Hey hope you enjoy chap 10! OMG double digits!

Zak's POV

During these 3 days Dani has been around I have learned how to use ecto-blasts, shoot ecto-blasts out of my eye's and learned how to create a ecto shield which is very useful.

Right now Dani is teaching me how to do ice powers or fire power depends on which core I have.

"ok what you have to do is make your coldness or warmness in your body and move it to your hand or eyes ok"

I started to concentrate until mum shouted through the door saying dinner is ready, so I stopped concentrating and ran to my door and opened it to see mum go down the hallway.

I was chasing after mum until me and Dani had a blue wisp of air coming from our mouths which made us stop and run to the portal, when we got there we saw a ghost and this ghost was wearing a rocker outfit with a guitar with flames on it.

"oh hello dipsticks lets see if you like music I am about to play"


"oh it is the little dipstick who ruined my plans well here is a guitar solo"

Ember shot a fist with lots of blue fire around it towards Dani who created a shield to protect both of us, then Dani turned into phantom and so did I which surprised Ember a lot.

"well this isn't usual but it looks like I will have to destroy you as well"

Ember was pointing a finger at me.

"don't think so"

Ember made the first move by struming her guitar making another fist with blue around it towards us which I dodged, I threw 2 ecto-blasts at her which she dodged the first one but didn't see the other one coming which hit her and Ember fell to the ground. Dani froze Ember and then threw a ecto-blast breaking the ice, then I got the thermos out and sucked her but while the thermos sucked her in she said I will get you two halfas.

"What does a halfa mean"

"it means half-ghost and half-human, halfa"

Dani and I changed into our human form.

"does the name bother you"

"yeah sometimes but it really bothers me when it is in front of my parents who get confused to why I have been called it"

We made our way to the kitchen.

"what took you two?"

"erm playing a video game"

I gave mum a fake smile knowing I will have to protect my family from any dangerous ghosts.