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After running in the cold and pouring rain while carrying the smaller man, earning stares from every single person that he had passed on his way, Shizuo was finally home. Having a bit of trouble getting in to his apartment since his hands were busy holding Izaya, he carefully tried to keep the balance with only carrying the informant on one arm as his head rested on Shizuo's chest while the other hand reached out to the door knob, unlocking it and opening it so that he could go inside.

Another loud thunder could be heard and Shizuo felt the man that he was holding shiver. Slightly mused of what to do with the person in his arms, he clumsy hurried to the bedroom and figured that if he covered the man with blankets and pillows it would somewhat mute the sound. Warily he lied Izaya down on his one sized bed, covering him up with the blankets up to his shoulders before searched the room for more coatings that could be used. Finding some in his wardrobe, he quickly grabbed them and walked towards the bed, almost tripping on his way as his room had become quite bit of a mess from all of the fumbling and searching after the covers. Carefully, but swiftly, he made his way to the side of the bed and was about to cover the informant with the blankets when he suddenly remembered that both Izaya's and his own clothes were drenched and cold from the storm. Figuring that it would be uncomfortable for the raven to rest like that, Shizuo quickly made his way towards the closet, careful not to step on anything, and searched for anything that he could let the smaller male wear. He found a light blue sweater together with a pair of black pajama pants that seemed comfortable and small enough for Izaya to wear, and to himself he just got a simple big gray sweater together with a pair of gray, cozy pants.

While walking back towards the bed, Shizuo couldn't help but think of what the hell he was doing; acting so stupid and friendly towards his arch enemy which he'd tried to kill dozens of times in the past. He didn't like how he was acting, but something yelled deep inside the blonde's head that made him think twice of how the outcome would be if Izaya would have been left there in the alley. The raven would have a hard time walking back and so far as Shizuo knew, Izaya was quite hated in Ikebukuro. There are people who would gladly commit a murder or some sort and go to prison for lifetime only to see Izaya beg for his life.

Shizuo shoved the irritating thoughts away and instead decided to focus on getting Izaya both warm and dressed.

He started with taking off the male's drenched jacket and then tossed it on the floor beside him. He then proceeded with carefully lifting up the smaller male's upper body, placing him in a sitting position so that Shizuo could easily remove the black shirt the man was wearing and tossing it aside too once it was off. Though the moment Shizuo removed the shirt, his eyes widened at the sight of a scar on Izayas back. It was not that big, but judging from the look and shape of the scar it was most likely to come from a knife or some kind of sharp object. The thought of Izaya hurting himself come to Shizuos mind, but he knew that Izaya was too proud and well...'Izaya' like to ever think of hurting himself, so Shizuo shakes the thought away, knowing fully well that he had nothing to do with what the raven did on his spare time. He continues to carefully undress his so called enemy and then dress him up with the other clothes he brought from the closet.

Still trembling, though lying unconscious on the comfy bed, Izaya let out a small and painful wail whenever the thunder could be heard. Sweat had begun forming on the raven's forehead and it was slowly sliding down his cheeks, further down to his neck and collarbones. He had his eyes shut tightly, making the dim light that still existed in the room go unseen for the male. Shizuo couldn't help but to feel a bit of worry when the man beneath him was practically whining in fear. It was not a usual sight for him...Actually he'd never seen the informant like this, so it was a very rare sight. But as much as he wanted to enjoy this very much rare moment of the informant groaning of fear and pain, he knew that it was childish of him to even think of his own enjoyment when Izaya was so shaken and frightened, so without further thinking Shizuo quickly picked up all the wet clothes he'd thrown on the floor and shoved the mess under his bed, looking over his shoulder at his enemy that slept in his bed before walking out of the room.

Izaya woke up after some hours, flickering his eyes open and slowly adjusting them to the faint lights that were in the room. When he finally got the right focus and was able to look around in his surroundings, he noticed right away that this wasn't his own apartment. He quickly sat up in the bed, earning nothing more than a painful headache and his vision going blurry the second he did.

