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Chapter 4

Welcome to Earth …

"Colonel" Woolsey greeted, inviting Lt. Colonel John Sheppard into his office with a flick of his hand.

"Morning Mr. Woolsey" John greeted back dragging his feet on his way into the office and to the closest chair he could find. He lifted the steaming cup of coffee he was holding to cover the yawn that he couldn't contain any longer.

John had had a late night. Though things had considerably calmed after the first few hours and he had had a relaxing dinner with Teyla, TJ and the rest of his team. The SGC had called late last night to inform them that they had discovered several Darts had made it to Earth, so John had been required to assemble several teams to support the SGC teams. In the end he had sent Major Lorne to coordinate things.

John had thought about going himself but after Teyla's revelation and the fact that Ronon was still off duty he had reconsidered.

John took another sip of his coffee and refocused on Woolsey.

"Sorry" John said after a second yawn found its way to the surface. "What's the big emergency?"

Woolsey looked at John and then too yawned.

"You would think we would get a little more sleep on Earth." He mumbled before shaking his head and clearing his throat. "The IOA has called an emergency meeting."

"Huh?" John perked up. "It's 0415 in the morning."

"Here it is. I have to be at the SGC in one hour."

"What's the big rush?" John asked, worry clear in his voice. "They already decided on our fate?" he added, a sour look on his face.

"That can't be good." He mumbled. He wanted to go back home for many reasons.

"I agree." Woolsey nodded "I had hoped to have a little more time to prepare my arguments for our return."

"You want to get back?" John asked surprised.

"Of course I want to." Woolsey stated. "Atlantis kind of grows on you as well as Pegasus and I strongly believe that we can achieve much more there than here."

John looked at the Atlantis base commander with respect; the man had come a long way over the past year.

"The Wraith know of Earth and its potential as a feeding ground," Woolsey said the last part with disgust clear in his voice.

"They have the time and resources to get here. As long as they fight each other and are on edge due to our interference, we at least have a chance, but if we leave them be, they will join forces and when they get here and they will, they will overrun us with or without Atlantis."

John's eyes widened.

"That's a pretty strong and admittedly dark picture," he said after a moment.

Woolsey nodded.

"Let's hope the IOA sees it the same way, because that's pretty much all I have."

John chuckled, impressed by the determination in Woolsey's voice and remembered the man he had met 3 years ago. At Woolsey's incredulous look John smothered his features.

"Sorry, way too little sleep the last few nights." John stated taking another sip of his coffee.

Woolsey studied the Colonel clearly seeing the signs in his face for lack of sleep. So after a moment he nodded. "I'm sorry to cut another night short for you, but we need to be prepared."

John raised his eyebrow in question.

"We have requests from area 51 and the IOA; they want to send science teams and visitors and all kinds of people. We need a tight cluster for security. I don't want anyone to wander off or be unsupervised."

John nodded his agreement.

"I also want McKay and his teams to start repairs as soon as they can as well, just in case the IOA follows my argument. I want to leave as fast as we can, before they have a chance to rethink or change their mind. I have a meeting scheduled for 0630 hours; you will have to take over. Since I'm not sure when I will be back, you also have to take over the meeting with the coast guard and navy and the one with Landry."

John groaned at the growing list of things that needed to be done.

"I have scheduled a briefing with Lorne and an orientation meeting for the security measures here on Earth." John said knowing he would need help.

"Teyla knows what needs to be done too," Woolsey half asked, half stated, knowing full well that the Athosion was as involved in Atlantis administration as he and Colonel Sheppard and could take over part of the meetings.

At John's nod he added, "She can take over some of the briefings with the IOA and Area 51." John nodded again relieved.

"I'm going to ask her and brief her."

"Good," with that Woolsey dismissed John.

John tried to balance the tray he was holding while opening the door to Teyla's quarters. Teyla and he had exchange their codes to enter the other's quarters quite some time ago, they had found it easier after John had started to take over part of TJ's care. This way Teyla could pick up TJ after ladies night without waking John too much or John could get things he had forgotten.

What John didn't know was that Teyla sometimes sat next to John on his bed watching him sleep.

After leaving Woolsey's office John had decided to get a few other things done, before waking Teyla. He also had taken a little detour over to the mess to get breakfast for him, Teyla and TJ. This way he could spend a little time with her alone today. He had also asked Ronon to pick up TJ at 0615 hours and watch the boy for the day.

It took him almost another minute to finally get the door open.

