"I will think about it." Was the last thing Cristina told him, after that Owen had to return to Seattle. He was the chief after all. Though, he wasn't focused at all. Several ones asked him several times where his mind was. He didn't answer them exactly, but he did know his mind was with his daughter. It was still a huge disbelief for him. One night he slept and when he woke up he had a daughter. He could not completely believe it, not that he was displeased with the fact. God knew how happy he was, he would be happier if he would really be her father. It was his biggest wish and concern; he wanted to taste being a father.

In the other hand, Cristina was just discharged from the hospital, just back at work. She too wasn't focused at all. She had to make a final decision, thoughts were roaming her head unbearably.

She knew she wouldn't be an ideal mother. She also knew, with Owen by her side that baby would have a great life. She didn't know what the hell to do. She was confused, though the solution was so clear. But she wasn't sure.

It was until one day she made the decision, she herself was surprised by that decision. She was going to… she was going to let the Petersons make the ideal life for her. She called Morrison, he called them and they were going to wrap the case up, by the end of the week. She felt guilty for not telling Owen again. But this was for the sake of her daughter.

In the other hand, Dr. Craig Thomas had found out. He couldn't believe she'd made that decision after their conversation the other day. He could not let her do this to her, her baby and her husband. He though knew she would be so pissed off, decided to interfere. He could not let her do this to her life. He found Owen's number and made a call. It went to the voicemail, so he left a message.

"Dr. Owen Hunt, this is Dr. Craig Thomas. I am your wife's colleague in Mayo clinic. You should hurry and book a flight to Minnesota and save your family's future. You should stop your wife. You may not know but she's going to sign the adoption papers tomorrow, to give your daughter to another family. All I am doing is helping a friend I care about so much. You ought to stop her."

"I'm so excited Jacob." Olivia said to her husband while folding some clothes up. "She's finally giving her to us. We're going to be that little angle's family. I'm going to be a mother again." Her husband shook his head. "Don't you think we're replacing Naomi?" he asked. "I still haven't forgotten her bitter death." She got up and sat on his lap kissing the side of his face. "Nobody can replace her for us, Liza is just our second daughter. Remember what our therapist said? Naomi will always be alive in our life. We're not replacing her." She said. "All you have to do is thinking that she is our own child. What if I hadn't go unfertilized, our other babies would replace her?" He shook his head and kissed her wife on the cheek. He knew where she was coming from? Their daughter's death had affected them so much, he was now glad Olivia was better. "Liza?" he asked smiling. "Yes, it's the name I chose for her." She replied

Owen went to his office after his surgery. He saw he had a personal voicemail, he opened it and listened to it. "Craig Thomas?" he muttered. The name was familiar but he couldn't remember. It was until he heard the rest of his words. After the message was over, he had a sudden urge to throw the answering machine to wall. "What the hell?" he yelled. If he could he would've killed Cristina right then. He couldn't stand her like that anymore, what was wrong with her?

But of course, he decided to control his anger –it would take him nowhere- and do what Thomas had told him. He immediately called his assistant and canceled all of his appointments, meetings and surgeries. He booked a flight and just went to the airport right then. He didn't need any bags or clothes, he was going to just stop his wife.

The next morning. Cristina got ready and went to the hospital, the meeting was going to be held in one of the conference rooms. She was going to sign the papers and that was it. In her way to the room she glanced at highway which reached the nursery, but avoided and went to the room. She couldn't see her at that time, it would just cloud her decision.

The Petersons and Morrison were already there, with Morrison having the papers ready. The prepared situation was unbearable.

In the other hand, Owen was in the way of the hospital from the airport. "Come on. Can't you go faster?" he snapped at the taxi driver.

Morrison put the papers in front of her and gave a her a pen. "Here you go Dr. Yang." He said then he closed his mouth to her ear and whispered, "Just make sure you are sure." He went back to his chair. All the three of them were looking straight at the tip of the pen in her hand, with Olivia holding his husbands hand, and her own breath.

"The traffic is too much, sir, sorry." The driver said to him. Owen groaned loudly.

