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Luna pov;

Every comment pierced a hole in my heart. Every remark was a gash that created a wound. 'Hey look, it loony Luna!'...'loony lovegood!'...'retard!'...'hey look it's the crazy person'. It hurts a lot. I try not to show it; I've convinced everyone that it doesn't affect me, and they seem to believe me. I don't want to make everyone think I'm weak or can't stand up for myself.

I pull my feet up, and tuck them under me. I look around at my surroundings, everything looks nice and cosy, it's a perfect place to weep. The room of requirement always gave me what I wanted, I isolated place for me to let every emotion out. There was always one thing missing though; a shoulder to cry on. But I don't think the room of requirement can magic up people for you to talk to, so I never get my hopes up.

I take the cup of coffee that I got from the kitchens and unravel my emotions, and let tear after tear fall down my cheek.

Harry pov;

I need some time to myself; everything's been so busy lately. Also my feeling for someone has been confusing me, and I don't know how to confront them. I just need to relax and think things through.

I turn the corner and stand outside the room of requirement, waiting for the doors to form. I push the newly formed doors, and in front of me is the dirty blonde haired witch that had all my feelings in a muddle, but what really killed me was to see tears in her eyes.

She looks up at me and tries to quickly wipe her tears, but when she realises that I've seen them all, she gives up. I walk over and take a seat next to her.

Luna pov;

He takes my hand in his, and it fits like a jigsaw piece.

"What happened, Luna?" I try to speak, but nothing comes out. I try again, nothing but tears come out. He moves closer and wraps me in his strong yet gentle arms. I put my head against his shoulder and lets the tears carry on dripping.

"Let it all out, it's okay," his voice calms me down enough for me to stop shaking, but tears still fall. I lift my head up and stare into his eyes.

"Harry, do you think I'm crazy?" without hesitation his reply comes out.

"No, no! You are beautiful and sweet and absolutely perfect just the way you are." I can't help but give a little smile; I've been dying for him to say those words for ages. I never thought that he even noticed me. I always told myself to never even consider him like that, but secretly I have always liked him. But he seems just too good for me.

Harry pov;

Finally I managed to say what I've always wanted to say to her. I was always afraid that she didn't like me; she's too good for me. I look at her face and see her smile at me, maybe I was wrong, and maybe she did like me!

I so badly want to kiss her right now, but I don't know how she's going to react. Where that Gryffindor bravery Harry!?

Luna pov;

I was lost in my thoughts, thinking about what I could say when he leaned in and pressed his lips against me. Automatically I closed my eyes; my first kiss couldn't have been more perfect. Once again tears fall down my cheeks.

"Did I do something wrong?" Aw, he couldn't be more wrong.

"No, these tears are definitely happy ones."

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