Teyla's room was lit by the soft early morning light coming through the windows. He looked over to Teyla's bed and was relieved to see her still form; he had not woken her coming in. He moved further into the room and placed the tray on the table.

As soon as he had put the tablet down a soft whispered "Dada" drew his attention to the bed in the far left corner of the room. TJ was standing in his bed grinning at John.

"Hey there, buddy." He whispered back moving to the corner and lifting the boy up, placing a soft kiss on the boy's cheek.

Torren giggled and John remembered that he wasn't shaved yet. He chuckled too and settled the boy on his left hip.

"You are up awfully early, today." John looked over at Teyla again and then at TJ. "You know what, we let mommy sleep a few more minutes and I'll get you ready for today. You okay with that?"

TJ grinned at John grabbing for his dog tags. John took that as a yes.

John got fresh clothes for the boy and moved into the adjoining bathroom. While cleaning and changing the boy, John told TJ that Uncle Ronon would come by later and spend the day with him.

"Dada" TJ exclaimed again. John groaned, how was he supposed to make the boy stop when every time TJ called him Dada his heart burst with joy?

John picked TJ up holding him away a little, inspecting if everything was how it was supposed to be.

"See, you are ready and mommy could sleep a little longer."

"And she really appreciates it."

John pulled TJ to his chest afraid to drop the boy, startled by Teyla's sleepy voice.

"Though I was not aware I needed to get up early this morning."

John turned to look at Teyla standing in the door. "Morning Tey…" John trailed off stunned by the sight that greeted him. He wasn't sure what he had expected, but surely not the sight that greeted him.

Teyla stood in the door her hair tousled, her face showing that she had just woken. His gaze traveled further down. She wore a tight fitting top. Putting emphasis on her front her arms were crossed under her breasts and John quickly needed to concentrate on something else as the sight of her chest sent spikes of desire through him.

"Are those my boxer shorts?" he blurted out his gaze having travelled to Teyla's bottom clad in very familiar boxer shorts with toy airplanes printed all over them. His eyes snapped to Teyla's face.

She smiled at him, amusement written all over her face. "I hope you don't mind," she said in a voice John could only describe as seductive.

John refrained from looking down again his gaze fixed on her face which didn't really help. Was she flirting with him? John gulped trying to find his voice.

Before he could find it however TJ twisted in his grasp. "Mama" he squealed in delight one hand twisted with John's collar and dog tags, the other stretched out to get hold of Teyla.

"Good morning precious." She smiled at her son taking his hand as she stepped closer stopping just inches away from John.

John's heart started to frantically beat in his chest and John was sure Teyla could hear it. She leaned in placing a soft kiss on TJ's cheek.

John watched her closely wondering. She turned her face to him.

"Good morning John." She said in a sultry voice and then did something John might have dreamed of many times but never dared to hope for or even expect. She placed a soft kiss on his lips. It was short and sweet, but enough to throw John off.

"Morning" John mumbled after he had regained some of his composure.

Teyla chuckled satisfied, now she and John were on the same page. She knew that he wished for their friendship to change and now he knew she was a willing participant.

TJ's "hunry" broke the moment between the two adults and John had to chuckle. He shifted his gaze to Torren who looked at him wide eyed.

"Time to feed the tiger," John said amused, tickling TJ. "I brought breakfast," he said looking back at Teyla, a smile on his face.

Teyla too smiled "I already saw. Give me ten minutes," she said.

"Take your time," he said using her distraction to place a kiss on her cheek. "We set the table." He said as he walked out of the bath satisfied with the knowledge that he had the same goofy grin on his face as Teyla had on hers.


Teyla stood in the door watching John and TJ at the table. John had already started feeding her son, but Teyla didn't mind. John was talking to TJ again. Teyla couldn't believe how lucky she was. She walked into the room and John turned to her as she sat down opposite of him.

"Thank you, for all this." Teyla indicated the food and tea on the table. "It is a nice way to be woken by the smell of Athosian tea."

John chuckled. "I thought if I had to wake you I could at least bring breakfast and of course your favorite tea."

Teyla nodded and filled plates for her and John.

"Has something happened?" she asked after eating in companionable silence for a few minutes.

"Mr Woolsey had to attend a meeting with the IOA at the SGC."

"Oh," Teyla frowned and John nodded.

"The thing is that he had no clue when he would be back and I have to take over."

Teyla nodded.

"I know your schedule for today," she added.

"I could use your help." He added his puppy dog look for good measure.

