Episode 16 Invasion part 3

Outside of earth in the rust bucket ben and jade have come out from space and see villgax ships around them

wow look at them said jade how many to you think he has ? she asked

I dont know said a shock ben he must have a army to take over the planet

Outside of the ships the ships villgax troops send out go after the rust becket and shots the wing part

Oh man noy good screamd ben and tries to trun it in to villgax ship and lands in with a crash

Than the villgax stops geting ready to shot ben and jade and wait but ben bast out and takes out the vilgax troops

Okay we are in smiled ben

so ware would they keep shane ? asked jade

we better have a look around said ben

As they walk in at the lower part of the ship they see him being taken to his prison cell by two vilgax troops with ben taken them down

shane are you all right ? asked Ben

Not so good said ben vilagx suck the quantonium from my Omitricks we need to get it back said shane

Right he said lets go than

At vilgax controll room he seeing his ships and troops heading to earth

than the doors get bast and ben and shane and jade show you

Oh good shane and ben smiled vilgax come to see your planet destory he asked

No vilgax we are puting a stop to you once and full all said shane

Oh relly he said as he was about to punch him ben nuse a device to shock with shane geting the quatonium back in to his Omitricks than something happend it some how unlock the master controll and become dimondarms

All right now to end this he said

Than villgax gets all controll of his robotic hafe and his anout to kill ben but dimondarms fight him and become stinkfreak and shots him with slime than become Ingaunashock to shock him

How are you chanceing so fast ? asked vilgax

I just unlock the master controll than means no more timeing out smile shane

You still try to fight. Can't you see that it's hopeless? said villgax

not as long as i long as i can still draw breath i will never give up than become whirlwind and hits him at the ships mean engings

I feel like I live in a world made out of class

ays taking constant care not to break something. To break someone. Never allowing myself to lose control, even for a moment, or someone could die he said to villgax than kicks him in his stomic

But you can take it, can't you, big man? What we have here is a rare oppurtunity for me tokick back and cut loose, and show you just how powerful I really am!

Than become XIR victor and go super speed and dose a powerfule than that sends him flying to five parts of his ship than become sonic scream to cut his arm off than become Tar pit to trap him in his tar as soon as he land

than something happend to the ship it started to blow up

You fool screamd villgax you destory my ship we are all dead you stupid human i dont think so smiled shane

As ben and jade are looking down they look at eacth other

well this is it said ben

Than shane show up as ultron and gets them out and keep them in his hand and flys to earth as the detory his was blowing up the ship started the count down

Villgax found him self with his robotic leg mealed and cant move

come on come on screamd villgax

than nothing happend

Humm nothing happend maybe my count was but than the ship was destory and villgax end up flying with out anyone seeing him

On earth villgax troops see this and give up and they put tear hands up

On top of the roof miles back to his human from smiles as he see the shipd destoryed

on earth Ultron lands in the sea and become shane and ben and jade see the ship destoryed

Shane you destoryed vilgax said a shock ben

I know replied shane but he gone now he said with a smile

But that dosent channge the fact the rust bucket got blown up and we are in the middle of the sea joke ben than they see a ship

hey mate do you need a ride ? asked the captin

After the battle miles and his team are talking in his office

well sir good news we have capterd the teach and cear vilgax leaft said one of the doctors

Good smiled miles and the super-gax

they are in lock up sir said doctor roberts

It be to risky to keep them around it best we sent them someware ware no one will see them aging

yes sir said doctor robeters and leaves the room

than miles looks at the window and smiles

Well done alien hero's smiles miles your beat me after all

after the battle stella and barry are looking for jade and shane and than stella see shane jade with ben

hey guys smiled ben they was with me smiled ben

oh it so good to know your okay smiled shane mum and hugs them than shane go up to barry and talk

Barry evan know dad gone i would like you to be my step-dad he said and hugs him

thank smiled barry dont think you got a's now

I would say come to dinner but after them alien showing up i might not have a Kittchen anymore

Hey thats okay smile ben legs go out to eat than they walk off and a sing saying welcome to new city fulls down

One month later the school and new city are fix now

And shane talks to the reader

so thats my story took down villgax save the world from geting destoryed and best part of all unlock the mastercontroll

But the down side is miles compeny got full on ctroll on villgax wepons and toys but hey its not that bad smiled shane

than go to class to see jade reading a book

Jade how did you get hear ? asked shane

Took a shortcut smiled jade the rode got rash renamber

Oh right said shane

So when is class going to start ? asked jade

than a big Thud came from the school bus

And wetaher master Multiple plex benmazo and lady dead eye show up

After we start with the rouges i leaft after the battle with vilgax said shane

Would you say it is time for a early recess ? asked jade with a smile

Yeb smile shane and they run outside

Its hero time he said to jade

Than the picter truns to a comic book

so shane 10 adventure come to an end said the reader but his next adventure is soon to come

than truns back to page and shows the final shane 10 comic

end of season

Good news i will work on the next series shane 10 alien hero be sure to check it out when it come from GM