Wobbling on the bed, Izaya tried stubbornly to get his legs over the edge of the bed although his head was spinning and hurt like hell. Though after some wobbling and muscles giving in, he finally stood up and walked slowly towards the door that he'd spotted.
Reaching the door without any tripping on his way, Izaya could slightly hear some mumblings behind the old wooden door. He hesitated a bit, thinking that maybe there were people behind the door that wanted him dead and had kidnapped him, but being the mischievous and crazy person as he was, he instead gingerly placed his hand on the door knob, taking a deep breath while putting some weight on the handle before quietly peeping out to his still unknown location.

The room was dark, but there was this light from the TV that made the room bright enough for the raven to walk in, also figuring that the voices and mumbling that he'd heard before came from the same source as the light.

Izaya still was a bit unsteady on his feet, but he somewhat kept the balance and searched the room with his gaze, trying to find this someone who'd brought him here and been kind enough to let him sleep on their bed. (Which for the record was surprisingly comfortable and cozy despite its horrific look.)

Still no signs of any human in the apartment, Izaya begun to wonder if this someone was out at the moment, but then a low grunt coming from the couch made the raven jump in surprise and also proving to him that this person still was in the building.

Izaya somewhat tensed up knowing that there was a person only a few feet away from him, a person that might even have the intention of killing him. But damn was he curious of who this person was or what? So instead of walking towards the exit door at the other side of the room, our informant swiftly made his way towards the couch, getting closer to the one person laying on it.

"You up, flea?" the sudden voice startled Izaya once again as he was now standing right next to the couch, finally getting to see the person who'd picked him up and brought him here. Though only from hearing his 'nickname', he knew exactly who it was.

The person in question sat up from the couch, his blond hair being a bit messier than usual. He even wore different clothes aside from his significant bartender uniform, and with gloomy and tired eyes the man stared at the smaller male who at the moment had a hard time moving as it seemed he was glued to the ground.

"You?" Izaya said in disbelief and widened his eyes, not even trying to hide the obvious confusion on his face.

Shizuo only sighed at the apparent confusion from the man before him, knowing fully well that the he was far more confused than himself.

Scratching the back of his head, Shizuo yawned slightly and looked anywhere but at those garnet red eyes." Keep that mouth shut or else the bugs will find their way in to all that shit inside of you."

"Excuse me? I was not one to ask for your opinion." The male blurted out, feeling the abnormal confusion taking over him. "I have all right to be gaping at this! Who wouldn't after finding out that your arch enemy, who for a fact wants you dead, has dragged me here to his house while being unconscious?!"

"I said shut it, flea! I don't like this anymore than you do, and I know for a fact that you'd be dead by now if it weren't for me! So-"

"Oh please, Shizu-chan! You of anyone should know that it's practically impossible to even put a bruise on me, let along kill me!" Izaya cut him off, knowing fully well that he shouldn't be saying things that could easily irritate the blond as he himself still was pretty unsteady and weak from earlier.

Standing up and locking eyes with the male before him, Shizuo almost lost his composure as he was halfway from throwing the small table standing between the two of them, but he knew it would be futile and pointless and also stupid to start a war in his own house. So, as he inhaled deeply, the blond fortissimo simply released his grip of the table and stared at the young male.

"Flea, I know for a fact that there are people out there on the streets except me who want you dead! And I also know that if I were to have left you there in that alley, you wouldn't have been able to move or get away from possible killers because of the freaking storm! So show some damn gratitude and SHUT THE FUCK UP!" yes, he was now screaming, but he wasn't that angry at the man. Well, not more than necessary.

Crimson eyes widened once again in surprise as they kept staring right at honey eyes ones, then later the air suddenly got tense and a lot more awkward for the two.

He just had to bring that up...Izaya cursed quietly, feeling not only confusion overwhelming his mind, but also anger and massive irritation. The memories of the day begun to come back to him and he finally remembered that there indeed was a storm that kept approaching while he was in Ikebukuro, and also that the blond had stopped him in the middle of the street...