Teyla nodded again smiling. "You have it."

John sighed relieved. They spent the next thirty five minutes going over their schedule and discussing who would take over which task.

"Uh, Ronon should be here any minute. I asked him to take care of TJ for the day. I was not sure if Kyra came with you," he explained unsure if he had overstepped his bounds.

"I'm so…" John started when Teyla didn't answer immediately, but Teyla cut him off smiling. "John there is no need to apologize. I know Kyra has enough to do and Ronon is still on light duty, so it was the best choice."

John nodded relieved turning to Torren.

"Hey, buddy, you ready to spend the day with Uncle Ronon? We should pack some toys." TJ looked at John and pouted.

"Dada" he exclaimed and John froze unsure what to do. To his chagrin the traitorous happy smile wanted to break through and he blushed trying to hide his enjoyment of Torren calling him Dad.

"Dada, day!" TJ demanded again stretching his arms in John's direction to get to him. John felt Teyla's hand settle on his arm and looked at her. Her face was turned to Torren, but John felt that Teyla was nervous too, her features softened as she looked at her son and John tried to stifle his disappointment.

Teyla took a deep breath hoping John would be okay with what she was going to do, but Torren needed a Dad, his own father was clearly not willing to fill that role anytime soon and the feelings she got from John stated that he wanted it; at least she hoped she was reading him right. Suddenly she was unsure.

She settled her hand on John's arms, but to her chagrin it didn't reassure him, that however assured her. She took her strength from her contact with John.

"Torren," she said her voice firm. "Your Daddy has to work today, but you will have lots of fun with your Uncle Ronon and I'm sure Daddy will try and see you a few times today and we will both pick you up tonight for dinner."

Teyla had no idea what to make of the feelings she got from John and that made her nervous again, had she been wrong. Had she blown everything, would he retreat into his shell?

John was overwhelmed, joy, worry and confusion all crushing down on him. Would he be a good father? What about Kanaan? Did Teyla really want him to be TJ's dad or had she just said it to appease him?

"Teyla," again he was cut off this time by the door.

"I'll get Torren's things," Teyla said turning her face away from John so he wouldn't see her eyes tear up.

John picked up Torren and walked to the door.

"Hey, Chewie," he said in his chipper voice, but Ronon immediately picked up on the tension in the room and raised his eyebrow. John shook his head.

"Morning, Ronon," Teyla greeted handing him Torren's bag. "Thank you for caring for Torren today."

"I'm bored anyway. You okay?"

Teyla nodded.

John lifted Torren. "Okay Buddy, I'll try to come by soon, be a good boy for Ronon." He placed a kiss on the boy's cheek and held him so Teyla too could say goodbye too. Teyla quickly said goodbye and placed a kiss on TJ's other cheek.

Teyla walked back into her quarters while John answered a few questions Ronon seemed to have. Teyla heard the door close, but didn't turn around, she was busy cleaning the table and she wasn't sure if John had in the end left with Ronon, she didn't know what to do if he had.

John walked over to Teyla; he needed her to understand that he wanted to be TJ's Dad as much as he wanted to be with her. But what about Kanaan? Teyla jumped slightly when John touched her arm. She couldn't help the traitorous tear sliding down her cheek.

"I'm sor…" This time John cut her off kissing the tear away and then pulling her into his arms.

"Never doubt that I will be here for you or Torren, no matter what he calls me. I would love to be TJ's dad," he said. "If that is what you really want."

Teyla only nodded her head and then buried her face into John's chest letting her tears flow, happy tears now.

John stiffened; first Teyla though it was because of his usual awkwardness, but then his hand flew to his ear.

What was it with these interruptions today? He kept one arm around Teyla and this way Teyla close while he gave his short answers to the questions. Teyla looked up at him smiling her head resting on his shoulder.

"We have a lot to speak about," he stated with a smirk looking down at her.

Teyla couldn't help but chuckle knowing how much he loved to talk about feelings. At John's glare she sobered and nodded.

"We will talk about this," he said sternly wanting Teyla to know that he wasn't planning on his strategical retreat. "But we have a lot of things to do today," John said again placing a kiss on Teyla's forehead.

"We will take our time," Teyla confirmed.

John felt himself relax, the tension from before gone from him and Teyla. He let go of Teyla.

"We are needed in the control room. Why don't you freshen up and I'll clean up while waiting for you?" John said starting to fill the tray with the dishes he had brought for breakfast.

Teyla nodded again.

