Hey guys this is a rewrite from Nessie's POV. It's still the same story line. Except more of an explanation of what will happen. If you all ready read the first chapter that I had posted originally you do not need, you can if you want, but it's not necessary to read this one. I will do a short summery of the differences in the next chapter. :) Enjoy

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Nessie POV:

"Ready for this?" My loving husband questioned concernedly as we were seated on the couch waiting for my kids to come home. His thumb rubbing my hand in soothing circles even though he was as anxious as I was to see them again.

I had been a month since the birth of the twins, my babies, and the Volturi still do not know about them. After the first week of my new 'parenting' Alice had the vision of the witch twins coming to check up on how I was doing. Not wanting a repeat of what happened occurred when they found out about me we drove our two precious angels up so they can stay with the Denali coven. The moment we knew it was safe my father contacted our second family that lived in Canada telling them to bring home the little ones.

"Ready as I'll ever be." I gulped. I ran my hand through my hair, a habit in which I got from my father when I was nervous. Jacob grabbed both of my hands and bent on his knees in front of me. Staring into each other's eyes as reassurance. His brown eyes glittered with love. Something that was very common in my household. A cough was heard across the room. Emmett. My loving gaze turned into a spiteful glare at the gigantic teddy bear across the room.

"You are aware Renesmee they may not look like the same kids you dropped off? You grew very quickly and even if they are one third human, and werewolf they are also part vampire." The doctor in the corner of the room brought up. His notebook in his hand working out the probability of their appearance of age from the old data he had from me.

I already knew that. I understood when I had them that they would not grow the same as a normal human baby. Not being able to be apart of their lives for the last three weeks to at least see the fast forward of their ages but now I get the flash foreword instead. "As long as they still call me mommy. I don't care what age they look like."

"Well they might not. They've been seeing Tanya's face for the last three weeks. What if she's now Momma Tanya?" Emmett joked. Although he was joking he was right. What if they already think Tanya was their mother and not me? Three weeks and they probably look around 2 months.

"Emmett!" Alice scolded before she got up and took Jacob's place in front of me. "Listen they will remember you. It was only three weeks. For every boo-boo, mistake, and nightmare they have when they get older they'll come to you not Tanya. Three weeks are not going to change that." She was right too. No matter what I was going to be there for them. I was going to kiss the 'boo-boos', help work through their mistakes, and calm them down after every nightmare they have.

"They're here." My father said getting up and running to the door to greet and open it for my babies. I was ready for this. I could do this. I will be one of the best mother's the vampire world has ever seen.

"Nessie." Tanya addressed as she approached with my son on her arm.

My breath was gone. He looked like a two month old. I tried to stay calm, but I could help it. My arms instantly went around my baby.

"Amaury." I whispered. My hands cradled my baby boy tears dripping onto his blue onesie that had streamed down my face.

Kate walked in with Rayne curled up in her arms. Garrett, her mate, present right next to her. I wanted to hold both twins, but I sadly couldn't. I looked towards my werewolf husband to see himself wiping his eyes. Nudging my head in their direction in encouragement for him to hold our child.

"Nessie." She greeted as well before carefully handing over Rayne to Jacob. His face lit up and his arms immediately learning the right way to cradle her. "They are both a little tired. The whole ride here they were pulling Garrett's hair." Kate playfully ruffled Garrett's hair. He grabbed her hand and laughed.

"Yep those are little monsters you have there." Garrett joked. I kissed Amaury's head. They were back and safe from the Volturi.

"Why don't we get them checked out in my office and then put them to bed?" Carlisle suggested his eyes already analyzing my kids to probably see how long they will stay kids. He walked behind the coach up the steps to his office. My poor baby, Amaury let out a little yawn and nuzzled into my chest in attempt to get sleep. Carlisle was right. As much as I wanted to spend time with them they needed sleep. My message sent to Jake when I touched his arm telling him to go first. He put Rayne in my left arm and took Amaury out of my right. My little girl. Her brown eyes looked into mine. My lips touched her forehead. "I love you Rae"

Cradling her I walked up the steps to get her checked out.

"What's going on?" I placed Rae into one of the makeshift baby changing tables Emmett had set up. We couldn't necessarily buy a baby-changing table with out the suspicion of the Volturi. They had confused looks on their faces. Carlisle was taking notes in their files and Jacob was looking at both of them in wonder.

"Since both of them are one-third human, one-third vampire, and one-third werewolf one of them will have their vampire gene take over and the other one will have the werewolf gene take over." Carlisle explained to me. I thought the boy were usually the one with the werewolf gene. Wouldn't that mean Amaury would be the werewolf and Rayne would be the vampire?

"No" My father said from behind me. Really you have to startle me? "It's apart of the job description as a father. Soon Jacob will know that. The thing is with you theory it's been proved wrong before. Leah." Daddy dearest pointed out.

I picked up Rayne in my right arm. "Leah isn't not remotely a vampire." I replied before heading to the new bedroom set up in my father's old one.

What I failed to notice was my daughter staring at the picture behind Carlisle's desk.