AN- The OC's are older siblings of Bella's classmates, except Joshua and Isaac Weber, instead of being Angela's younger twin brothers, they are her older brothers.

Also this is for Belle6695 who requested a Harry/Edward pairing.

Harry stared out the window watching the rain drizzle down the glass. He and Sirius finally moved back to Forks, Washington after the six year long war in England. The night his parents died Sirius had been swinging by to check in on James in his animagus form when he came upon his friend and Lily dead and his little godson crying. Picking up Harry, Sirius debated whether or not to take Harry and go hide or track down their traitorous friend.


Sirius looked down into Harry's eyes and the decision was made for him. Apparating to Gringotts, Sirius quickly had funds transferred and passports made as he held a sleeping Harry in his arms. As morning dawned Sirius and Harry were on a plane heading to America where there were several Black owned homes.

During the lengthy plane with an exhausted Harry, Sirius was able to finally think what exactly had happened and what the next course of action would be to take. He knew the war hadn't ended last that night and made plans to make sure Harry was ready. He would be damned if he lost his godson as well.

Harry startled when he felt his godfather's hand rest on his shoulder. Looking over at Sirius, Harry smirked he had finally grew a few inches taller than his godfather stopping at 6'2".

"I'm glad you are finally able to relax again pup," Sirius for once was serious.

"Only in our home Pad," Harry's smirk had turned sorrowful as he gaze turn outside once more.

Sirius sighed took up the other side of the window, wondering if he had made a mistake all those years ago training his godson in battle and combat.

"It saved my life so don't regret it," Harry commanded sternly knowing his godfather would sink into depressed thoughts.

"You should be carefree and causing mischief. Not war-harden and cautious," Sirius mourned for the life they should have had with Lily and James and Remus. His pup shouldn't have had to know the guilt of taking a life or fearing for his own.

"We were in war and I'm starting high school as a junior. I have a few years to still being irresponsible and cause you worry," Harry grinned trying to lighten the mood.

"As long as you prank the student population, that's all I ask," Sirius replied chuckling a little.

"I will Pad," Harry smiled before sighing as he casted a tempus spell. He had school in a half hour. He wondered if his friends were still the same?

Cullen House…

Edward was playing his piano allowing the soothing melody wash over him as his family got ready for the day. They had school in a bit. They just moved back to Forks a few months ago and nothing had changed while they were away. It was depressing watching way the world moved and different generations graced the hallways. It was comforting that the building hasn't changed all that much since they had last been here.

"Hey lil' bro, are you ready to start the day right sophomore?" Emmett teased messing up Edward's hair as he walked by Edward and his piano.

Edward rolled his eyes, since Alice and himself were the youngest looking they opted for them to start as sophomores hoping to stay a little longer in town.

Alice came bouncing in with a smile on her face as she sat next to Edward chattering excitedly, "Oh Edward! I'm so happy for you! However I didn't know you swung that way! Makes sense though considering how you kept turning Tanya down and Rosalie before that."

Edward groaned he so didn't want to get into this Alice. While he could definitely appreciate the female form, the male form always enticed far more, however he never gave into temptation fearing that he would lose himself in comfort of not being the strong one, of having someone care for him and have their whole world set on him. Plus he had never met someone that he felt he could be completely safe with.

"Edward," Alice was quiet as she rested her hand on his knee, "He will be good for you, to you."

Edward gave a half smile, "Thanks Alice. Who is he?"

"The new boy at school, well actually he is old but returning so it makes him new again," Alice smiled before leaving to go find her own mate.

Edward chuckled as slid the cover down over the pearl keys. Standing Edward grabbed his bag and headed to his car waiting for siblings.

At the school…

Harry pulled up at school on his motorcycle, a pure black Ninja, and parked pulling off his helmet looking around at the students milling about. Taking a breath, Harry stepped away from his bike and began walking to the office.

Standing in the office waiting for the secretary to come back with his schedule, Harry leaned back looking out the door and spotted Shayne Newton walking with their old group of friends joking around.

Whistling, Harry grinned when Shayne stopped looking around before his eyes landing on Harry. Shayne grinned and rapidly made his way over to Harry.

"Harry? Harry Potter? Is that you man?" Shayne asked clapping Harry on the back.

"Who else would whistle at you?" Harry asked clasping forearms as he took in his friend about the same height as himself and definitely wider in the shoulders however the hair had stayed the same, cropped short with a little gel.

"Only you man, no else had the balls," Shayne waved his hand signaling the group to come over.