Ten minutes later they walked through the hallways and Teyla couldn't help her face showing her happiness as she and John walked side by side to the control room and into their new shared life.

"Woolsey isn't back?" Rodney asked sitting down between Jennifer and Carson.

John looked up at the newcomer noticing Rodney's tray loaded to capacity. He threw a quick glance at Ronon who smirked back, but before either could say something Teyla answered "He has yet to return." John nodded.

A squeal from TJ drew John's attention back to the little boy. The day had been long and they were having a very late dinner today so TJ was quite hungry and demanding as he too was tired.

John himself was dog tired, he was tired enough to have lost his appetite. He couldn't remember the last time he had slept for more than a couple of hours at a time, but he guessed it was some time last week.

TJ looked expectantly at John, mouth wide open, but apparently John still took to long. TJ's arms started to wave in protest. "Dada," TJ whined trying to grab for his spoon.

John evaded TJ's arms and quickly deposited the contents of the spoon in his son's mouth. John froze for a second when he realized what TJ just had called him yet again and then a big grin spread on his face. His son, Teyla had allowed it today and TJ had just made it official.

John's head snapped up, he had just remembered that he was sitting in the mess and TJ's exclamation of Dada had been loud enough to be heard in the kitchen. He looked into the stunned faces of his friends. Rodney's fork was frozen midway to his mouth hanging open, eyes wide in disbelief. Carson and Jennifer gawked at him too. Ronon was the only one lounging in his chair, arms crossed behind his head a big grin on his face.

"Dada" TJ protested yet again and John quickly turned back again.

"Here you go," he told TJ.

"You knew," Rodney suddenly accused and John looked up confused. Rodney's gaze was fixed on Ronon however.

"What?" John asked confused looking at the others at the table who shrugged.

Suddenly Rodney snapped his fingers, raising an accusing index finger at Ronon. John watched the scene unfold with amusement and confusion.

"You trained him," Rodney accused "You watched him all day. You cheated," Rodney exclaimed triumphant. Watching John feed another spoon to Torren. "Wait, why are you so cool?"

John looked up.

"It's not the first time he called me Dada, Rodney and Ronon didn't train him. TJ is calling me Dad…" TJ used that moment for another show of what seemed to be his new favorite word, "Dada."

"For a few days now."

"Great," Rodney grumbled sarcastically.

The conversation took an abrupt turn when Jennifer suddenly asked Rodney how much he had lost and what the bet was exactly.

John was mildly shocked to learn that his friends had started to make bets, but also relieved that they were not unsettled by that change. A look at Teyla confirmed she too was relieved. John wondered if their friends would still be this relaxed if they realized the other subtle change in his and Teyla's relationship.

John thoughts were interrupted by a mighty yawn erupting from his throat, that even surprised him.

He felt Teyla's gaze burning in his back, but ignored her for now.

TJ mimicked John's yawn and John had to chuckle as well as the others at the table. After a few more spoons TJ started to nod off and John pulled him into his lap, listening to the conversations around him content.

"Colonel, you need something to help you sleep?" Carson asked in a low voice with a hint of worry in it.

John shook his head, but before he could say anything to it Teyla did. "It would help, if John is not woken in the middle of the night all the time." she stated and John grinned at her, she had talked to Jennifer who sat next to Carson, obviously listening in and deciding to defend him. Rodney and Ronon were still bickering unaware of the topic.

"That would help," John agreed. "Let's hope Woolsey comes back soon, so I might be able to get a full night's sleep. It was a busy few days."

"Yeah I'm a little worried," Carson admitted. "It can't be good that they wanted to see him this fast."

John shook his head. "It's too early to jump the gun. Woolsey actually wants to get back and he has some pretty thriving arguments."

Ronon and Rodney had actually started to pay attention at one point and Rodney confirmed that all the fixing his teams were completing was to ensure that they could fly back soon.

Carson relaxed a little hearing this.

John felt TJ snuggle into him and enjoyed the weight of the little boy against him. John must have nodded off too because suddenly Teyla's hand was on his tight.

"I think it is time to get Torren into bed, do you agree John?" She asked and John nodded relieved for the excuse Teyla had presented him with; it was still way before midnight and he had already nodded off which was a first for him. Carson and Jennifer would probably drag him off to the infirmary within seconds if they had caught him dozing like this, to make sure he actually slept a good eight hours as if that was possible in the always busy infirmary.

The couple said good night and left their friends to finish their own meals.