Green and red lights were whizzing past him, explosions sounded in his ear, his breath labored as he struggled to hide behind a tree. A searing pain blossomed in his left shoulder as he slumped against the base of the tree.

"Come out POTTER!" a voice called out with faint hiss to it, "Come save your worthless mut."

Closing his eyes Harry took a deep breath steeling his nerves as he stood straight and turned to face his enemy ignoring the shouts of "No!" and "It's not worth it."

His eyes met the gray ones of his Godfather before a green light shot towards.


Harry startled awake as he fell from his bed thumping on his left shoulder against the ground jarring the phantom injury to life as Harry lay gripping his shoulder, breathing heavily through the pain and nightmare. As the pain faded Harry casted a tempus seeing that it was already 5:30am, he stood up and stumbled his way to the shower thankful that his silencing charms had been in place.

Sirius lay awake in his own bed, silent tears falling from his eyes as he listened from his room as his godson yelled and scream in fright knowing there was nothing he could do. Seeing as confronting Harry would only hurt him and make Harry distance himself further. He knew that his godson had place silencing charms up and had waited for him to leave before tearing them down in frustration and anger at all that his godson was going through.

Twenty minutes later, Sirius got up at his normal time of 6 am and headed downstairs to start the kettle and toast knowing that after a night of hellish nightmares Harry wouldn't be able to stomach anything heavy. Grabbing his phone from his charger on the counter top, Sirius texted Shayne: Can u pick Harry up? Ruff nite.

Nearly minutes later Sirius's phone buzzed: Sure b there 7

Sirius smiled faintly thinking that one of the few things that ever went right in Harry's world was letting his best friend keep his memories of magic.

At 6:45 Sirius was settling out a plate of toast and a plate of poptarts when Shayne arrived and walked in through the back door.

"Morning Sirius," Shayne greeted sitting down at the table to the poparts.

"Morning," Sirius replied sipping his tea as he leaned against the counter.

"What should I expect?" Shayne questioned.

"More jumpy than usual, twitchy, quieter. Try and keep crowds from forming around him. Call me if I need to come pick him up," Sirius explained sipping his tea.

"Got it." Before Shayne could say anything else a freshly showered and dressed Harry came wandering in with a slightly pained look.

"Hey Shayne, what'cha doin here?" Harry plunking down on his chair and started to nibble his toast.

"Figured after school today we could hang. Well after my practice anyways but today's only a half practice since tomorrow is gameday," Shayne thought up quickly, it was truth however, he did want to hang with his best friend.

"Sure I can always catch up on my reading while waiting for you. What are we doing after?" Harry asked taking bigger bites at the thought of hanging out with his friend.

"Mom hasn't seen you in forever so I thought we could stop by my place and have dinner with my parents then maybe some video gaming with the twins?"

"Sounds good," Harry agreed finished up his toast, "Thanks Pad, guess I'll be home late tonight."

"Sounds good pup," Sirius called over his shoulder he had been busy cooking his own breakfast of eggs and bacon while Harry and Shayne had been talking. Sirius heard the chairs scrape and called, "Have a good day and cause mischief!"

"Will do, bye Pad," "Bye Sirius," was yelled out as the door opened and shut.

Sirius dished his food on to his plate and sat the table and stared worriedly at his food. Maybe Harry shouldn't have started school so soon. Maybe they should have travelled some before coming back. Maybe his godson shouldn't have had to fight in a blasted war before he was even of age.

Taking a deep breath Sirius focused his thoughts elsewhere as his current line of thinking would do him no good. For example the cute barista in the coffee shop…

At Forks High…

Harry and Shayne were sitting in history waiting for the teacher to show up.

"So have you already asked the twins?" Harry asked doodling on his notebook trying not to move his shoulder too much. His scar was bothering him, if he ever got the chance to murder Rookwood, he would, however it was moot point since Rookwood was killed by his friend Demetri. He had never been so thankful than to see his vampire friend that day. Harry had been captured the previous night thanks to mole who stupefied him in the middle of the night at Hogwarts. When Harry had awakened he was bound to a chair with Rookwood in front of him questioning him about the Order's plan. When Harry wouldn't talk Rookwood had taken a heated sword and slowly pushed into his shoulder. It was a few moments later that Demetri stormed into the room and tore Rookwood away from Harry shredded the man into pieces before returning to Harry and pulling the sword free before he fled with Harry to St Mungos. They never did find out why Rookwood captured Harry to question him about the order rather than deliver him straight to Voldemort.

"Yeah, they will be there at 7 which works since dinner is at 5:30," Shayne answered watching his friend.

"Cool, I wonder what history is going to hold today," Harry pondered aloud ignoring the prickly feeling on his neck of someone watching him closely when the teacher walked into the classroom.

"Alright class today we will be working on an assignment in pairs," the students began to pick their partners when the teacher continued, "however I have already have assigned you to your partners."

