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Disclaimer: I do not own the Reba cast or any of the story characters that do not appear in Reba they are my characters. This is all a work of fiction they are not based on real people or events

these are are from hearing stuff from conversations or thinking of it and writing them down. For facts I do research and look things up. this is all fiction.

They arrived back at the realtor office. Reba noticed Chris was good with Josh. They looked like they had a good relationship. Maybe he would reveal something

Reba decided to speak to Josh, "Josh what happened to your mommy?"
"She died. I hate her" Josh told her honestly

"My wife was very abusive towards me and my son. She is alive but dead to us. If that makes sense."

Reba nodded she still didn't know if he was Brock If Josh was Henry how could BJ have hurt them so much? Neither deserved it. Brock was a kind loving man yeah he did things that had made her mad but she would never hurt him physically or intentionally she knocked herself out of her thoughts.

She went over everything with him he gave her all of his information. She filled in everything and got his information hoping he would do something Brock would do. Several times he rubbed his head. He was a very quiet. He spoke only when spoken to and sometimes it was just a nod. He hadn't said much since they had arrived. Nor had Josh.

"Okay I will have an answer for you in a few days"

"Okay thank you" Chris told her shaking her hand and leaving with Josh.

A few weeks passed Jake became close to his new coach he really liked him. Reba liked him as well she was still convinced he was Brock. Jake wasn't so sure. Van didn't care he liked him. Chris kept having headaches. Josh would often go home with Jake after school he volunteered to take Josh home with him that way he wouldn't need to be in the after school program. Besides it was nice having a little brother again.

Chris was working on some plays and going over paper work but was rubbing his head. Josh was paying his Game boy advance quietly on the couch.

"Hi Chris, Hi Josh"

He looked up to see Reba "Hi Reba"

"Hi Reba." Josh said

Reba spoke to Chris,"The deal for the house went thorough "

"That was fast"

"It was two weeks. Do you have furniture and stuff?"

"Yeah" Chris said rubbing his head

"Reba I have a bed without a head board and back board." Josh told her

Reba nodded and looked at Chris "Chris are you alright?"

"Yeah I have a headache. I'm fine" Chris told her.

"How is Jake doing?"

"Well he struggles he is the smallest player on the team. He has earned the respect of his teammates. He is a real good kid he is a go getter and very positive. He encourages his teammates. They all like him" Chris told her

"Why isn't he suited up?" Reba asked

"He is taking a makeup test for English. Reba if his grades don't improve he might be off the team"

"Chris he loves to play football"

"I know and he is starting a new position in practice he was goofing off with Kevin Webster and kicked a 35 yard field goal. Reba the kid has talent" Chris told her

Reba smiled she had wanted Jake to be a kicker " he played soccer for a long time and switched to football"

Jake ran in "Hi Mom coach I got a C+ can I play?"

Chris nodded "go suit up"

Jake nodded and ran off

Chris was in the change room with the boys "well Jake if you want to be a kicker the position is yours" Chris told him

Jake looked at Van who shook his head at him

He looked down sadly "No" He said going to his locker

The boys nodded and went about changing Jake looked so sad.

"Jake we will work on you tacking" Van told him

Jake looked at Van and nodded sadly

Chris pulled Van out of the locker room.

"Van why did you do that to him?" Chris asked he was clearly angry with his assistant coach.

"You want him to be a kicker?" Van asked testing Chris to see if he truly was Brock.

"Van he is good you saw him he can kick a 35 yard field goal. That's talent" Chris told him

"He is not going to be a kicker" Van said shaking his head

"Van that is not your decision to make" Chris said going to his office a bit ticked at his assistant coach.
Josh ran to him and hugged him. Chris hugged him back.

"Josh I have to go and sit my head aches" Chris told him

"are you okay?" Josh asked his dad

Chris nodded he put his elbows on his knees and rubbed his head as Josh rubbed his back. Neither saw Jake walk in.

"You okay?" Jake asked Chris.

"Yeah, What is up?"Chris said putting his arm around Josh.

"Coach I don't want to be a receiver but Van doesn't want me to be a kicker"

"It is your decision not Van's"

"He says my dad won't be proud and a kicker is nothing"

"Jake you can kick a 35 yard field goal that isn't nothing and I'm sure your dad is very proud of you" Chris told him smiling at him.

