Chapter twenty eight

Harry woke feeling for the first time in a long time that everything is finely working out. He looked down and watched Ginny sleep, remembering last night. They had made love all night and were both ecstatically happy. Harry had an idea he wanted to talk to Ginny about when she woke, or maybe when they were alone later. He decided to have a shower and maybe she'll be awake when he finished.

When he walked back into the bedroom, Ginny was sitting up waiting for him. Her breasts were exposed and it started to make Harry's body stir. He walked over without saying anything, laying down and pulled her on top of him, kissing her fiercely. They were both panting heavily when they moved apart.

'Now, that was a great good morning,' Ginny said looking down at Harry.

'When I walked in and saw you sitting there like that, I couldn't help myself.' Harry smiled up at his wife.

'That's why I did it,' she smirked at the look on his face.

'There's something I want to talk to you about.'

Ginny instantly knew from his feelings that whatever he wanted to talk to her about was nothing to worry about.

'Okay,' she got up off of him.

'You didn't need to move, you felt good there,' he pulled her back down and kissed her again. 'Alright, sorry, couldn't help it.' he let her get up and sat up with her. 'I want to do something to thank Charlie for everything he's done.'

'What did you have in mind?'

'Well, I thought if we could find out who some of his friends are, we could throw him a party here. I could get the Phoenix Flames to play, and I might just sing some myself. What do you think?'

'I think you have the most beautiful heart of anyone I've ever know.' she pushed him back kissing him again very passionately feeling her body responding to the feel of his hands on her.

They got lost in themselves again, making love for the longest time. When they finished, they were both panting heavily.

'The things you do to me Mrs. Potter, I can't control myself around you. Oh, I just remembered, I haven't had any of the potion in a few days.' Ginny giggled and handed it to him.

'I had some this morning, but it doesn't stop me wanting you.' she smirked at him.

Harry took a swig and handed it back to Ginny. 'So what do you think, about the party?'

'It's a great idea Harry, really. I know some of Charlie's friends, so I can help with contacting them.'

'Thanks Gin, that's good, but there's one friend of Charlie's, his name is Liam, he's the one that help Charlie, so I'd like to find him and see if he'd come.'

'Well, I can talk to Charlie, I can be very sneaky sometimes.'

'I know you can, Mrs. Potter, oh, I know.' he grinned at her and kissed her again.

'I can also talk to mum and dad, they'll be here for dinner remember,' Ginny said and instantly saw Harry's apprehension. 'It will be okay Harry, really. Mum and dad love you and they know what you were doing and why. They knew you never meant any of it.' she put her hands to his face and she felt he was still anxious. 'Talk to me Harry, remember, we have to tell each other everything we're feeling.'

Harry took a deep breath and nodded. 'It's just that, they know what I did to you, even if they know everything else I said wasn't true, they know that was. How can they forgive me for that Gin?'

'I know it will be hard Harry, but they will, give them time. Charlie said they have been very anxious over how you were doing, so it will be okay Harry, trust me.'

'Alright Ginny, and I do trust you, I just wish it was all over. It's times like these when I want a drink. Don't worry, I'm not going to, ever. But Charlie said when things get hard or stressful, I will want it, I just have to talk to you and trust that you will help me through it. And I know you will, that's why I'm telling you, but I won't do that again.' he pulled her into his arms and held her for the longest time, but he had no more tears.

'Come on, let's head down to breakfast.' Ginny said pulling him up from the bed and leading him out of the room.

When they reached the kitchen Charlie was sitting there having his breakfast.

'Morning Charlie,' Harry and Ginny both said together.

'Morning, how's things?' he asked smiling at them both.

'Things,' Harry grinned at Ginny, 'are great,' Harry turned to Charlie. 'And Charlie, I wanted to thank for everything, I really don't think I would have made it this far without you,' Harry had tears come to his eyes. 'And I just wanted to say I love you Charlie, you have been a true friend through all this.'

Charlie looked up at Harry standing next to him. He stood up and pulled Harry into a hug, and held him for a few minutes.

'Thanks Harry, and I feel the same way.'

'If you two men have finished hugging, do I get one?' Charlie and Harry pulled away laughing. Charlie hugged Ginny then sat back down. Harry pulled Ginny into his arms and kissed her passionately. 'Come on, let's eat, I'm starved. I've built up quite an appetite this morning.' she smirked at Harry and she sat down.

'That is something I really don't need to hear, from either of you, but especially from my baby sister.' Charlie said, but he was smiling when he said it.

The three of them sat chatting for a long time, when Harry gave Ginny a look and sent feelings to her about Charlie's friends. She gave Harry a nod.

'Hey, Charlie, will you take a walk with me, please.' Ginny said smiling at her brother.

'Everything alright Gin,' she nodded, 'Okay,' he got up, looked back at Harry and saw him smiling.

Harry watched Ginny and Charlie walk outside, and he got up and walked into the library, grabbing his guitar. He went back into the sitting room and sat down. He took a deep breath, and started to play his guitar before he started singing closing his eyes and he saw Ginny's face while he sang, thinking of her. When he finished and opened his eyes, he saw Ginny standing there with tears running down her face, he could feel Ginny's emotions and he knew they were happy tears. Harry put his guitar down and went over to her and pulled her into his arms, holding her very tightly.

'I thought you were talking with Charlie,' Harry said when he looked into her eyes wiping the tears away.

'I was, but when I heard you sing and those words, I felt how you were feeling.' she kissed him very softly. 'It was beautiful.'

'Thanks, Gin,' he smiled.

