The Merger

Chapter 10

Bella woke up the next morning her back facing Edward and to greedy hands roaming up and down her naked thighs. She moaned feeling his hands slide to her ass and squeeze.

"Good Morning Princess.." He whispered letting his fingers slide between her ass and down to her pink folds. She was wet, but not we enough.

If there was one thing Edward had learned about his sweet Bella over the years it was that nothing got her going like the dirty words he whispered to her.

"Morning…" she sighed

"Do you have any idea what it does to me waking up next to your beautiful naked body…" He sighed

"Especially when that juicy fucking ass is rubbing on my cock" he moaned giving her ass a little smack.

"Edward…" She whined

Letting one finger slide inside her just a little bit he pumped it in and out a few times testing her She bucked her hips whining for him. God he loved that sound. There was nothing like knowing she needed him that way. He and Bella had always had a bit of kink in there sex life. Mostly because he fed off what she needed, and in bed Bella needed him to be in charge, to be a man and control her body.

"Please…" She whispered. Edward pushed her so that she lay on her front, her beautiful ass on display for him.

"Please what baby?" He teased spreading her legs and climbing in between them. His hands slid up the backs of her thighs to her ass and gave it a good smack, loving the way it jiggled for him. She moaned again pushing her pussy into the bed. "Does my baby want to get fucked? Is that what you need Bella?"

"Yes … Please" She whined and wiggled against him.

"Ass up baby.. " he groaned helping her up on her knees "Hold onto the head board and spread your legs for me"

Once she was positioned where he wanted to he laid on his back and slid between her legs lining his mouth up with her pussy. Grabbing onto her hips he pulled her down slightly to sit right on his mouth.

"unngghhh" Bella moaned feeling his tongue slide over her.

"Does that feel good baby?" He teased between licks. Bella nodded her head taking a deep gasping breath as his tongue slid the length of her pussy again. Her hips jerked involuntaryily and her grip tightened on the head board.

"That's it baby… fuck my mouth." He groaned sucking her clit into his mouth. He grabbed onto her hips helping her move her hips. "Good girl baby… make yourself cum"

Bella began to move rhythmically against his tongue. Edward slid two fingers up to rub her clit and let his tongue slide inside her pussy groaning at the taste.

"unnngghhh Edward I want your cock…" She begged.

"Not til you give me that cum baby… " He teased.

"Fuckkkk" She cried. Just then she started to move faster and wildly. "Yea… yea.. yea.." She whined quietly. Edward grabbed onto her hot ass and smacked as hard as he could knowing how much his girl liked to get spanked. "Yea…. More…" she begged. As she fucked his tongue wildly Edward spanked his naughty Bella over and over til he felt her tighten up and shake then he tasted her sweet cum and groaned licking her up.

Sliding out from under her he grabbed onto his cock, hard and pulsing, just begging for her.

"I need to fuck you baby.."

"Now!" Bella Whined and Edward slid into her from behind. She was so wet it was dripping all over him and he loved every single second of it. Pulling back Edward slammed into her hard over and over. His eyes were drawn to her juicy ass, shaking with every thrust.

Deciding to try something new, Edward slid two fingers down to where they were joined to get them wet, pulling them back he gently slid them between her ass cheeks..

"Edward?" Bella whispered

"Shhh baby its ok I wont hurt you…. this is going to feel so good angel" He moaned rubing her little pink hole harder. He picked up the pace fucking her harder, deeper, faster and finally slowly slid the tip of one finger into her.

"Unnnghhh" Bella moaned

"You like that don't you baby? Yea, my naughty girl likes her ass played with doesn't she?" He groaned pushing just a little, not wanting to hurt her.

"Yessss" She screamed and with one more thrust she came hard all around him sending Edward flying.

They both collapsed onto the bed gasping for breath.

"That was new…" Bella said blushing

"You liked it don't even lie…" Edward smiled kissing her lips gently.

Hours later the happy coulple found themselves at the Cullen mansion for their weekly family dinner. Even the guards and their wives came. All of their Children running around the back yard.

Bella sat down next to Esme on the deck handing her a glass of wine and taking a long sip of her own. Esme reached over and placed her hand ontop of Bellas, a huge smile gracing her face.

"You know Sweetheart, I always knew this would happen" She sighed


"Your mother and I used to sit in these very chairs drinking our wine Bella. We would watch you and Edward run around, he was always chasing after you. I think he loved you then."

"I don't remember that"

"you were only five sweetie, and things got pretty ugly after that." She sighed taking a long pull from her glass.

"What happened Esme?"

"Oh Bella, I wish I could tell you but its not my place. But we were a family once, and now we are again, that's all that matters."

Just then they were intereupted by Emmett Storming outside to the deck.

"Get the kids upstairs Alice" He demanded Edward coming to his side.

Rounding them together Alice shooed them through the patio doors and up the stairs.

"Whats wrong?" Edward asked

"Charlie is at the gate, demanding to be let in to see you Carlise"

"Have the guards take his weapons and let him in."

"Are you fucking insane dad?" Edward yelled

"Its time for this to end son. I wont perpetuate this madness any longer."

Five minutes later Edward stood by my side one hand wrapped around me the other holding his gun firmly. Charlie led buy Emmett walked out onto the deck.

"Charles, to what do we owe the pleasure?" Carlisle asked

"You son of a bitch. You stole my business, my men and now my fucking daughter.."

"He didn't steal anything dad, this is what I want, I love Edwad, Why cant you accept that?" Bella screamed

"Bella don't be stupid you don't know these people! Edward doesn't love you! This is a way for him to gain power!"

"Fuck you Charlie" Edward yelled stepping infront of her.

"Do you think this is the first time this has happened? He stole everything from me! Your grandfather made the mistake of trusting Carlilse and it cost me everything! He pushed me as far out as he could and now I have nothing!"

"Charlie nobody stole anything from you, you have proved over and over that you can't handle this, your own father knew and that's why he gave me the business" Carlisle laughed "look at you, I bet your drunk and high right now aren't you!?"

"Shut the fuck up!" Charlie yelled, lunging for him.

"You beat your own fucking daughter, you've lost your mind Charlie!" He yelled as Emmett grabbed him twisting his arms behind his back.

Edward looked down at Bella, pain gracing his face.

"Its time to get you out of here baby…"

"No, are they going to hurt him? Edward Please!" She begged.

"Baby, we have to go I don't want you here for this." He said calmly taking her hand and leading her to the front gate.

Back at home Bella collapsed onto the bed in tears. She knew there was a very good chance that she would never see her father again.

"How many times did he put his hands on you Bella?" Edward demanded

"Too many to count Edward…"

"How can you defend that fucker! I knew it happened a few times but I didn't know how bad it was, baby why didn't you tell me!?"

"Because he is still my father Edward!" She screamed "And I knew you would kill Him!"