They wanted to go on vacation together after Harry's father was well again. But their plans were dashed when Dempsey got a message from New York. He had to be present during the trial against Coltrane. And so he flew back to the States. They had no chance to talk to each other and so there was an uncertain future. Three weeks have passed and Makepeace hadn't heard a word from him. Even Spikings didn't know if Dempsey would return to London.

Angela had great difficulties to persuade Makepeace to a common dinner. They were sitting at their favorite restaurant and hardly spoke a word.

„Oh come on Harry, you have to eat something", Angela broke the silence.

„I'm not hungry, sorry", Makepeace whispered.

"I just don't understand what's wrong with you. Talk to me", her best friend begged .

"It's nothing. I'm just not hungry."

"You can't fool me. We've been friends for 20 years and I know you. Is it because of that Dempsey? You never told me what happened at Winfield Hall. Harry, you are suffering and I can see that. Just talk to me, Harriet Makepeace", she begged again.

"Okay okay, I feel poxy. I really thought it might work. He was so sweet and said he wants to be with me. I gave him the cold shoulder, and now he's gone. He was always there for me and I've let him down. Why I'm just not able to have a relationship?" Makepeace asked, more to herself.

"You were hurt too often Harry and that takes time. James seems not to be the man for a serious relationship. After all that I've heard. You've heard nothing from him? Not a single word? Did you tell him how you feel?", Angela asked.

"I was too stubborn and was simply not able to tell him what I feel. He is really one of the good guys, Ange and I guess I scared him off. I'm such an idiot", she blamed herself.

The conversation was interrupted by a cry of a child at the next table. The mother tried to calm her little son but nothing seemed to work.

"Is that the wife of Lord Ashcroft? I didn't know that they have a litte boy. I assumed the Ashcrots have filed for divorce", Angela said.

„This is possible and I'm not interested. Everything is so unimportant. I don't even know how I can reach Dempsey. What if he doesn't come back?"

At that moment, three armed men stormed into the restaurant. The guests screamed and tried hastily to leave the restaurant.

„Shut up and lay on the ground!", a man shouted.

Alertly Makepeace tried to hide her purse under the table. Besides her police badge her service revolver was in it. She was cautiously and didn't want to risk the lives of the guests.

One of the men discovered the pretty blonde and stared.

"You there, lay down on the floor and put your purse in the bag", the man screamed and gave Makepeace a garbage bag.

Petrified, Angela laid on the floor while Makepeace, wondered what she should do.

„Didn't you hear me bitch?"

The toddler was still screaming and Makepeace sat motionless. The robber was not allowed to discover that she was a cop.

"What are you hiding? Give me your purse!"

Harry was frozen. She couldn't give him the purse and strengthened her grip. A few seconds passed, and the robber grabbed her purse. Her grip was so tight that he was not able to get it. A few moments later everything went black.

She didn't know how much time had passed when she opened her eyes. She blinked a few times and saw the face of her boss. It took a few moments before she realized that she was in an ambulance.

"Are you feeling better?", Spikings asked worried.

"What happened? Where is Angela?", she asked as she sat up.

She is fine and she's on her way to the police station to make a statement", said Spikings.

„What on earth happened?"

„The restaurant was robbed. Sergeant, you could have been killed. According to some statements you didn't want to give them your purse and one of the men strucked his gun over your head. What were you thinking?", Spikings asked angry.

„I'm sorry, sir. I didn't want them to know, that I'm a cop", she sighed.

„The robbers have your gun and your badge. After discovering who you are, they've robbed the guests. To make sure that you're the only policeofficer, they searched all the pockets. They've found out that Lady Ashcroft was among the guests and have kidnapped her son. Therefore, the SI 10 was called in. Your friend informed me about your injuries", he stated focused.

"It's all my fault and I want to work on the case."

"Sorry, sergeant, but you seem to be a little bit distracted lately. We can not afford any mistakes. It's better if you work in the office."

„What? You can't do that? I have to work the case and I'm going to make it right. You know I can do that, sir! I can work with Chas or Dave. Please, I have to do something", she begged her boss.

"Don't be so stubborn, sergeant. I know that your thoughts are somewhere else. We need to focus on this case. You're not in it. I don't know what happened with you and that Yankee, but I don't like it. You are mentally absent. Come back to your senses. Then we can think about your reintegration", Spikings ordered and left the ambulance.