'It was really nice Harry,' Charlie said standing near the door.

Harry hadn't noticed Charlie standing there. 'Thanks Charlie, I wanted to check, my hands are still shaky and I wasn't sure if I could play.'

'You sounded pretty good to me Harry,' Charlie smirked.

'Thanks, but I did miss a few cords, but it wasn't as bad as I thought. Anyway, go and have your talk Gin,' he kissed her again and nodded towards Charlie.

'Okay, but if you start singing again, I can't guarantee I won't come back.' she smiled and kissed him and walked back out the door with Charlie.

Harry sat back down, playing a few tunes that worked his hands. He felt by the third tune he was getting better.

Ginny and Charlie came back in. Ginny sat next to Harry, and Charlie on the opposite couch.

'Now I'm back, sing one for me Harry.' she leaned in and kissed him.

'Okay,' Harry looked into Ginny's eyes and sang from the heart, putting all his love into the song. By the time he was finished he had tears falling from his eyes and so did Ginny. He put his guitar down and pulled Ginny into his arms kissing her fiercely and hungrily.

When they pulled apart they saw not only Charlie watching them with a smile on his face, but also Arthur and Molly, both had tears in their eyes while they watched.

'That's was beautiful Harry, really beautiful.' Molly said looking at him.

Harry instantly tensed, and Ginny felt it. She put her hands to his face, sending all her love to him.

'It will be alright Harry, go on.' she nodded for him to go to them.

Charlie watched as Harry's body tensed but sensed as soon as Ginny touched him, he was able to do this.

Harry got up and walked over and stood in front of Arthur and Molly.

'I'm so sorry, for everything, for what I said and especially what I did to Ginny.' he stood there looking at them wondering what they would do.

Molly pulled him into one of her rib cracking hugs and Arthur put his arms around him at the same time. Harry started crying into their arms as they held him.

'Harry, it's okay, let's just start fresh, and from what I just saw you and Ginny will love each other and be there for each other for as long as you live.' Arthur said grabbing hold of Harry's shoulder.

'Yes, Harry, I can see you love Ginny and she loves you, and the way you just sang to her shows how much you love her and care for her. You'll be alright, just remember, your family is here for you, always.' said Molly. She hugged him again.

'Thanks mum, dad, I really appreciate that, I really do.' Harry was still feeling very anxious but he could feel Ginny sending him her love. He turned to face her and nodded.

'Why don't you come and sit down,' Ginny said as Harry walked back over and sat down with Ginny. Molly then went over and sat down next to Ginny, and Arthur sat on the couch with Charlie.

'How are you Gin, are you better?' her mother asked her.

'I'm fine mum, really, back to normal.' Molly pulled her into a hug as well.

'That's good to hear.' Molly looked at Harry and saw he was still very anxious. 'Harry, why don't you sing something else, I would like to hear you again.'

Harry took a deep breath, 'Okay,' he picked up his guitar and started singing again and everyone could see Harry relax a bit. When he finished he looked up at them all, giving them all a small smile.

'Harry, Ron wanted to me to talk to you, will you come for a walk with me?' Arthur said.

Harry nodded, then looked at Ginny. 'I'll be right back,' he took her face in his hands and kissed her very tenderly. Then got up and followed Arthur out the door.

They walked a down towards the water before Arthur stopped. 'Harry, Ron's having a bit of a hard time, he said he wants you to get well but he just can't see you at the moment, he hopes you'll understand.'

'I do,' Harry looked hesitant, 'When Ron, Hermione and I were away, we had one of the horcruxes, a locket, and I didn't want to leave it lying around so we took turns wearing it, and we had a few problems when that happened, a few fights, nothing major. Then one time it was Ron's time to wear it and it was one of those times when we didn't have any food. Well Ron took off, and left me and Hermione alone for weeks,' Arthur raised his eyebrows understanding. 'Nothing happened between us, Hermione was heartbroken, but we managed to keep going. But Ron returned one night when Snape sent the doe for me to find the sword, and I jumped into the pond forgetting I had the locket around my neck. It started to choke me and Ron pulled me out. Well, I made Ron break the horcrux with the sword, and he saw some things from the locket. Voldemorts sick, evil mind at work, it taps into your worst fears, and it got to Ron's. It showed him Hermione and me wrapped around each other, telling him that we didn't want him that we were fine without him, so you can see why Ron wouldn't want to see me right now. I threw that back at him.'

'I see Harry, it's makes much more sense now, I was wondering why Ron was the only one having a problem with seeing you, now I know.' Arthur stood there thinking what could be done and realised that there wasn't anything anyone could do. 'Well Harry, I think the only thing you can do is to give him time. It might take a while, but he still cares about you and doesn't want to lose your friendship.'

'I know, I just wish he was here sometimes, but I know I have to be patient with him and hope he will one day forgive me for what I said to him.' he walked a bit further wishing he could help Ron, but knew he couldn't, not right now. 'Dad, there is something I want to talk to you about, now I've got you're here alone. I wanted to do something for Charlie for everything he'd done for me, so I spoke with Ginny this morning and we decided if we can find some of his friends from Romania that we'd have a party and surprise Charlie with all his friends.'

'That's sounds like a nice idea Harry, what can I do to help?'

Harry smiled at Arthur. 'Thanks dad, well I was wondering if you knew any of them, and how to contact them. I want it to be surprise so I don't want to ask him.'

'Well I do know some, I could contact them and put you in contact with them if you want.'

