~ Dream Start ~

"Heat... Are you sure about this..." Argilla asked nervously. Heat looked at her like she had two heads. As Argilla glared at Heat, I let out a very quiet chuckle. I then moved my position from sitting on my knee's to crouching on one knee. Argilla shook her head annoyed as she repositioned her rifle. Serph had just finished looking at the strange pod in the middle of Ground Zero, when he gave some hand signs. I knew what this meant... Ambush.

I make a quick check on my two 9mm twin pistols before a looked across the field at the Vanguards. They aren't our total enemies... Okay, maybe to Heat they are, but he dislikes a lot of people... like Harley, the leader of the Vanguards. "Now!" Serph ordered. Heat and I ran first, shooting at the Vanguards. After us, Gale and Cielo ran out. As we approached the mysterious pod in the middle of the field, the Vanguard's ran out too. A far share of bullets and arrows were shot, and some of them at the mysterious pod.

I had looked back for just a second when an arrow had whizzed past me, leaving a small gash on my right shoulder. Before I could check my new wound, I heard the faint sound of a bell ringing. I looked towards the area of noise and standing on a tall piece of ruins was a black cat with a small silver bell around it's neck. I had turned back towards the pod when an arrow had hit it, disintegrating instantly. The pod had then exploded, and the air was still.

"Warning to the Vanguards: Remove the unidentified object at coordinates 2314 5873. Failure to comply will be deemed an act of war." Gale declared, not paying to much attention to the lack of attack.

"Warning to the Embryon: Remove the unidentified object at coordinates 2314 5873. Failure to comply will be deemed an act of war." Harley also declared, being impatient.

I had stared at Gale, watching his reaction, when all of a sudden the mysterious pod started to glow and a beam of light suddenly shot from the heavens. The light pierced through every single one of us on Ground Zero. A light-blue sky was the last thing that I had seen before my world had turned black...

I had woke up lying on the ground when I noticed that there were no Vanguard's in sight. I stood up and saw that the rest of our crew (the Embryon) were all standing and looked confused. "What happened...? Where are the Vanguards?" Gale asked while looking around Ground Zero. I hear a small cough coming from Argilla. She then states "Ugh...My chest is on fire."

Serph had been standing close to where I was, and when I looked over at him, I had noticed that there was now a small tattoo-like sign upon his right cheek. It had shown a slight glow.

"Leader" Cielo mumbled. Serph walked over to where Cielo had stood, which happened to be near where the mysterious pod had been. Instead of a pod, it had been replaced with a large crater.

I followed Serph slowly, then walking over to Heat, who was staring inside the crater. I myself, looked into the large crater and saw a mysterious girl inside, curled up in the fetal position.

"...Any thoughts? Strange... I feel like I have met this girl before. I want to know more about her. I am sure you feel the same, Serph." Heat had then looked over at Serph, but he had just merely nodded.

~ Dream End ~