Merlin held on to his pack with everything he had, knowing that the precious cargo had to be delivered before anything bad happened. He carefully walked through the forest, magical senses extended waiting for them to come in contact with the barrier he knew was around there, somewhere.

He had changed specifically so that he would be inconspicuous when he arrived, he had no intention of having every druid in the area surrounding him and praising his greatness. The acknowledgement was nice, but Merlin hated being in the centre of attention, and more than that he hated being put up on a pedestal as his failures became all the more crushing because of it.

Ah! There it was! Merlin cast a quick spell to see through the cloaking barrier and make sure that no one was watching. They weren't. He quickly went through the barrier, still holding on to his pack and walked towards the inner part of the large druid camp. It was night, so there were only a few guards out who looked at him curiously then dismissed him. After all, if he was anti-magic, he would have brought an army not just a heavy looking pack.

He walked past a row of magically built houses until he came across a garden that was almost identical to the one at his childhood home in Ealdor, although that garden was no more. It had burnt away with the rest of the house.

Merlin knocked on the door, aware that he was probably waking his parents up, but his errand was too important to worry about that. A bleary eyed Hunith opened the door.

"What is- Merlin!" She shrieked and almost knocked it over in her enthusiasm to hug him. "You're as cold as ice, come in and warm up!" He allowed her to drag him inside and shove in front of the dying embers of the fire, he put his pack on the table and accepted the food his mother gave him.

"You look as though you haven't eaten in days." She said concernedly as Merlin wolfed down the food.

"Hunith, what's going on?" Balinor came down, Merlin stopped eating to point at the pack.

"That's for you." He said. Curiously, Balinor opened the pack and gaped at what he lifted out of it. A dragon egg.

"Where did you get this?" Balinor asked.

"Long story." Merlin replied, reluctantly he stood up from the fire. "Kilgharrah says you have to hatch it, I have to go back to Camelot. Arthur's covering for me, but if I'm gone too long people will ask questions."

"But you've only just got here." Hunith said sadly, "Come back and visit soon, it's been so long since we saw you last."

"I will." Merlin hugged her warmly. "Goodbye Mother," there was a tiny hesitation before Merlin added, "Goodbye Father."

The final word dragged Balinor's attention away from the egg he had been examining, suddenly, trying to revive an almost extinct race of magical creatures did not seem so important.

Hunith smiled to herself, content that the two most important people in her life had fully accepted each other.


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