'That would be great, now is there is anyone here that Charlie's kept in contact with or anyone you might know that we can invite. How about any woman he might have taken an interest in, he must get lonely sometimes.'

'Well I do know of a woman that he talked to at your wedding, and Ron and Hermione's wedding as well as the benefit. They seemed to hit it off, I don't know if it was just friends or if there was more to it.' Arthur smiled at Harry, 'You know her Harry, she's one of the band members you had back you at the benefit.'

Harry smiled hugely, 'You mean Katie, I had no idea, well that will work out well then, if it is more, because I'm contacting the Phoenix Flames to see if they wanted to play at the party. That is fantastic dad, really, I never took a lot of notice of anything at my wedding except Ginny, and again at Ron and Hermione's wedding as well. And I was just too busy at the benefit to notice much of anything.'

'Well Harry, if you need any more help, let me know, but Charlie's on his way.' he nodded towards the house and Harry saw Charlie walking towards them.

'Hello Charlie, what are your mother and Ginny doing in there?' Arthur asked.

'Oh you know, girl talk, that's why I thought I'd come down here and see what you two were up too.' Charlie noticed Harry looked very happy about something. 'What are you two up to anyway, you both look way too happy.'

'Oh nothing Charlie, just catching up.' Arthur said to his son. 'Well I'll leave you to it, I'm going to go back in and see how Ginny's doing. I haven't seen her in a while.' Arthur said patting Harry on the back.

When Arthur had left, Charlie turned to Harry. 'What's really going on Harry?' he asked suspiciously.

'Nothing really, Charlie, Ginny and I have decided to throw a party in about a month, and I was just telling dad about it. I did want to talk to you about that, I'm not ready to go out just yet. I just want to stay here with Ginny, but I was hoping that you would be there just in case, it will be the first time I'll be around any sort of alcohol, but I know it was going to happen eventually, so I thought why not here where I can be surrounded by friends and family and especially you. Could you do that for me Charlie, I know it's still a lot to ask you, knowing you go through it too, but I thought if I did it with you here and I got through it then I know everything will be okay.'

'Of course I will Harry, anything you need, and yes, you will have to learn to be around it so this will be a good test,' Charlie looked quizzically at Harry. 'Are you planning on having a band or anything like that?'

Harry noticed how Charlie tried to sound casual when he asked, Harry thought that Charlie must like Katie. Maybe he is interested.

'Yeah, I'm going to contact the Phoenix Flames tomorrow actually, and see if they want to play.' Harry saw the smile instantly come to Charlie's face. 'I wanted to talk to you about that actually, you mentioned that you had to floo cancelled for anyone coming in, I need to have that changed. If we're having a party then some will apparate, but some will floo in, could you take care of that for me.'

'Not a problem Harry, oh and when I spoke to Kingsley last he mentioned that he had your mail stopped for a while, he didn't think you and Ginny would have wanted to have to deal with all the sympathy cards and letters you received.' Charlie noticed that Harry's face instantly fell. 'It's alright Harry, you will still have bad times over the loss of your son. Talk about it, don't bottle anything up.'

'I know, I just don't want to talk to Ginny about this, she's still having a bad time with it, I know she seems fine at the moment. But just sometimes I see her holding her stomach and know that it's still hurting her and I don't want to add to that.' Harry said looking at the ground as tears came to his eyes.

Charlie walked closer to Harry and put his hand on Harry's shoulder. 'I know Harry, I don't want that either but the last thing you or Ginny need right now is for you to start hiding things again, and get yourself stressed and start drinking again, I will be worse for her if you do.'

'Yeah I know, I will talk to her, but not just now, and I'm fine. I mean it still hurts thinking about it, but I won't do anything to jeopardize my marriage or Ginny's healthy again. Don't worry Charlie, I still think about having a drink, but I don't want one.'

'That there Harry, is why you will make it, you don't want one. That makes all the difference. Come on, let's head back inside, I'll contact Kingsley so you can start contacting everyone you need to.' Charlie kept his hand on Harry's shoulder as they walked back in.

Inside Ginny had been telling her mother about the party they wanted to throw for Charlie as a thank you and Molly told her she would help in any way she could. They were still discussing it when they noticed Charlie and Harry walking back towards the house.

'Shhh, Charlie's on his way back,' Ginny said as she waited for her husband and brother to come through the door.

Just before Charlie and Harry went inside, Harry stopped Charlie. 'There's one thing I am worried about Charlie. Well seeing Fleur, I think I'll be okay but it's Ginny I'm more concerned about. We'll have to see them sooner or later, do you think she will be able to handle seeing a pregnant Fleur. I don't want to do anything that will make her feel worse.'

'Well Harry, that is something you might have to discuss with Ginny. She knows that there's going to be a party, so start with that and tell her about Bill and Fleur coming and see how she reacts, go from there.'

'Thanks Charlie, I really don't know what I'd do if you weren't here right now.' Harry gave Charlie a smile then they both walked back into the house.

Harry's eyes went straight to Ginny and saw she must have felt that he was anxious. He gave her a smile and sent feelings of love to her. She smiled slightly but she was still worried. Harry walked over to her and sat down with her, putting his arm around her.

'Everything alright Harry, I felt you were anxious, what's up?' Ginny said staring into Harry's eyes.

Harry knew what Charlie said was right. He stood up and put his hand out. 'Come for a walk with me,' she nodded and got up, Harry looked at Arthur and Molly. 'We won't be long.' they nodded and Harry led Ginny outside and they started to walk down towards the water.

Ginny stopped when they reached the sand, she turned to Harry. 'What is it Harry, I can feel you're worried.'

