Ok, chapter is longer. I apologize if any of this sounds strange, perspective wise. I'm not used to writing in present tense. It's really hard, so forgive any oddness.

Having been angered, my father rises to leave. As he reaches my door, he turns to say, "Just wait, Odile. You'll see. She'll be different. You'll see." He continues out my door, violently pulling it back into place.

I sigh. Father always gets like this when he falls in love... My gaze falls back to my still damaged door. I call up my power, fix my door, and I return to my reading. As always, my book contains new spells to try out. I'm forever searching for new spells. Living the life that I do, it is often the only thing TO do. I'm currently looking for more effective transformation spells...

My head snaps up. I suddenly have an idea. Why not go and grant this Odette a little visit. A smile spread slowly across my face. I carefully mark my place in my book and rush out of my room, heading for our library. My room resides at the top of our home, which seems to most to be nothing more than a tree. To us though, it is the top of our fortress. I like where my room is, due to the fact that it gives me easy access to the night when I want to enjoy the moon and darkness. It can be a discomfort when the sun rises and manages to find openings in the leaves to beat its cruel rays down onto me.

Racing along branches covered with foliage and creatures created from magic, I quickly get to the center trunk, which is large enough to encompass an army. Pushing on a knob growing out of the trunk, a door swings open and I race down the stairs that are carved into the tree. Cold-fire torches light the way down the spiral path, cold, so as to not burn down the top of our home. And a large tree we have, miles into the sky. As usual, I get bored running, open my wings, and fly the rest of the way down. It is much faster than running, and far less tiring.

As I reach the bottom, I pull in my wings, and continue my journey on foot, through a large stone door, which leads to more stairs, leading downward once again. These stairs are tighter though, with no hope of flying down. They also go much father down, seeing as how our main home must be far below the earth to protect us from the sun's harsh rays and any...enemies. Enemies being humans that think we, and our magic, wrong. I hate them all, those who would judge us for being different. Thus is why I suggested to my father to enchant our forest, so that those who come in to harm us may never find their way out.

I eventually find the bottom of the steps. To most, it would seem as if the steps just ended at a gray stone wall. They would be wrong. I grab a roundish stone jutting out of the wall and heave open a large door cunningly hidden within the stone.

Beyond the door is an opening to a stone hallway matching the stone of the door that runs left and right. I turn left, running quickly through the hall. Soon, the stone turns from the cold gray color to a glowing emerald. The precious stones are another reason people have perished. Those that have discovered the way into our lair have most often become entranced by the large number of gems in our home. They have stopped and tried to pry large chunks from our walls, which allows us knowledge of their exact position and gives us time to prepare for their demise.

Again and again our walls change, switching between rock, earth, root, and gems. Numerous doors light my route, as well as torches. I finally reach my destination. Our library, full of spell books written by other users of the Forbidden Arts, as well as ourselves. Guarding it is a thick veil of roots that are as large as vines that hang down from our tree. They only react, calmly, to my presence or that of my father's. To anyone else, they turn into a living death, focused only on strangling outsiders. No one will touch our library.

I reach out to the vine-like roots. They curl around my arm for a moment, and then pull back like a curtain to some stage show. As I hurry through, they fall silently back into place. Our library is illuminated not with fire, but with diamonds that we have endowed with inner light. The library is the most natural room we have, though it is decorated in rubies, onyx, and gold. The actual shelves are made from wood from our own tree, much of the decoration colored vines. And the true gem of it all: our books. Books of every size and age line the walls and reside in stacks along the shelves and chairs.

I know exactly what I'm looking for. I head straight for the self transformation books. Transformation spells are difficult to keep up, due to the fact that they take a large amount of energy and magic to keep up. Though, even if it were possible to hold one forever, due to my father's and my choices, we would never be able to transform forever. Granted, we can keep one up for longer than most other, it is still not overly impressive. That happens to be something my father is working on, how to make a transformation last.

I start pulling books, looking for the most simple, but least obvious spell I can dind. It is not simple. Most either take time or ingredients that I do not possess. I let out a sound of frustration. How sad it is that I, who know this library best, am not to locate a simple spell book. My eyes finally land on one that I hadn't already checked. Leafing through it, I find just the spell I'm looking for.

"Odile?" I hear my father call from somewhere with the labyrinth of passageways. "Is that you?"

"Yes father," I reply quickly, grabbing the book and hurrying out of the library. The roots let me pass with no trouble, seeing as how they already had registered my presence before. I hurry off, hoping that my father doesn't see me.

"Where are you off to in such a hurry?" his voice echoes after me in a confused maner.

"I'm heading out, father. Out of the forest I mean."

"Be careful, Odile. You know the harshness of the world."

"I know, father, I know..."