Dempsey drove the car safely through traffic to the hospital. They didn't talk much. Harry rocked the baby, soothing back and forth. Little Taylor was asleep and smacked quietly on his pacifier. Dempsey parked at the entrance to the emergency room. He jumped out of the car and opened the passenger door.

"See you in the ER," she said briefly and disappeared.

Dempsey nodded and drove the car into the parking lot.

On the registration, the social worker took the child from Harry. She looked sad as she was led into the examination room.

"Come with me, Miss Makepeace. Dr. Harper is waiting for you. Your boss has already called," a nurse said kindly.

Silently Harry followed the young woman into the drab room. The doctor looked at her suspiciously.

"I think you had a tough day," he said briefly and closed the door.

Time seemed to stand still. Dempsey paced nervously up and down. At every noise he looked around. He picked up a magazine and sat down. He hastily flicked through it and stood up again. Again and again he looked at his watch. There was no sign of Harry. At last Dr. Harper appeared in the waiting room. He shook his head and took a deep breath. The doctor made a concerned impression.

"What's up, Doc? Where is Ma ... Miss Makepeace?" Dempsey asked nervously.

"Miss Makepeace remains a mystery to me", the doctor sighed.

"Is it that bad?" Dempsey asked frantically.

"Oh, sorry. No, no, I would like to keep her for 48 hours. This woman is very stubborn and wants to go home. Since yesterday she takes heavy painkillers and her present condition worries me. She desperately needs rest", declared the young doctor.

"Can I see her? Maybe I can convince her", Dempsey said and stormed to the exam room.

The doctor followed the tempestuous officer. Without knocking, he opened the door.

"Blow me down, Dempsey!", she screamed.

She quickly pulled the sheet up to her neck.

"Oh shit, sorry," he said quickly.

"What do you want, Dempsey?"

The doctor stood next to Dempsey and looked at her seriously.

"You need rest, Miss Makepeace. It bothers me when you are alone at home. Your nice colleague is here to convince you to stay", the doctor explained.

"I want to go home and I will rest, I promise. Please", she pleaded.

"Don't be so stubborn, Harry. Listen to the doctor. Ya really look beat-up", he tried to convince her.

"I can take care of myself. I swear, I'm going straight to bed. Let me go home."

"Not if you're alone. At a pinch, I have to do a compulsory institutionalisation. Do you stay by your own choice?", Doctor Harper asked.

"What is needed, so that she can go home?", Dempsey asked suddenly.

"Miss Makepeace needs someone who will take care of her. Someone who assists her. She mustn't overexert herself. The head injury is not without danger. Even if she has a blockhead."

"Okay, I'll stay with her ", Dempsey said shortly.

"Hello? I'm present. Can I say something?"

"No," the two men answered in chorus.

"You can get dressed, Miss Makepeace. Come with me, Mr?"

"Dempsey," he introduced himself.

"I'll give you necessary medications, Mr Dempsey."

The two men left the room while Harry got dressed. Dempsey was waiting at the reception, as the social worker approached.

"Hey, little buddy. Are you okay? ", Dempsey asked and took Taylor in his arm.

"He is very healthy, Mr. Dempsey. I will take him to his mother."

"Can we come along, Miss Lancaster?", Dempsey asked.

"Of course, I'm waiting at the elevator."

Dr. Harper gave Dempsey the medications.

"The dosage instructions are included in the package," he said, shaking his head briefly and disappeared.

A short time later Harry walked into the lobby. She smiled grateful and lovingly at Dempsey.

"Thank you. I really want to sleep in my own bed. Is Taylor okay?", she asked anxiously.

Dempsey pointed toward the elevator. They approached the social worker. As the boy discovered Harry he stretched out his arms. Without words, she took the child from the woman. Together they went to the fifth floor. A nurse showed them the right room and asked them not to stay too long. The face of the young mother lit up when she saw her son.

"Taylor, my darling," she sighed.

Harry put the child on the bed and took care that he didn't fell off. Lady Ashcroft pressed the child close to her chest.

"Thank you," she whispered.

"You're welcome. He is such a cutie."

"Lady Ashcroft? Is there someone who can take care of your son? Otherwise I have to take him into custody", the social worker said.

"Oh no, please don't. My sister is coming tomorrow. She will take care of him."

Taylor whined, turned to Harry and grabbed her hand. Dempsey knew immediately what was happening and called for their leave.

"We have to go, Lady Ashcroft. Get well soon", he said quickly and grabbed Harry's hand to leave.

"You are the police officers, right?"

"I'm Sergeant Makepeace and this is Lieutenant Dempsey", Harry introduced them.

"Taylor likes you very much, Miss Makepeace. I know I demand a lot but can Taylor stay with you until tomorrow? I trust no one. Not after what happened. I want him to be save", she said with a trembling voice.

"But we're strangers, Mrs. Ashcroft. Sergeant Makepeace is sick and I think it's a bad idea", Dempsey said quickly.

"I trust you. I have no one else. You have saved him", she begged heartbreaking.

"If you wish, we take Taylor until tomorrow. Here is my card. Your sister can pick him up there." Harry said without discussion and exchanged the child against the card.

Completely desperate Dempsey grabbed into his hair and they left the hospital room.

"You are driving me crazy, Harry. You need to rest, damn it! I'm your nanny, not his!", he said angrily.

"It's for one night, Dempsey. I don't expect you to stay. I take care of him. His mom is in the hospital and he has no one else. I can do this. I don't need your help."

"That wasn't the deal, Harry! I'll stay with you, or you stay in the hospital. One night and you'll rest. Your selflessness is killing me. You are not invincible. Self-destruction is not the answer, Makepeace!"he said angrily and stomped off.

Dempsey had calmed down again and waited in the car. Harry dropped on the passenger seat with the child in her arms.

"Sorry, Dempsey. I know that you care. I'm really grateful. Can we go home? At first we have to pick up clothes for Taylor."

"You can be sure that I won't be looking at your self-destruction. You will eat, drink, take a hot bath and will sleep a lot", he ordered.

"I think I needed to do this in order to know that I'm still alive", she whispered.

"I can think of quite different things, princess, very different."

With that, he started the engine and drove toward downtown.

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