Harry put both arms around Ginny's waist. 'It's when we have the party Gin, Bill and Fleur.' he waited to see how she would react.

'Oh,' Ginny's hands instantly went to her stomach and tears sprang to her eyes. 'Yeah, I know I will have to see Fleur sooner or later but,' she let a sob escape her lips and put her head to Harry's chest.

'But what sweetheart,' Harry said rubbing her back. 'Come on, you're the one telling me we have to talk and be honest. Tell me what you're feeling right now.' even though Harry knew how she was feeling, she needed to tell him.

'Hurt, lonely, scared. I don't know Harry, I want Bill to come but it wouldn't be fair to not want Fleur here.' she stayed cuddled into Harry thinking.

'What do you want to do Gin, you know Bill will understand if you don't want them here.' Harry said trying to sooth her.

Ginny took a deep breath and pulled back from Harry and looked him in the eyes. 'I want them to come and if I start to feel upset, you will feel it and you can come to me, I'll go from there.'

'Are you sure, I really don't want you to be upset.' Harry said wondering if Ginny could handle it.'

'Yeah Harry, but what about you, will you be alright, seeing Fleur?' she was worried it might send Harry to have a drink.

'I'll do what you said, if you feel I'm upset or worried, then you can come to me,' he took her face in his hands and kissed her very gently and tenderly. 'Do you want to head back in now?'

'Yeah, come on, mum, dad and Charlie will be wondering if everything's alright.' she kissed Harry again and they put their arm around each other and walked back into the house.

'Everything all right you two?' Molly asked, 'Charlie told us what you were going to be talking about.'

'Yeah, we're fine, and we decided to just be there for each other if we see Fleur and start to get too upset,' Harry said then looked at Ginny. 'If we have each other, than we can get through anything.' he leaned down and kissed her again very passionately.

Molly, Arthur and Charlie saw the look that went between Harry and Ginny and knew that they will still have their ups and downs but they will be alright, nothing will hurt them again, as long as they are together.

Over the next few weeks, Harry had contacted all of Charlie's friends, including Liam. Everyone single one of them we're coming and were very surprised to hear from Harry personally. But after speaking with them, they all realised that almost everything they had ever read about Harry was complete bullshit. They all said they were coming, and Harry explained how he wanted to surprise Charlie.

Harry and the Phoenix Flames had been rehearsing in Harry's shed and he made sure that they stayed for dinner whenever they were here. He told the band when Charlie wasn't sitting in their watching them, about the surprise he had planned for Charlie and how he wanted to get it going.

Harry had explained to Ginny what Arthur had said, so whenever they were at the house, Harry and Ginny watched Charlie and Katie, seeing the looks going on between them when they thought no one was watching them.

One time when they were sitting outside talking, now that the cold weather had gone and it was starting to warm up, Charlie excused himself and went into the house, not long after Katie said she needed the bathroom.

'No a problem, we'll be here.' Harry said, and looked back at Ginny smiling.'

Katie had gone into the sitting room and quickly turned right which was not the direction of the bathroom, and opened the door. Charlie was standing there waiting for her. She walked straight over to him and he pulled her into his arms kissing her passionately.

'I've missed you Katie, I don't want to hide this anymore,' he kissed her again and pulled her back down on the bed so she fell on top of him, but they didn't stop kissing each other.

'I know Charlie, I just don't want anyone to know just yet. I want to keep you all to myself.' she kissed him again as her hands roamed down his body and gripped him through his jeans.

'Oh,' Charlie groaned grabbing her and flipping her onto her back. 'That's going to cost you.' he reached down and put his hand under her dress while he stared into her eyes. He slipped his hand inside her knickers and his finger found her spot.

When Katie and Charlie had exhausted each other, Katie lifted herself slightly from Charlie, looking down at him as he brushed her hair with his hand. 'Are you serious Charlie, do you want everyone to know about us?'

'Yes, I do, then we don't have to hide it and we can see each other, or anything else we want whenever we want to.' he saw she was nervous so he waited. He knew she had had a bad breakup last year when her ex-boyfriend had put her into St Mungo's after beating her badly. Every time Charlie thought about it, he got so angry and it took him a while to calm down. He wanted to tell her something but he was nervous as well, because this was big for him, but he decided to tell her. He took her face in his hands looking her straight in the eye. 'Katie I love you, I love you so much and I don't want to hide it anymore.'

Katie heard what Charlie said and the way he said it and tears started to fall from her eyes. 'Oh Charlie, I love you too.' she leaned back down and kissed him fiercely. When they finished she got back up. 'Alright, let's tell everyone.' she smiled at him.

They got themselves dressed and gave each other another passionate kiss then walked out hand in hand towards the five people sitting at the table. They stopped next to the table.

'I've got something to tell you all,' Charlie said. He looked back at Katie, smiling then looked back at everyone around the table. 'Katie and I are together.' everyone smiled at the couple and Harry stood up.

'Well it's about time you told us Charlie,' Katie and Charlie looked at Harry surprised. 'You two were pretty obvious, you always seemed to disappear at the same time,' Harry smirked, 'and the looks you were giving each other would heat up the room.' Harry hugged Charlie. 'I'm really happy for you Charlie,' then Harry gave Katie a hug and kissed her on the cheek. 'You too Katie, you both deserve every happiness.' he stepped back as Ginny went to her brother.

