"Dr. Hunt it's Boise Memorial. We wanted to re-check your doctors' arrival"

"Cristina, do you need some water?" asked Owen sitting next to his traumatized wife on the couch. He hated seeing her like that. She was so broken. The plane crash had broken her badly. She had been in shock paralysis for a week and was just healed and back home. She still couldn't forget those 4 days in the woods. "No, I don't." she replied looking up at him. "Alright." He said and wanted to get up from the couch when he was dragged back by her. "Stay, stay. Please stay." She pleaded squeezing his hand. She didn't want to let go off it.

He pulled her in his embrace and kissed her forehead. "I'm not going anywhere. I'm here. I'm just here." He said and kissed her forehead again. It felt good to have her in is arms again, sound and safe.

She rested her head on his chest and listened to his heart singing for her. She felt safe. She could forget everything by only being in his embrace. She could forget those horrible days and the loss of her friends and colleagues. "Owen." She said looking up at him. "What?" he replied with a concerned look. "What is it?" he asked. "I still want to leave."

Owen suddenly felt a sharp pain in his chest. Though she was in his arms he felt like he just lost her forever. "What? I… thought… what?" he was in an obvious disbelief. "It's not you okay? It's not you at all. I've forgiven you. Completely. It's not you." She took and deep breath. "It's this city, this hospital, Seattle Grace Mercy Death. Look I don't know how this keeps happening. It's like a curse. This hospital is cursed to kill its doctors. George, Lexie, Mark, Reed Adamson and Percy. It has nearly killed Meredith once and Derek and me. And the plane crash wasn't the last thing. I wanna live and I know staying is Seattle means death. I wanna leave here, I wanna save myself. If you want you can leave with me. Trust me it'll kill everybody."

"Cristina… if you want to live to survive this curse… I can't stop you. I can't leave with you I'm the chief. But I can't stop you from going. I want you to live too and if it means leaving…" he said with an obvious sorrow in his voice. "I'm leaving so that I can live." She said. "Thanks for letting me go."

He kissed her forehead again and pulled her closer. "I love you." "I love you too."

"So?" said Owen looking at her ready suitcases down the stairs of their firehouse. "So… everything's ready. I just need the map." She said. She needed a map because she was going to drive to Minnesota. There was no way she could and would get on another plane. "It's in the dashboard." Owen said as he started putting the suitcases in the trunk. After putting everything in, he walked to her and grabbed her face. "Just call me if you need anything. Anything. Any time." He said taking every inch of the sight of her face in. He couldn't believe he wouldn't see her everyday anymore. It was not anything bearable. "Alright." She said and pulled her face back. If she kissed him or something she wouldn't be able to leave. "Good bye Owen."

"Good bye Cristina." He said and watched her car disappearing in the crowd of the road. That was it. She left and he was still there. Still in the cursed Seattle awaiting his death. He would probably die because of missing the love of his life.

"Hello?" Owen said to his phone. "Cristina. Have you arrived yet?... oh did you have any problem?... don't you need… okay that's good to hear. Call me if you need anything… good bye." He hung up and sighed heavily. He missed her already.

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