The tip of her pen reached the paper writing the first letter. "C" followed by "r" and then "i"

"But there's an alley there, I could use that, but ya know?" Owen rolled his eyes. "No I don't know. Here you are." He gave him the money.

"s" she took a deep breath, her heart was pounding, she was sweating, while taking the deep breath the ink of the pen was spreading on the paper.

"Do you know how much fuel it takes to go to that alley?" the driver said looking at the low price. Owen said nothing. He just opened the door and left. "I'd rather walk." He yelled back.

"t" she continued "i" and then she stopped again, her heart pulsing, her skin sweating, the ink of her pen spreading.

"Excuse me." He said as he crashed with a woman in the street. "I'm sorry." He said constantly passing the people.

"n" and then "a" She could felt the pen shaking in her hand, but then noticed it was her own hand that was shaking. She felt the pen was about to slip out of the grip but then realized it was because of the sweat of her hand. The ink was spreading on the paper. Was that inky paper even reliable anymore? She knew what all of them meant. She was not sure. "Y" she started the letter. "a" and then…

"I'm sorry, do you know where Dr. Yang is right now?"

She took a deep breath…

"She's in a personal meeting conference room number 5. You can't see her righ… sir?" Owen had disappeared.

Another deep breath…

He pushed the button of the elevator

"No." she said quietly. "No." she said again louder. "I can't do this." Olivia suddenly let go of her husband's hand. "What?" she yelled standing up. "No you don't have any right to do this right now? It's too late to regret. She is my baby. My baby. I am her mother. So just sign those paper. You don't get to play with our emotions like this." Cristina was taken aback. "I'm sorry Mrs. Peterson to play with your emotions, but I believe my emotions matter at this point." She said and looked at Morrison. "She has a right to change her mind even in the middle of signing the paper. Also, that inky paper is not reliable anymore." He said. Olivia didn't like that at all. "She is my baby. I don't let you take her away from me." She yelled loudly. Cristina decided to ignore, she picked up her handbag and left the room, but before opening the door turned backward and said, "I'm so sorry to do this to you. But she is my baby right now. I'm not taking her away from you when you don't even have her. I'm so sorry. Good bye." Then she left.

And there was Owen waiting by the door. As he saw her face he didn't know how to feel. Was it done? Was his daughter another man's daughter now? He couldn't look at her face. She was in the other hand surprised to death to see him. She decided to forget the surprise and tell him the news. "Do you have money with you?" she asked him. He was confused. "Money? Why? Yeah I do… what happened in that room?" He said. "Good that you do. We should go shopping." She said. "We should buy some clothes and a crib maybe. I'll take her home tonight and she has no clothes." His confused and irritated expression suddenly broke into a huge smile. "What?" he asked. "We should also choose her a name. But first shopping. She can live a day without a name but not without clothes." He grabbed her face in his hands and hugged her tightly. "Thank you. You made the happiest man."

"Hey Owen look." She said grabbing her arm and taking him to one of the displays. "Look at this tiny cute shirt. She should wear it tonight. We are celebrating her presence tonight." She seemed so excited. "Oh my goodness. Our little princes will be so delicious in that." He said kissing her cheek. They took the shirt and some other clothes, a milk bottle, a little toy, some diapers, a bottle of baby powder, lotion, some towels, and some other things and went to pay for them. The cashier looked down at Cristina's belly. "Aren't you buying these stuffs too soon?" she asked smiling. "No it's even too late. " Cristina said.

They took a cab, went to Cristina's apartment and headed back to the hospital to take their little princes home.

They stepped in the nursery and found one of the OB nurses there. "Hi! Where is our sweetie? We're taking her home now." Owen said cheerfully. "Dr. Yang? Didn't you give her to the other family?" the nurse asked with a confused expression. "No, I changed my mind she's my own baby now." Cristina answered looking around the nursery to find her baby. "Dr. Yang? Isn't this your sign? That couple came here with this paper, they said she's their baby now. Isn't this your sign?" she asked nervously showing her a paper. "This is not my sign, Carol… where is my daughter?" he asked his voice shaking. "I'm so sorry Dr. Yang I really thought it was your sign." She said starting to cry. "Where is my daughter?" Cristina asked loudly. "Where is she?"

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