'This is great Charlie, you've been alone for too long,' Ginny hugged him very tightly then went and hugged Katie tightly as well. 'You look good together, be happy.' she smiled and sat down, as the Liam, John, and Patrick got up and gave Katie a hug and shook Charlie's hand.

Charlie looked at everyone then back to Katie. 'Well in that case,' he grabbed Katie and kissed her passionately in front of everyone.

While they were kissing they heard Harry's voice. 'Well, it doesn't look like their going to come up for air anytime soon.' All of them snickered.

'Hey, I've had to watch you and Ginny snogging all the time and then you both run up the stairs, now it's my turn. Get used to it.'

They all laughed as Charlie and Katie sat down and everyone noticed that Charlie didn't let go of Katie's hand the whole time they sat outside talking.

Kreacher had walked down to them. 'Master Harry, dinner is ready.' the elf bowed to Harry.

'Thanks Kreacher, we'll be right in. Come on you lot, let's go eat, I'm starved.' he got up and Ginny took his hand and everyone walked into the house for dinner.

Harry and Ginny got the last of the preparations for the party finished and were lying in bed because they decided to give Charlie and Katie some privacy for a while. Since Charlie's announcement, Katie had stayed every night. Harry and Ginny didn't mind in the slightest because they had never seen Charlie so happy.

Harry was sitting up in bed when Ginny noticed Harry's face and felt his sadness about something.

'Harry, what's the matter, I can feel that you're sad, talk to me,' she sat on top of him so he could look at her.

'You're mum flooed today. Ron's not coming, he still can't get over what I said to him. I was hoping we would have a chance to talk at the party, but that's not going to happen now.'

'Give him time Harry, after what you told me about what happened when Ron broke the locket, and what you had said to him when you were drinking, I can understand he's pain. It'll take time for him to come to terms with that, even if he does know that what you said wasn't true, just give him time.' she leaned in and kissed him tenderly.

'Yeah I know, but I keep thinking that if we don't talk we can't fix it, you taught me that.' he sighed, 'Don't worry Gin, I'm going to give him as much time as he needs, I just miss him and Hermione.' he said sadly.

'I know you do, I can understand that,' she smiled at him and moved her hips around on top of him. 'But right now, Mr. Potter, there's something else I want your mind on, not to mention your hands to concentrate on.' she sent her feelings of wanted to him.

Harry pulled her tightly into his arms and kissed her passionately, then slipped one hand onto her breast, before pulling back and flipping her onto her back. He kissed her breasts, one after the other then started kissing down her body until he reached her heat. He put his mouth over her and her body couldn't keep still. Harry held her as her movements got more uncontrollable, as his tongue worked her, licking and flicking until she screamed his name. Harry lay back down and pulled Ginny on top of him, and she lowered herself onto him very slowly. Harry groaned with pleasure as her movements got faster, and harder. He stopped her and flipped her back over onto her back and started moving again. She wrapped her legs around his waist to allow him more access. She groaned as the last of him reached its peak and they moved together until they both released. They lay down holding each other for the longest time, until they finally fell asleep.

Harry woke the next morning and looked towards Ginny and saw she wasn't in bed, then he heard the water running in the shower. He sat up and waited for her to come in, which wasn't long. She walked into the room not wearing anything at all and his body reacted instantly. Ginny turned around and looked at him, smiling, knowing she could feel what he felt.

'Not right now Harry, we've got too much to do today before everyone starts turning up.' she could feel his disappointment, but stood her ground. They just didn't have time right now. She went over and got her cloths getting dress while he watched her. Then walked back over to the bed and sat down next to him. 'You know I normally couldn't resist those feelings you were sending, but we'll make up for it later.' she leaned down and kissed him, then got back up. 'Go and have your shower and I'll meet you downstairs.' she kissed him again and left the room while she still could.

Harry felt Ginny was getting very aroused but she was right, they had too much to do today. Charlie's friends were arriving at the Burrow very soon, and they had worked out the exact time to floo here to surprise Charlie. Harry got up and went and had a shower, staying under there for a long time and letting the water run cold for a few seconds before he got out. He got dressed and headed down the stairs to join Ginny in the kitchen.

'Hi again, beautiful,' he pulled Ginny to her feet and started to kiss her passionately until they heard a small cough behind them. Harry looked around and saw Charlie and Katie standing there watching them. 'Sorry about that, but your sister is a tease.' Harry looked back at Ginny smiling. He leaned in towards her and whispered. 'I had to have a cold shower before I came down.' Ginny burst into laughter.

'I don't want to know,' said Charlie as he and Katie sat down.

Harry and Ginny sat down and Kreacher brought everything to the table. 'Thanks Kreacher,' Harry said to the elf.

'You all set for tonight Harry?' Charlie asked.

'Yep,' Harry looked at Katie. 'We've got all the songs down, and a few surprises.' Harry smirked at Katie then looked back to Ginny.

'What surprises,' Charlie asked suspiciously seeing the look that went between the three of them.

'You'll just have to wait and see Charlie,' Katie said as she pulled her face around and kissed him.

'Well, my girlfriend is keeping secrets from me, I think I'll have to do something about that.' he grabbed her, pulling her to her feet and threw her over his shoulder and walked off into the bedroom.

Harry and Ginny laughed so hard watching them two of them. 'There very happy,' Ginny said smiling, then turned back to look at Harry. 'Almost as happy as we are.'

'Yeah, they are, and I hope Charlie likes his surprise.' Harry said then he started dishing himself up some breakfast.

'He will Harry, he is going to be so surprised when you call him up on stage with you and then when you show him, he will be speechless.' she kissed Harry again and started dishing up her own breakfast.

