It all started when Chyna was sitting on the couch in the A.N.T. farm. "Hey Chyna", Fletcher said as he sat down beside her. "Oh hey Fletcher", Chyna replied. "So watcha writing?" He asked. "Oh just this song" she replied, trying her best to keep the song lyrics covered. "Oh can I see it?" Fletcher asked excitedly hoping it would be about him. "No thanks" she responded. "Okay", he replied simply although he was slightly hurt by her response. As he walked away, Chyna muttered under breath, "now time to get back to my song for Fletcher". She had whispered however it was loud enough to be heard by olive who was adding a chapter to memoir of in the life of Olive Doyle. "OMG!" Olive thought to herself "She likes him I am so happy!" She then ran to tell Fletcher. "She likes me?!" Fletcher was now on cloud nine. After Fletcher had regained consciousness he was now brave enough to admit his feelings to the girl of his dreams. "Hey Chyna" Fletcher said boldly. "Hey Fletcher" Chyna replied with a smile. There was an awkward silence for a few seconds until... they both blurted out at the same time "I HAVE SOMETHING TO TELL YOU". There was another silence, then Fletcher finally spoke "you first". "Umm... okay" Chyna said timidly, "well Fletcher I've liked you for some time now and that song well... I wrote it for you". "Well Chyna as you know I am no good with words and as an artist I like to portray my emotions in different ways". "What do you mean by tha- "Chyna was cut off and at that moment Fletcher put his arms around her waist and kissed her passionately. I've been waiting since forever to do that and I'll love you Chyna Rosanne Parks. Forever and always.