhaling her scent and he thrust into her faster and faster as he felt her tighten even more, her muscles felt like she was milking him, grabbing him from the inside and she made those delicious sounds again, gasping and then screaming and he couldn't hold it anymore and came with an uncontrolled roar, throwing his head back as he spilled into her and almost blacked out.

His last shred of sense reminded him not to crush her with his weight and he rolled to her side, ignoring the condom hanging heavily down, completely unable to move any further.

Hot damn! Spirits of all things!

The woman lying on her side beside him was still panting and absently stroking the side of his face. He couldn't quite see her expression but he felt confident that she was just as satisfied as him. Suddenly her mouth was right on his and the soft lips were caressing his mouthplates. He trilled slightly insecure, unsure what she expected from him. She moved away from his mouth and those soft lips kissed his throat and somehow this fondling felt almost too intimate for fast sex between strangers. A strange feeling started in his chest and spread to his gizzard.

She sighed against his throat. "I have to say, C-Sec-Blue, that was amazing! Quite unexpected. And a wonderful way to end my shore leave." She nuzzled his neck and he wondered if humans had a good sense of smell. Could she smell him? Would she recognize his smell? He inhaled her scent, vowing to never forget it.

He realized that he wanted to see her again, wanted to know her.
"What is your name?"

"No names. I'm leaving for my training tomorrow and we will probably never see each other again." Her voice was quiet. She turned away and sat up to dress again. He almost didn't hear her whisper, "We can never have this anyway - this … you're a turian, I'm ..."

She dressed in the dark with the efficiency of a well trained soldier and was at the door before he had even found his underarmour.

"Good bye, C-Sec-blue." The light from the hallway spilled into the room from behind her and her red fur looked like chemical flames on her head.

"Good bye, Alliance-red. Spirits watch over you."

The door closed behind her and he was plunged into darkness again. He found his pants on the floor and began to put them on when he realized that he still had the condom on and his penis seemed to be convinced that the action would continue soon. With a frustrated groan he removed the condom and willed his erection to go away until he was back behind his plates.

He slumped back against the wall, unwilling to move. He was annoyed at himself, why had he let her go? He was sure that he would never forget her and the great sex they had had. He should probably find a willing turian female for some traditional turian sex to get these deviant memories of amazing sex with an alien out of his head. How soft she was, how she moved like fluid, how her tiny talons scratched his plates, how her teeth had felt, how her inside muscles had grabbed him...

Garrus held his head in his hands with a groan. He was so screwed.