When they finished they went outside to check all the arrangements, making sure everything was set. Charlie and Katie walked down to meet them, smiling sheepishly at Harry and Ginny.

Harry walked over to Charlie and put a hand on his shoulder. 'Don't worry about it Charlie, you deserve to be happy. Now let's go finish checking everything, we've got the caterers, bar staff and waiters turning up soon to set all that up.' Charlie nodded and kissed Katie and walked off with Harry.

'You've made him very happy Katie, I can't thank you enough.' Ginny said smiling at the young woman.

'He makes me happy as well, Ginny, I can't tell how happy I am. I love Charlie so much, and want to be with him always.' she looked a bit wary as she looked at Ginny. 'You don't mind me being here all the time do you? Charlie told me about some of the things you've gone through, and if you want to be alone, I will understand.'

Ginny looked sadly at Katie, she noticed Harry watching her with a worried expression. 'No Katie, I like having you here, really, and I'm glad we've become friends. And yeah, we've gone through a lot, but we're getting through it with Charlie's help, he's been absolutely wonderful through all of it, and Harry and I just want him to be happy and you do that for him. So you are welcome to stay as long as you like.' Ginny hugged Katie letting her know that she meant it.

Charlie noticed Harry's expression as he watched Ginny. 'Everything alright Harry, you look worried.'

Harry looked to Charlie. 'Yeah, Ginny just got sad for a moment and I said whenever she felt sad I will go to her, but she seems fine now, so let's get finished.' he slapped Charlie on the back and went and started setting up all the tables and chairs, putting them all around the place.

Everything was set and the four of them went back in to get showered and change, everyone will be arriving very soon. Harry and Ginny came down stairs first and saw Kreacher was talking to Liam, John and Patrick. He headed out to greet them when Katie walked up to them as well.

Charlie and Ginny stood together watching the band set up and Harry getting his guitars on stands ready for later. The food was all prepared and the bar set up. Harry and Charlie had talked and decided to go speak with the bar staff.

'Just wanted you to know, that under no circumstance can you give me or Harry any alcohol, we'll stick with juice or butterbeer but that's it,' they all nodded looking curious as the two men walked away.

'Thanks Charlie, I didn't want to have to worry about that in case I went to get a butterbeer.' Harry took a deep breath, he had been able to smell the Firewhiskey and he felt himself wanting it. 'That was hard, I could smell it.' Harry was taking very deep breaths trying to control himself.

'You'll do alright Harry, if you think you're weakening, come find me or Ginny, and we'll help you. Stay strong, you can do this.' Charlie said with his hand on Harry's shoulder.

'Thanks Charlie, I really didn't think it was going to be that hard, I'm going to make sure I don't need to go over there if I can help it.' Harry noticed people started to arrive. 'We have guests.' he smiled at Charlie and walked over to meet his guests with Ginny by his side.

As everyone started to arrive, the Phoenix Flames had started playing. Friends and family were all sitting or standing around talking with each other. Harry was sitting at a table with Charlie, George, Angelina and of course with Ginny, when he saw Bill and Fleur arrive. He flinched when he saw Fleur's protruding stomach. Ginny sensed Harry and looked at him, he was looking over near the house. When she looked over she saw Fleur and grabbed Harry's hand.

Charlie had seen what Ginny and Harry was looking at and their faces. He leaned over to them. 'Are you two going to be able to handle this?' he looked at them feeling very worried.

Harry and Ginny both turned back to Charlie, Harry put his arm around Ginny taking a deep breath. 'We'll be fine Charlie,' he looked back at Ginny, 'Won't we?' he sent all his feelings of love and caring to Ginny.'

'Yeah, we'll be fine,' Ginny said sending hers back to Harry.

'Alright if you're sure, because their coming this way.' he noticed that Harry's arm tightened around Ginny.

'Harry, Ginny,' Bill said to them.

Harry took a deep breath and stood up. 'Hi Bill, Fleur, I'm glad you could make it.'

Bill could see Harry was taking deep breaths and Ginny never let go of his hand.

'Listen, if this is too hard for you, we can go, we understand.' Bill said looking at Charlie with raised eyebrows. Charlie shrugged.

'No Bill, we want you both to stay, please.' Ginny said standing up and hugging Bill. Harry kept feeling Ginny's feelings to make sure she was alright.

'Are you sure sis, I don't want this to upset you.'

'I'll be fine Bill, really,' Ginny took a deep breath and turned to Fleur who had stayed slightly back and behind Bill. 'Fleur, it's alright.' Ginny gave her a small smile then Fleur slowly moved forward to stand next to Bill instead of behind him.

'Thank you Ginny, Harry, but only if you're sure.' she said watching Harry and Ginny carefully.

'We're sure,' Harry said pulling Ginny back into his arms and holding her tight.

'Alright, we'll go and see mum and dad and maybe talk to you again soon.' Bill shook Harry's hand and hugged his sister before him and Fleur walked off to join Bill's parents.

Harry turned to Ginny. 'Are you alright?' he could see tears in her eyes but he felt her calming down.

'Yeah, I'm alright Harry. It was hard but I'm okay now.' she hugged Harry very tightly then they both sat.

Charlie watched them for a while and they seemed to be handling it okay. They chatted to some of their friends for a while when Harry turned to Ginny.

He leaned in and whispered. 'It's show time,' he kissed her very passionately then stood up and walked onto the stage just as the Phoenix Flames last song finished. Ron and Hermione walked in just as Harry got on stage, they started walking over to where Ginny was sitting when Harry spoke.

