Ok, so this is going to be a weird cross of the Swan Lake ballet and the Swan Princess movie...just thought I'd clear that up...

"ODILE!" my father boomed, bursting into my chamber with force enough to tear my door part off its hinges.

"What is it, Father?" I ask tiredly, looking up from the book I am reading and carefully placing it on the crimson and midnight sheets of my bed. I move myself into a more upright position, my eyes never leaving my father.

"Great news, my child," he replied exuberantly. "You're going to have a new mother!"

I raise an eyebrow. "Oh? And is she going to end up as a slug as well?" I question snidely. Honestly, my father fell in and out of love as a dancer goes through shoes.

"Now, now Odile, that's unkind" An injured look play across my father's features.

I sigh and glance away. "I know father." I look back at him imploringly. "Forgive me?"

His face softens into a warm smile. He walks over to me and puts a warm hand to my cheek. "Of course, my sweet. I can understand where your anger and unrest stems," he concedes. "My last brides been…ill-suited to us, have they not? This one though, this one is the one, I just know it!"

I giggle for a moment then ask, "So who is my soon-to-be mother?"

My father's eyes light up. "Her name is Odette, and she is the princess of a kingdom known as the Kingdom of the Swans. Swans have always flocked to that kingdom, and, for a time now long past, they were worshipped as gods and sacred animals. And Odette, Odette is as gorgeous and as pure as any swan. My beautiful Odette…" My father goes on, mumbling sweet nothings about her.

I laugh again. "So, father, has she fallen for you yet? Do you have her running to her father, begging to be allowed to marry you?"

A look of embarrassment comes over his face and he reached a hand back to rub the back of his neck. "Uh…she's swooning, and I have her running somewhere…"

The smile that was sitting on my face quickly became a scowl. "How DARE she! She knows you not! To have her looking at outward appearances…I do not wish for a mother such as that!"


"No!" I cut him off. I will admit that we are no longer the gorgeous humans that we once were. Black magic does that to people…we get out power from nature, so we become a part of it. The transformation was much kinder to me than it was to my father.

My father had always been a large man in muscle, height, and gut, and now bulged to new heights. A near giant he was now, towering over most men and out muscling them all. His now tree bark brown eyes bulged near as much as his torso. His hair was now the dark green of leaves deep within our forest, and his skin was the color of meadow grass in the sunlight.

My changes were just as monstrous, but in a softer way. My raven black hair was now made of raven feathers. My skin is as pale as the moon, and my eyes are the red of the dying sun, and my pupils are slit like the snake I am often compared to. My finger nails are now the claws of a predator. My teeth have grown into fangs. From my back sprout the wings of a raven, which has now become my symbol. I am a beautiful monster. People sometimes forget to look at the beauty in nature, and sometimes they forget to see the ugly, cruel things, which is what my father and I represent.

"So what does this swan-woman think of us, father? Does she find us as disgusting as you make it seem she does? For if that is true, she will last no longer than the others."

"NO! She WILL last. Her heart is different than that of those past. She is right for us Odile, I promise."

Then why, father, do I feel so worried now?

Sorry it's so short...chapters will get longer, hopefully...