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Nessie's POV:

How is this possible? My fingers ran a path through my bronze knotty hair as I just sat there waiting for my daughter's results. So many questions ran through my head as fast as lightning. Why Alec out of all the people? Why was she being hurt by the dreams? How much longer would this continue? How bad was this going to get? How was I going to stop it? So many questions and definite answers but what we have was just the silence and wondering. I want to cry, no need to cry but I have to be strong for her. While she's hurt I'm going to have to be her rock.

"You're not alone you know." My father piped up across the room from the red polished tall bar chair. His hair was just as messy as mine. My mother to his right leaning into him, head on shoulder, and her brown hair flowing on to his chest as she just took everything in. "We will all be there for her."

"Yea, no Volturi creeps will take us down Nessie. They will not succeed in attacking my niece through her dreams." Emmett put in. Attacking through dreams? Is that even possible?

"No Emmett just wants to fight." My father stated. I looked at Emmett and it was true he was tense after this mornings events. I've never seen him so stressed and helpless. Then again all of us were helpless with Rayne's dreams.

"If the Volturi were trying to torture us by using Rayne I would have seen their decision to do so." Alice hand was secured in Jasper's. It seems like all morning she was trying to force visions, but none had come. Her hand grabbed tighter at a pillow to her right as she just stared forward into nothing.

"What if it was a snap decision? It's happened before where they just decided something so you couldn't see it." Jacob walked into the room holding Amaury. He had a point that could have been what was going on, but something inside me said they weren't behind this.

"I'm pretty sure Alec wouldn't approve of Aro using his past and we all know that if it was Alec against Aro alone Alec would win." Alice retorted obviously frustrated that her gift was failing her.

"Oh no." My mother's head was up and alert. Eyebrows scrunched in worry and confusion. She immediately turned to my father. "Edward why was Alec turned at seventeen?" It was as if a light bulb went off in the room, but this is the kind of room you needed to be dark so you could hide from the truth.

"He was burned."

The whole room was surrounded by an unstoppable silence. "We have to turn her into a vampire." Emmett stated. That couldn't be the only option. I mean maybe a dream catcher would work. I looked to Jacob to see what he thought. His chocolate brown eyes stared down at our son. My hand went for his only to find that his body was practically shaking. His leg constantly bouncing up and down at a fast pace.

"Give me him and go. You need a run." I held my arms open for Amaury. The corner of Jacob's lips twitched up for a sec and after a brief kiss he was off. "Hey sweetie." The lipstick less lips of mine went in for Amaury's forehead.

"Emmett that's creating an immortal child." Rosalie said next to him. Her hair still looked perfect but her eyes were in the transition from a light caramel to black. Her shirt and pants clearly didn't even work, but she didn't seem to care.

"Guys what about when he got changed? Will she feel that too? Will she become a full vampire?" I questioned. Amaury looked at me with a confused look.

"Vampire, mommy?" I couldn't help but crack a small smile. "Can you put down mommy?" I placed Amaury on the ground and watched as he walked to his Uncle Emmett a little wobbly.

"We shouldn't have to worry about this now he looked around three in the dream." My father said getting up and going into the kitchen. I could hear rummaging through cabinets and draws in the kitchen.

"Why was a three year old getting beat up?" My mother question getting up out of her seat and joining me on one of the two couches. Why was a three year old getting beat up? It's not like you can have an evil three year old.

"It's time period Bella. We don't know what exactly was customary in 800 A.C" Alice explained. Eight hundred A.C that would make him…

"Over a thousand years old." My father reentered the room and handed a bottle of milk to Amaury. In his other hand held another bottle with a pale pink cap. The silence overcame the whole room again. The heat beats of my son, my daughter who was still be checked out, and mine were the only things to be heard.

"I don't want her to ever know who he is." The silence shattered like rock hitting a glass window and I continued. My hands playing with the hem of my blue dress. I looked my father in the eyes and then scanned the room waiting for the request to sink in. "She was trying to protect him, but she couldn't help. If she knew who he was and that he was alive when she's older she'll want to go meet him." Each and every person either understood or agreed on the subject.

A few minutes later Carlisle came down with the news. "Two broken ribs, but i'm suspecting the worst is yet to come." He took of his doctor's coat and put it in the closet with the rest of the jackets. "She's awake but I think it's just because she's afraid to go to sleep."
"Can I go see her? I asked standing up out of my seat. Carlisle's nodded. Hey dad I know you're listening to me. Watch Amaury.
"Hey babygirl." I whispered to her. I got down to crib level. "If only you knew the trouble you're going to put us through, but don't worry you're worth it."