'Could I have everyone's attention please,' Harry said and waited till it got quite. 'I've got a little surprise and I would like Charlie come up on stage and join me please.' Harry said looking at Charlie and seeing his surprised face.

He leant over and said something to Ginny, but she shook her head. He got up and walked onto the stage and stood next to Harry.

'What's going on Harry?' Charlie asked.

Harry turned and faced Charlie. 'I just wanted to say thank you Charlie, for everything you have done for me and for Ginny. You have literally given me my life back and I can't thank you enough. So this is something just to say how much we both love you and appreciate what you have done for us. So if you would look towards the house you'll see your thank surprise.'

Charlie turned and watched the house wondering what was going on. Everyone looked towards the house. Slowly the door opened and people started emerging from the house. Charlie's mouth fell open when he recognised all his friends walking down towards the stage. He turned back to Harry, and pulled him into a hug.

'Harry, I don't know what to say, thank you so much.' he hugged him again. 'And I love you both too, he hugged Harry again then went over and hugged Ginny, then turned to his friends as they all joined Charlie hugging and slapping each other's back, and kisses from the woman friends.

Ron and Hermione had walked up to stand right behind Ginny. 'Well those two have gotten very friendly.' said Ron when Ginny turned around. She got up and hugged him but looked at Hermione who grimaced. Ginny pulled them both down in the empty seats.

'I'm so glad you decided to come Ron,' she kept hold of his hand noticing the scowl on his face. Hermione and Ginny noticed the jealous tone Ron had used when he spoke of Harry and Charlie. 'Ron, Charlie helped us through some dark and serious problems, Harry just wanted to say thank you.' he didn't say anything but Hermione shrugged behind his back.

Harry had been speaking to the band and never noticed Ron and Hermione had turned up. He turned back to the crowd and looked at Ginny and saw them sitting there and noticed that Ron didn't look happy at all, but Hermione gave him a smile.

Harry took a deep breath, 'Hi everyone, I'd like to sing a song for my beautiful wife.' he looked towards her as he picked up his guitar, he and the band started playing.

Charlie turned to his friends. 'Watch this,' he said smiling and turning to watch Harry.

Harry started singing to Ginny, and he never took his eyes off Ginny's face the whole time as he sang. As the song finished he went down off the staged and pulled her into his arms and kissed her very passionately, while everyone applauded and whistled.

Harry leaned in and whispered to Ginny. 'Can you tell Liam to just play something for now I need to speak with Ron.' she nodded and watched walk off the stage, and he went cautiously over to Ron. 'Ron, Hermione, I'm glad you decided to come.' Harry said watching Ron very carefully while he waited.

Hermione looked from Harry to Ron. She held Ron's hand harder, letting him know it was alright.

Ron looked up at Harry and stood up. 'I'm glad I came to,' he gave Harry a small smile and Harry relaxed.

'You're going to hang around for a while aren't you, I've got to go do a couple of songs but then I'll be back down.'

'Sure Harry, go, we'll be here when you're finished.' Ron said, Harry nodded smiling and went back up on stage and waited till the Phoenix Flames finished playing.

'Alright,' he said when they finished. 'You ready to get this party started.' everyone cheered. Harry picked up his electric guitar and started playing, then started singing.

Charlie's friends all stood there staring at Harry and Charlie laughed.

When Harry finished his song and the music ended. 'At least this time I didn't get grabbed,' he said and every laughed, they all knew what had happened at the benefit.

'What's he's talking about Charlie?' asked his friend Liam.

Why Harry had started on another song Charlie explained. 'Harry put on a benefit show to raise money to help victims children's finish their education. Harry was doing that song and when it finished a girl jumped up on stage and started kissing him, Harry looked absolutely shocked until a couple of aurors pulled her off of him'. All his friends laughed when Ginny spoke.

'Yes and I wasn't too thrilled about it myself.' Ginny said smiling at Charlie and his friends.

'Everyone, this is my little sister Ginny, I'll let them introduce themselves to you later Gin, there's too many of them for me to go through them all.' he looked serious at Ginny, 'Are you doing okay Gin, I mean really?'

'Yeah Charlie, we're fine, I'm not too sure about Ron though, he walked in just as Harry made his announcement for you and he got a little jealous of seeing you and Harry together.'

'I'll talk to him later, let him settle down for a bit. Harry seems fine though, what's he feeling right now Gin.'

Ginny closed her eyes and smiled. 'He's happy Charlie, really happy, well I'm going to go sit back down.' she kissed him and walked back to her table to talk with Hermione and Ron

'What were you talking about just now about Harry's feelings?'

'Ginny and Harry could feel each other's feelings, it started before they got married and it's just gotten stronger since.'

'That is one strong bond they have, and very rare.' Liam said staring at Harry then back to Ginny.

'Harry's very powerful, you might notice later if he doesn't think about things and just does them.'

'What do you mean, Charlie.' one of his female friends asked.

'Well since he was thirteen he's been able to cast a patronus and fight off a hundred dementors at one time, now he does everything including a patronus non-verbally and wandless. He never uses a wand anymore for anything.' he saw the stunned looks on all their faces as they turned and looked back at Harry on stage. 'I'll get you to meet him properly as soon as he's finished up there.'

The song finished and Harry spoke. 'We're going to take a break now, why don't everyone get yourselves something to eat, there's plenty of food.' he turned back to his friends. 'Come on you lot, get yourselves something to eat as well.' he walked off the stage and over to Ginny, picking her up and kissing her fiercely.

