"Kurokocchi~" Kise sang happily as he walked into the kitchen, where he found his beloved cooking, "Is dinner ready? What are you making?" Kuroko smiled as he felt Kise's arm snaked around his waist, "I'm making a stew. I figured it be nice to have for such a cold winter night." Kise kissed his lover's cheek, then playfully nipped at his nape, "Do you need help. Kurokocchi?" Kuroko blushed slightly when he felt the love bites from Kise, "Sure do you mind cutting up the carrots?"

Kise detached himself from Kuroko and moved to the spot beside him, he began to peel the carrots with the knife. As he worked he kept stealing glances at Kuroko. Seeing Kuroko in an apron always made Kise heart beat faster. How the fabric hugged Kuroko's slender waist, how his slender fingers worked skillfully with the knife, the look of concentration on his face. It made Kise feel giddy inside. Though being distracted Kise ended up cutting himself with the knife, "Ow!" Kuroko turned to see what had happened, and as soon as he saw Kise bleeding Kuroko dropped what he was doing and began to attend to Kise.

"Wait, Kurokocchi!" Kise said blushing as his lover took the bleeding finger and stuck it in his mouth. Kise couldn't help, but stare at Kuroko, "Its okay Kurokocchi, I'm fine." Kuroko took the finger out of his mouth and moved Kise closer to the sink, with his free hand Kuroko turned on the cold water. Kise just stared at the wall feeling embarrassed, he felt like he was being treated like a kid. Then again he didn't mind since Kuroko was fussing over him.

Being distracted with his thoughts, Kise didn't notice that a pair of slender hands cupped his face, turning his head slightly. Though he definitely noticed when a pair of lips was pressed against his. The pair of soft lips removed themselves from Kise's, causing him to give a whine of protest. "Kise-kun, you shouldn't get distracted so much, that's how you get hurt." feeling unsatisfied with the earlier kiss; Kise wrapped his arms around Kuroko's slender waist and pulled him in for another kiss, "Okay. Hey how about I have you for dinner instead? " Kise's lips hungrily kissed Kuroko's, and a hand slid down Kuroko's back and down to his butt, where his hand began to start groping. Before Kise could get any further, he felt the air suddenly get knocked out of him and he fell to his knees. "Kurokocchiii!" Kise whined as he clutched his stomach. Kuroko had used his Ignite Kai on him.

"Kise-kun please don't get horny while cooking." Kuroko said hiding a bright blush behind his hand. With a slight sigh Kuroko turned around to assume what he was doing. Meanwhile, Kise just smiled at his lover's cuteness, forgetting the pain he just felt.