Even after 2 minutes, both of them kept silence; Neither of them saying a word to the other, not even an insult. This was weird and wrong in so many ways, especially for the raven who for once didn't even taunt his dear monster. They were both quiet.

It was indeed awkward.

Finally Shizuo broke the silence by sighing, catching Izaya of guard as he jumped slightly at the sound of the blond walking towards the kitchen.

While in the kitchen, Shizuo reached for a carton of cereal and got some milk from his fridge before pouring some in a bowl. He eat it quietly, trying not to pay any attention to the man in the next room.
Izaya on the other hand wasn't exactly hungry, but thirsty. But since he didn't want to see the blond, for rather obvious reasons, he decided that it could wait until he got home and taken the pills he got from Shinra.


Hastily Izaya checked his pockets, but noticed right away that they weren't there and also that the clothes he was wearing weren't his. They were slightly bigger than Izaya's body building, which made him know exactly who these clothes belonged to.

Dashing towards the kitchen, Izaya held an angry and slightly uneasy expression as his eyes met the blonds back.

"Where is it?!" he said, demanding an answer from the taller man.

Shizuo lifted an eyebrow and turned around. "Where's what?"

"The pills! My sleeping pills! I had them in my pocket!" He explained, getting a lot more uneasy once he saw the face Shizuo was making.

"By pocket you mean...-"

"My jacket pocket you idiot! Where is it?"

"Um..." Shizuo started unsecure before answering. "I put them in the cleaner."

There was a moment of silence. That is until Izaya threw a toaster at the blond, who didn't have enough time to duck or step aside, and the toaster hit him in the head.

"You what?!" The raven shouted, completely losing his cool. "Don't you check pockets and such before putting them in the cleaner?! How can you be so fucking stupid?!"

"Hey, I didn't know ok?! I was kind enough to simply dressed you off of your drenched clothes and let you borrow some of mine! Be glad I didn't kill you!" the blond shouted back.

"Urgh! Stupid protozoan! Those pills were important! You might as well have killed me!"

Shizuo fell silent, trying to process what just left the informants' lips. He suddenly felt really bad for some reason.

"Were those pills really important to you..?" he asked and sounded far more calmly than a second ago.

Izaya stared at the blond, fire in his eyes. "It's not any of your business, but yes they were."

Shizuo for some reason felt this weight in his heart, and it hurt. It's something which he thought he would never feel towards the raven, but now he was actually feeling ashamed of himself and sorry for the other.

"Sorry..." he said simply, but didn't dare to look at the other male before him.

Izaya on the other hand somehow manage to put on his mischievous smirk before snickering.

"I bet you are. You would do anything to see me beg and suffer! Don't even try acting like you're sorry."

"I'm not acting! I really am sorry, louse!" he snapped. "And if I would've wanted you to suffer, I would have left you outside in the storm! Don't think so badly of me, Izaya."

Said informant reacted and took notice of his spoken name and found it funny that the brute didn't use one of his usual 'nicknames' like always.

"Then why the hell didn't you leave me out there? We both know that you hate me, so why aren't you taunting me or using my own weakness against me? If I where you I would-"

"That's because, flea, I'm not like you."

And with that, Shizuo left the kitchen and went to the bathroom, probably to try and save whatever what was left of those pills, though he knew it was already too late for them to be saved.
Izaya on the other hand was stunned. He wanted to shout back at the blond, he wanted to make him explain in details of what he meant by that, but he couldn't move. He couldn't even utter a simple thing. He was simply overwhelmed by the blond and his oh-so-familiar way of once again proving Izaya that he can't, and won't ever be able to read Shizuo as everyone else. The blond had once again proven to Izaya that he's special.

Unpredictable brute... Izaya thought before finally walking towards the fridge, opening it and taking out a bottle of water to drink.

"I really do hate you the most..."