'Don't tell me you two are still at it all the time,' Ron said.

'Yep, and I don't plan on stopping,' Ginny said and kissed Harry again. When they finished, 'Hey look over at Charlie for a minute you lot.'

They all watched as Katie walked up behind Charlie and touched his shoulder. He turned and pulled her into his arms kissing her very passionately and for a very long time.

'When did that start?' George asked, looking at his brother.

'A while ago, they look happy don't they.' Harry said smiling at the two of them, then turned back to the table, 'Ron do you want to take a walk with me?' Ron nodded, gave Hermione and kiss and turned to Harry. Harry looked back at Ginny. 'I won't be long, if you need me, send me your feelings.' he kissed her and the two men walked off together towards the water.

'You don't have to say anything Harry, I know, we've been friends for a long time remember, I do know you.' Ron smiled at Harry with a genuine smile.

'I know you do Ron, longer than anyone, I'm still sorry though, what I said to you was below the belt and harsh, and none of it was true, you know that don't you. Not one word was true.' Harry said watching Ron and waiting.

'I do Harry, I really do, Hermione told me about all those weeks in the tent and I know nothing happened, I was angry but I'm okay now, and I'm glad you're feeling better.

'I'm doing okay, I still have some bad days, but with Ginny and Charlie's help I'm doing okay.'

'Yeah, you seem to have gotten very chummy with Charlie, what's with that.'

Harry heard Ron's tone, 'He's done a lot to help me Ron, if he didn't I wouldn't be alive right now, I know it and he knew it too. He got me back on track and helped me put my life back into perspective. And I'm very grateful for that Ron. Your brother is a wonderful man and a good friend, but you've been my best friend for so many years and you've stuck by me, I'll never forget that, ever.'

Ron stood there taking in everything Harry said then he hugged him very tightly. 'Thanks mate, that's means a lot.' he pulled away from Harry. 'Come on, let's get back to our wives.' he went to start walking but Harry put a hand on his shoulder.

'Are we alright Ron, really alright?' Harry asked with tears starting to come into his eyes.

'Yeah Harry, we are, we're mates, always have been and always will be, now come on.' he started to walk off with Harry back to their wives, 'Even if you can be a git sometimes'

Harry laughed loudly and Ginny smiled at him. When they reached the table Ron sat down but before Harry could Charlie called him.

'Hey Harry, come over here a minute will you?' Charlie said smiling towards his brother-in-law.

Harry leant down to Ginny, 'I'll be back,' he kissed her very hungrily, then got up and walked over to Charlie.

'Harry, as you already know, these are my friends, I wanted you to meet them properly.' Charlie pointed to each one and said their names and Harry shook their hands.

'It's great to meet you all, and I'm all glad you could make it.' Harry said smiling at everyone.

'We wouldn't have missed seeing Charlie's face when you sprung this on him, he's a very hard man to surprise.' said Liam looking at Harry realising how young he really was, 'And if I might say Harry, your voice is great, that's was what caused me to be surprised and also I'm also surprised at how young you are. I've heard like everyone else what you've done, but I admit I kept seeing someone older.'

'Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it, and as for what I've done, well I started when I was 11, so I've had a lot of practice. Look let me get a table and chairs set up for you.' Harry waved his hand and a table and heaps of chairs flew towards them and set themselves down. Harry noticed they were all watching him, some with awed faces. 'Sorry, I kept forgetting I don't use a wand anymore, I know it's not something most people see a lot of, wandless magic.'

'You could say that again, I thought I was going to have a heart attack.' said one of Charlie's friends, and they all laughed.

'We'll let you get back to Ginny, and I wanted to thank you again Harry.' Charlie pulled Harry into a hug again and nodded.

'Anything for you Charlie, now all of you, go, get something to eat and enjoy yourselves.' Harry said walking off to join his wife. He sat down and everyone started talking, Ron and Harry were chatting away renewing his friendship with Ron, when the band started playing.

'If all of you don't mind I'm going to dance with my wife.' Harry said and picked Ginny up in his arms then lowered her to the ground, keeping his arms around her and pulling her tight against him. 'I love you Mrs. Potter.' he leaned down and kissed her very passionately.

'And I love you Mr. Potter, and she pulled him back and kissed him passionately but she didn't stop, they kissed for the longest time and came away panting and knew what each other wanted. 'Do you think anyone will notice if we disappear for a while.' Ginny said smiling up at Harry.

'After you kissing me like that, everyone will notice, but I don't care.' Harry picked her up keeping his eyes on Ginny and walked towards the house. Everyone parted for them not saying a word as they all saw the look on both their faces.

Their going to be alright, thought Charlie. The whole family were healthy and happy, as for himself, he had never been so happy in his life. Everyone now can start to live and have the lives they all deserved.

The end:

I used a lot of music as inspiration when writing this story, from Ronan Keating, Brian Adams, Nickleback, Cold Chisel, John Farnham, John Barrowman, Bon jovi, John Denver, Stevie Ray Vaughn, from ballads to rock to blues. I was originally going to put the words of the songs I was thinking of at the time, like during the wedding, but I figured the readers could think of their own songs to use.

With the drinking, I have never seen or heard what an alcoholic goes through when they dry out, so I couldn't really go into details.

This story has three parts to it, this is part one. It follows Harry through his first ten or so years. I will post the second story, not sure when. But if you wish to finish here you can, if you want to continue then after part two you will need to read part three. I'm still editing part two at the moment, so I'm not sure when I will get that posted. Thanks to everyone who reads.