"Mr. Potter?"

Turning around Harry saw the secretary holding out his papers, smiling Harry grabbed the paper and turned back to the group.

"Hare-bear is that you?" Ashley Stanely asked smiling.

"It sure is Ash-Ash," Harry grinned hugging Ashley as she came to his shoulder with her brown hair pulled back into pony tail. She had definitely filled out into her womanly body.

"Ashley quit hogging Harry, we haven't seen him in forever," Josh Weber joked pulling Harry into a headlock since he and his twin were slightly taller than Harry even though they were lankier.

"Yeah, he certainly isn't the scrawny little boy we remember," Isaac Weber gushed poking Harry in the ribs.

"Hey, hey, come on now, I wasn't that scrawny," Harry protested when Josh had made a grab for him, it took everything in his will power not to flinch, nor to react. He forced himself to relax remembering that these were his old friends not Death Eaters.

Laughing, Shayne slapped Harry on back as the bell rang, "What class do you have right now?"

Looking down at his sheet, Harry answered, "Ugh History. Hated it here, hated it over there."

Laughing once more Shayne began walking away calling over his shoulder, "At least you have it with me."

"Poor Harry having to sit with Shayne, make sure he doesn't fall asleep," Ashley said pressing a kiss to Harry's cheek before rushing down the hallway.

"Yeah or at least make sure he doesn't snore," Josh informed before the twins sauntered the opposite direction.

Shaking his head, Harry quickly caught up with Shayne, "So how's Mike? Still annoying?"

"God, yes. Thankfully he has finally quit moaning about the move from Cali now that he has friends, but still it must be a sibling thing, annoying each other," Shayne answered slipping into his seat.

"Thankfully I don't know that feeling," Harry joked sitting next to Shayne.

"So…how was England?" Shayne asked with a fake British accent.

"No…please no," Harry begged.

"But seriously," Shayne asked, he knew about Harry being a wizard since he had accidently seen Harry do accidental magic. Sirius had been all for olbiviate Shayne but Harry and Shayne pleaded his case saying that Sirius could make sure that Shayne didn't say anything to other people. So Shayne kept his memories and the two became thick as thieves.

"It was tough," Harry began to answer but cut off abruptly when he instincts went off crazy when a tall curly blond male walked into the room. Studying the male, Harry knew almost immediately he wasn't human. The male was too pale and his eyes spoke of either werewolf or vampire.

"That's Jasper Cullen, history buff. Just moved here beginning of the year with his family. He has another two brothers and two sisters, they are all adopted and he is dating one of his adopted sisters."

"To each their own, I guess." It finally clicked in Harry's mind whether he was vampire or not when he noticed the crescent scars on Jasper's hand as he walked by.

"So are you okay though?" Shayne asked getting back on topic.

"Yeah, yeah just a few more scars," Harry answered distractedly before focusing back on his friend.

"Chicks will dig it," Shayne laughed even though worry shined for his friend.

"Shayne I prefer more of lithe and muscle persuasion than full and curvy," Harry answered drily.

Shayne didn't miss a beat, "Just don't hit on me."

Harry rolled his eyes, "Not my type."

Harry laughed at Shayne's put-out expression as the teacher walked in and class began.

With Edward…

Edward groaned as he sat in his Spanish class thankfully this year the teacher gave out seating assignments and he was in the back where it was easier to ignore the whispers of Harry, the new kid, Harry, his mate. When he had walked in to the school he had caught a whiff of a scent that smelled heavenly, that smelled like warmth and protection. He managed to see a glimpse of black hair and voice that caused Edward quietly moan. He noticed that the male went into the history classroom.

Catching Jasper's arm before he walked away, "Jasper, will you keep an eye out in your class."

Jasper searched Edward's eyes, "Why?"

"The new kid, I think…I think he might be my mate," Edward whispered urgently.

Jasper's face soften, "I'll keep an eye on him."

"Thanks," Edward gave a heartfelt smile.

Jasper shook his head smiling and headed for his class.

Edward dropped his face into his hands, of course his mate had to be human. Was he seriously doomed to finally find his mate only to be human? If he wanted to live with his mate, he would need to be turned but Edward didn't think he handle causing his mate pain nor condemning him to this eternal life. His siblings had it easy, Alice and Jasper were already vampires and Emmett was dying when Rosalie find him.

But, noooo, his mate had to be perfectly healthy and human, Edward thought as groaned once more, What do the teenagers say now a days? Fuck My Life.

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