Ehm, and this is my first fanfic. It's an Shizaya ( BOY X BOY ) so...don't like, don't read!

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It was a new day. The sun was rising and the early morning mist was lying close to the ground. The infamous informant was lying in his own two king sized bed and slowly opened his eyes but closed them as fast as he had open then because of the brightness that came from the big window next to his bed. He slowly adjusted his vision to the brightness and yawned before he got up from his bed. He was wearing a simple pair of black pajamas paints and a short armed T-shirt that was some sizes bigger than him. But it was comfortable to sleep in so he really didn't mind what he was wearing. It was in his house; he could wear whatever he wanted. No one could, or would, tell him what to wear or not.

As he stretched himself, he began to walk to his big window to look out at the new morning sun that slowly begun to rise from beyond the mountains. There were tall buildings as far as his eye could reach and he could see the early morning mist that swept around them. It was a shame though that the mist was so thick. Now he couldn't watch his beloved humans that usually were up around this time.
Humans were one thing that Izaya found interesting and enjoyable. They were so predictable and so easy to read. Like an open book or a toy that you never could get tired of. Or maybe more similar to that one song that you have on your MP3 that you really hate but don't want to delete because you know or think that it will get interesting again.

The informant yawned one more time before going out of his bedroom and further to his kitchen to make some breakfast. Usually he'd just have tea in the mornings, but he felt that today was going to become a day with adventure and excitement, so why have an adventure when you get irritated and tired just because you didn't eat breakfast? Why miss all the fun when you can be a part of it, or even start it?
Izaya smirked. He was already longing for the excitement to come and surprise him with something that would make him have fun for the day. Well….Just watching the humans all day was a part of Izayas daily adventure, but sometimes even they could get plain boring to watch, even for him.

He begun to heat up his water and later on filled a small cop with the liquid. He then searched for something to chew on while he would drink his tea, and then found some bread in the cupboard. Satisfied with his breakfast, he went to his living room and quickly logged in on his computer to see if anyone was online in the Dollars chart room. Sadly, no one was in. He sighed and took his small cup filled with hot tea and sipped on it.
He really enjoyed drinking tea in the mornings. It made him calm and more relaxed if he did.

Done with his breakfast, he went to his bathroom to take a quick shower and then later take on his normal clothes that he always wore. A pair of black, slim pants matched with a long armed black shirt. And on top of it all, his infamous fur jacket. He smirked at his reflection in the mirror and then ruffles his hair, trying to get it the way he want it to be. Then he took his wallet, keys and some of his knifes and put it in his jacket before going out from his apartment. He locked the door before going down the stairs and he greeted everyone that he saw on his way down. He happily jumped out from the tall building and inhaled the morning air when he was out

'Feels nice~ 'He thought while he continued walking.

'' Hey, at least walk as a normal person, can you? '' An irritated voice called out and Izaya turned around, knowing that the voice were meant for him.

There weren't a lot of people on the street so it obviously had to be for the informant. A quick smirk appeared on his lips as he saw his secretary Namie stand before him. Namie was a person that normally didn't say anything. She was the quiet person, but when she does talks, she just comes with insults or something else that she hopes will bring the raven down to her feet. Even if she sometimes can be a pain in the ass, she is pretty useful. Not loyal though, but useful.

Izaya showed his hand down his pockets and continued smirking at his secretary.

'' Namie~ a wonderful day today, isn't it? '' The informant said, spinning around and still had the smirk on his lips. Namie just frowned at him.

'' You do remember that you have an important appointment today right? You don't have time to play.'' She said strictly and put one of her hand on her waist.

She honestly didn't really care if the informant died or got into some sort of accident while being chased by Shizuo Heiwajima. But she wanted her money. And for that, she did pretty much everything so that Izaya went to his meetings and earned the money.

'' Today I was thinking of taking a day of. I've been pretty busy for the last 2 weeks with work. I at least deserve 1 day of enjoyment~ '' He said, now not spinning anymore and looked at his secretary.

'' You will get your pay, my dear Namie~ but not yet. I need help with some files on my last case. You know, with the drug dealers? Can you organize them for me? ~ '' He continued.

Namie only sighed irritation.'' I would want you to take your job more serio-'' she said but got cut off by Izaya who had begun laughing.

As always, it was his creepy laugh that made her shiver, but she hides it well and lets Izaya continue laughing like a mad man.

''Oh dear Namie~'' He said, finally beginning to calming down. ''I do my job perfectly~ there isn't a day when I don't take my job seriously, you know? I'm an informant! Therefore, I should not waste my precious life in that tiny apartment when I can go out and have fun with my people~''

Namie frowned again.''What you describe as fun, aren't the same as those poor humans that you think like you as their god. You're just sick…'' She said while beginning to walk to the front door to the building.

''My, my~ Remember who it is that pays you every month~'' the informant said while beginning to walk the opposite way, walking the straight way to his favorite city; Ikebukuro.

''They don't think of me as a god...They adore me. It's a big difference there my dear Namie-chan~'' He said to himself, knowing that the secretary already went inside the building and being unable to hear him.

The raven happily continued his way to the big city, mumming on a melody while he wondered what the day had to offer him today.

'' Maybe it'll be some kind of festival? ~ I do remember I read about it in the paper yesterday. Or maybe I will get some ootori from Simon? Or maybe….there will be the usual cat and dog chase~ '' He said to himself while he begun to smile even wider. He even started to giggle a bit.

'' I can't wait~ ''