Groans were sounded in sync as the teacher began listing the pairings, "Cullen you are with Potter. Danielson you are with Stotts…"

Harry tuned the teacher out as he mind turned over the idea of being paired with Jasper. In the last week Harry had noticed that Jasper was quiet and hung with only his family, however Jasper seemed to say 'hello' and the odd sentences to Harry on a daily basis. While Harry would have loved to be paired up with Shayne especially since he was feeling rather stressed today, but it would be a new experience.

Harry turned to meet his best friends stare.

"Hey are you gonna be alright?" Shayne asked worriedly flicking his eyes back to Jasper.

"Yeah, at least he isn't annoying," Harry muttered gathering his stuff sit next to Jasper as the class began to rearrange themselves.

"Let me know if it gets to be too much," Shayne stressed knowing of Harry's self-sacrificing tendencies.

Harry smiled gave Shayne a half hug, "Thanks Shayne."

Jasper's POV…

Jasper had noticed something was off with his brother's mate and his potential friend. It felt familiar to Jasper, something he had felt before; something he still feels. But how was it possible? Harry was too young to have known war and pain.

As Harry sat next to him, Jasper gave a nod in greeting as the teacher passed out the syllabus for the assignment and continued on his lecturing. Jasper wrote his number down and passed to Harry at the end of class.

"So we can get in contact over the assignment," Jasper explained at Harry's confused look as he accepted the paper.

"Oh thanks, I'll text you my number a little later than," Harry replied shrugging his back pack on.

"Sounds good."

Jasper watched Harry meet up with Shayne watched as Harry relaxed a little and rub his shoulder.

"So how was sitting next to Cullen?"


"You are so the envy of the girl's right now."

"OMG, should I go gossip with them?"

Jasper stifled a laugh at the falsetto voice Harry used.

"Don't be a dick, just go gossip with Josh," Shayne laughed.

Jasper shook his head and followed them to their next class.

When lunch rolled around Jasper was concerned for Harry. As the day drew on the more agitated Harry seemed to become and Jasper had taken to keeping a close eye on him not wanting Harry to have an episode. He was now sure that Harry suffered from PTSD.

Jasper was letting his siblings conversation wash over him as he watched Harry tense before standing quickly and leaving the lunchroom. Jasper was quick to follow as was Edward.

When they finally found Harry, he was on the floor sitting against a wall in a quiet hallway with his knees brought close, eyes closed breathing deeply.

The two vampires were startled as they heard him speak. They thought they had been quiet and unobtrusive.

"You two can come closer."

"We didn't mean to intrude," Jasper began.

"We just wanted to make sure you were alright," Edward spoke quietly for the first time making Jasper proud.

Harry cracked an eye and Jasper could see a faint smile.

"So you speak," Harry seemed bemused as Edward fidgeted a bit, "thank you for your concern. Might as well take a seat. I'm won't be leaving for a bit."

Edward's POV…

Edward was giddy to be sitting next to his mate. It has been so difficult to muster even a hello during study hall and gym. It seemed he would often mimic a fish in Harry's presence and Edward was extremely proud of himself for speaking even that one sentence.

It was so hard to not just zone and breathe in his mate's scent. It comforted him like no tomorrow. He heard his brother and mate talk and tried to focus.

"I take it you are a fellow sufferer?" Harry asked them but Edward had a feeling it was more directed towards his brother.

"Occasionally. How did you know?"

"Call it a hunch," Harry smirked straightening out his legs and Edward knew if he was human his cheeks would be heating at the dirty thoughts racing through his mind watching his mate move.

Edward knew his brother was frowning as he asked, "You saw my scars."

"Indeed. I also know that those would have had to hurt. My friend Demetri often swore like crazy after receiving a bite," Harry remarked casually.

Edward's breathe caught at the implications his mate just spoke.

There was silence for a minute or so before Jasper spoke, "I trust you know how to keep a secret then."

"Please, knowing what you are is less tedious than my own secrets I must keep. Your secrets are safe," Harry replied closing his eyes.

"Then you are a veteran of war," Jasper stated wishing to confirm his assumptions.

"All my life."

Edward felt a keening pain in his heart for mate. Without realizing what he was doing Edward leaned his head against Harry's shoulder wishing he could offer more comfort.

The three of them sat in silence for a while before Harry spoke again, "Why don't you guys hang with others?"

"Our classmates test my control. However it has been easier since your arrival," Jasper replied sitting perfectly still almost content.

"They are envious of us and we have always practiced caution," Edward mumbled feeling drugged as he was in contact with his mate.

"Why don't you two come to the game tomorrow, with me and the twins then?" Harry offered, cracking an eye to look at Jasper while tilting his head to rest on Edward's.

Edward swore he could die happy when he felt his mate return his gesture.

"Wouldn't we be intruding?" Jasper asked.

"Nah, more the merrier. Plus maybe we can get this one over here to actually speak," Harry teased raising his shoulder.

Edward buried his face in Harry's shoulder not even aware of his actions.

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