This basic ideas for this story have been buzzing around in my head for a while now but I only wanted to write one story at a time and now Love Conquers All is all written I have started writing this idea down. I can't see it being a very long story and the chapters are quite short but it is just going to be about falling in love and how it can change your life...

I hope people read it and enjoy it, let me know what you think :-)

Chapter One


Another night, another snog with a drunk girl that didn't mean anything… would my life ever change or was Jenna Fitch right when she shouted after me 'you will never amount to anything.' I shook myself, I couldn't think like that… I put a smile on my face as I stepped behind the bar again following my break. However much I could plaster a smile on my face it didn't stop me feeling envious as I watched everyone dancing… everyone enjoying themselves as they downed their drinks… it took me back to my college days when I spent many a night like this with my twin Katie… it all seemed so long ago now even though it really wasn't… it all just ended when I finally found the courage to tell my family I was gay… the day my mum disowned me and I left for London that night, found this job in a popular club and managed to rent a flat… I had managed to rebuild my life on my own but it always felt like there was something missing.


Two weeks after moving to the big City… after starting my new job at The Times Newspaper I found myself at home, my laptop in front of me and a bottle of wine next to me… people at the office kept trying to get me to socialise but I just wasn't in the mood… I just preferred my own company at the moment. I settled into the article I was reading when there was a knock at the door, I ignored it… I just wanted to be on my own but it seemed they weren't anywhere anytime soon. I sighed as I put my laptop on the table to begrudgingly open the door. I was surprised to see Effy and Cook from the office standing there "I told you earlier I just want to be on my own."

Cook just sauntered past me "Well Blondie, we decided that we weren't taking no for a fucking answer."

Effy smiled "He's right Naomi, you need to get out… you go from here to the office, to back here again… it's not healthy."

Cook laughed "Eff, Cookie here is always right… something Blondie here will learn in good time." He turned to me "Now Blondie go get your party clothes on… we are going clubbing."

I opened my mouth to protest but stopped when they both glared at me, I knew I was fighting a losing battle… I rolled my eyes "Fine, you win."

Cook threw himself onto the sofa "That's more fucking like it Blondie."


I grabbed my camera from under the bar… this was a part of my job I enjoyed as it was my passion in life… taking photos and capturing those everyday life moments to create memories. I wandered around taking photos of groups of friends who wanted to remember their night out, capturing the smiles of couples dancing closely together not wanting to be apart… it made my heart ache slightly, I had forgotten what it felt like to be close to someone like that… yeah I got plenty of offers from girls but it never seems to mean anything… I can't seem to connect with the right girl.

I continued seeking out willing people when I felt arms snake around my waist, something I was used to now. I spun around and came face to face with the guy. He smiled "Ok Red, you fancy a dance."

I couldn't help but smile, he tried every time he was in "As usual you are not my type… I'm still into girls."

He did his usual and pretended to be upset "You break my heart every fucking time Red."

I laughed "You want a photo tonight?"

He grinned and pulled two girls to his side, one I recognised as his usual clubbing partner, and the other… well she took my breath away… the blonde hair to her shoulders, the deep blue eyes… I quickly pulled my camera up to eye level and snapped the picture not wanting my staring to be obvious. I turned to Cook "It'll be on the clubs site as usual tomorrow."

I walked away before he could say anything… my heart racing. I disappeared into the crowds throwing myself back into work behind the bar stealing glances of the gorgeous blonde when I could, my heart skipping a beat every time my eyes landed on her.


I found myself in a busy club, I looked around as Cook went off to get the drinks in, everyone looked to be having a great time dancing and generally enjoying themselves… all I could think was that it would take a fucking lot of alcohol to get me dancing. Effy and I found a table tucked to the side as Cook brought over the drinks and looking at the tray they were on we were going to end up fucking smashed tonight.

A while later Effy and I were dancing as Cook tried to chat up nearly every girl in the room including a gorgeous red head who was going round taking photos… now I am straight but I couldn't help but notice her deep brown eyes, her silky red hair… her natural beauty… I could swear my heart skipped a beat; it was a very strange feeling. She rushed off after taking the photo, I didn't even get chance to catch her name… Effy dragged me straight back to dancing and after a few more drinks all thoughts of the red head were put to the back of my mind.

As we danced to song after song I could honestly say I was glad Cook and Effy had taken no for an answer… I was having a fucking ace time.

The following morning


I was awake early this morning as usual; I never seemed to sleep much these days. I got up and grabbed my camera wanting to sort through last night's photos… sort through and get to one in particular. I quickly uploaded them onto the clubs website so everyone who wanted could view them; I flicked through until I found the one I wanted… I sat for what seemed like forever just gazing at the gorgeous blonde, my heart beating a little faster than normal… I knew it was stupid as I knew she wouldn't be interested in me… she was also probably straight but I just couldn't help but wonder if I would ever see her again.