"My dad is dead." Jake told him sadly

Chris swallowed "Uh Sorry Jake. Hey if you ever want to talk you can talk to me"

"Okay thanks" Jake said leaving.

"Well Josh lets go move in" Chris said taking his hand and walking out.

Chris moved in is stuff he made his bed and Josh's he had a warm shower he dressed in a pair of blue boxers he put on a red Huston Texans t-shirt. He made Josh some dinner

"Josh could you play quietly tonight I have a migraine"

"Yeah will you be okay?"

Chris nodded. He got Josh's PJ's. He got into bed his head throbbed he took some migraine medication.

Josh climbed Up on his dad's bed with his Bible

"Do you want me to read you the story of Joseph?" Chris asked

"No I was gonna read to you"

The next morning he awoke he was feeling better. he turned to see Josh still asleep. He got up and walked to the kitchen to find no food remembering he hadn't been shopping he went back to his room a grey Texas long horns shirt and a pair of blue jeans and some sneakers he got his wallet he awoke Josh.

"Hey bubby we need groceries go and get dressed"
"Do you still have a headache?" Josh asked jumping off the bed.

"No not as bad. Go get dressed." Josh ran to his room

He returned in a pair of orange basketball shorts and a blue superman t-shirt.

"Can you get orange juice" Josh asked.

Chris nodded he and Josh walked out of the door to see Reba and Jake

"My dad had a shirt like that" Jake replied

Chris smiled " lots of people have a shirt like this"

Jake looked at Josh he was his brother he looked up at Chris he was his father he just knew it.

Chris and Josh talked to Reba and Jake for a bit and went to go shopping. He picked up some things and went home.

Monday morning came quickly he told Josh he was going to go and see a doctor about his headaches.

He went and waited for some news. He looked at his watch he had to go and pick up Josh.

He never liked to be late.

"Mr. Mackenzie?"

Chris stood. "Hi by the look on your face it isn't good is it?"

"No you have a brain tumour"

"I what no way I have a seven year old son. How do you expect me to care for him? I can't have a brain tumour I'm healthy this can't be happening. I just got a new job. I have to provide for my son."

"Do you have any one to look after your son?"

Chris sighed he replied "Yeah"

"We can schedule you for surgery on Friday"

Chris nodded "yeah, uh thanks I will see you on Friday."

Chris walked out of the hospital that wasn't the news he wanted to hear.

He had to tell Josh. he drove to the school he picked up Josh.

He got out of the car and went to wait for Josh. he ran his hand through his hair.

Josh saw him and ran to him.

"Did your appointment go okay?"

"Yeah but I have something I have to tell you"

"Do you still have a head ache?"


"Are you okay?"

"As for now yeah" Chris told him.

Chris drove home.

"Josh wash up I have to tell you something."

Josh went into the Kitchen to wash up. He returned

"Daddy was it okay?"

"No. Josh I they said I have a brain tumor. I need an operation to remove it"

"No daddy. No you can't leave me."

"Joshua I'm not I will be okay. They caught it early .Don't cry buddy. Listen I need you to calm down. I want you to say with Reba for a bit."

"Are you going to tell her?"

"No lets keep this to ourselves. Joshua I need you to be strong like you were before we came back to Huston"


Chris hugged Josh and held onto him.

"We will get through buddy we did before we can again."

Josh nodded"you went on a trip and didn't want to take me out of school."

"No I don't want you to lie. Uh just say I had to do something important. It is important that I get this stupid tumor out of my brain."

"What if they start askin me stuff?"

"Remember what we talked about?"

Josh nodded "Forever and always we are silent"

Chris nodded and hugged Josh "I love you buddy. I really do"

"I love you to daddy"

Josh hugged his dad and ran up the steps he turned back to see his dad dialing the phone.

"Please God don't let him die. I need my daddy. I love him God. Have him be well. I love him so much. Please kill the brain tumor" Josh prayed as he ran up the steps.

"Hi, Reba it is Chris"…."Yeah I'm good uh I have to get somethings done could you look after Josh?"…"Great I will drop him off at School on Friday then you could pick him up"…."Yeah I will be gone for um maybe a week or two I will call and let you know if I will be longer I need to get some things in order thanks Reba." Chris said hanging up the phone. He prayed this would all work out. He couldn't let anything slip. He had to be strong.

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