"5 more minutes." She muttered, rolling over and bringing her knees to her chin. I shook my head, smiling,

"Fine, 5 minutes, that's it!"

Maddie smiled smugly, burying her body further into the sheets, but sudden knock at the door made her jump up, looking at me nervously,

"It's Tom and Shannon!" She whispered.

I nodded, covering her small body with various pillows and sheets before ruffling my bed hair and groggily saying: "yeah?"

Shannon walked in first, her hands crossed over her chest, eyebrows raised.

"We saw you snooping around last night." She said, her eyes narrowing when I replied with:


"Oh don't try to play dumb, we know what you're up to" Shannon looked at me as if she was trying to burn two holes into my head, which she probably was.

Tom, who had been fidgeting nonstop since he came in, interjected:

"You mean you know what they're up to, I didn't see anything!"

This, like most things Tom says, angered her to no end and after listening to them bicker for a while, I butted in:

"Look, guys, why don't you just ask Maddie what happened?" I knew that probably wasn't the best idea (and also that Maddie would kick my ass later) but anything that could buy us more time would be helpful.

"Fine." Shannon said, stalking out, a tired looking Tom following her. I chuckled at his expression, but as soon as the door closed I felt a soft pillow hit the back of my head,

"Idiot!" Maddie hissed, "What am I supposed to do now?"

I shrugged, "Say we went for a walk because I was feeling sick and then you spent the night on the couch. I mean would you really spend a night with the Ks?"

She growled at me but gave in and I smirked when I realised that I'd won. She growled again but smirked while she did so. I walked up to her and pulled her into a hug,

"So, how was your first transformation?" I asked, hoping that she'd had a good time.

She grinned from ear to ear, "It was absolutely amazing!"

I smiled, glad that her first transformation had been a good one. I'd so badly wanted hers to be enjoyable after my own terrible experience. She deserved so much more than I did.

She grinned back and I swear I felt my heart melt, my God she was beautiful.

I wanted so badly to kiss her, and I had for such a long time. Last night had only amplified my feelings for her.

I'd spent all the time I'd known her trying to drown and hide my feelings, but I just couldn't do it anymore.

I took a deep breath and started to lean in, keeping my eyes on hers and closing them at the last minute. If she was going to hit me I hope she did it before I absolutely destroyed our friendship.

My lips connected with hers and her arms snaked up my arms and around my neck. I was in heaven, smiling into the kiss and wrapping my arms around her waist, pulling her closer.

I eventually broke the kiss, I had to tell her what was filling my brain, running through my veins and swirling around my head,

"I love you Maddie Smith"

She grinned and replied,

"I love you too, you idiot."

I kissed her again, lacing my fingers into hers as she scooted closer to me so that she was sitting on my lap. I sighed in content and leaned back onto the wall, not completely assured that this wasn't a dream.

Back home

"That was wicked!" Maddie exclaimed, "We have to do it again!"

I laughed at her enthusiasm, it was amazing to see how much energy her small body could produce. She laced her fingers into mine, holding our joined hands behind her back so no one could see.

Maddie looked into my eyes and all thoughts of keeping it secret vanished from my mind. I leant down to kiss her and surprisingly she obliged, kissing me back and wrapping her arms round my neck. Annoyingly, the tell-tale sound of wolf whistling came from Jimmy and his other bone headed mates,

"Oh Rhidian, gettin' busy are we?" He snickered, but I just broke away and raised an eyebrow,

"If that's your way of asking if I have a girlfriend then yes; Maddie is my girlfriend" I said calming, smiling when I said the last part. Maddie buried her face into my school shirt, no doubt blushing from all the attention that was suddenly focused on us.

I turned to Tom, who was so shocked he was stone still, whilst Shannon just skipped up and shouted, "Finally!" before pulling us both into a hug.

I laughed at her reaction, kissing Maddie's forehead when people had drifted away. Tom was still standing there, obviously shell shocked. I laughed at his strange expression, pulling a face to see if he reacted. He didn't, so I leant in really close and yelled:


He staggered back, catching himself just before he toppled over. Everyone burst out laughing as Tom attempted to stand up with dignity (unsuccessfully). Once he was successfully on his feet, he turned to Maddie and I and said,

"So...you're dating now?"

When he said this I turned to Maddie, gave her a kiss and said,

"Yes. Yes we are."