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Chapter Twenty Five

3 days later


Naomi and I have just arrived back in London; she was so sweet and took me away for a couple of days to give me some time to relax and to think at the same time without any pressure. She had arranged everything, she rung Mark at the office and arranged the days off explaining the circumstances without giving away the specific details. He had agreed to the time off straight away and Naomi had whisked me away to Portsmouth for 2 days, it might not sound very exotic but we had an amazing time and 2 and a bit days of sea air really does help clear the head.

We hopped off the train and checked into the hotel Naomi had booked. We dumped our bags and she spun me into her arms, she kissed the end of my nose "What do you fancy doing?"

I smiled softly "Can we go for a walk on the beach, I want to feel the sand between my toes and the water lapping at my feet, and yes I know it will be cold before you say anything."

She smiled "You can be bloody cheeky when you want to be."

I laughed "You know you love it."

She kissed me softly "I do and I love you too."

She took my hand and pulled me out the door and a few minutes later I slipped my shoes off and was walking along the sand hand in hand with Naomi. We walked in silence for a while, my brain unable to switch off from thoughts of Katie. Naomi was being brilliant as usual and not asking me loads of questions, she was giving me the time to think things through and knew I would talk to her when I had worked things out. I took in the fresh sea air as we continued to walk before suddenly spinning Naomi into my arms; I kissed her hard both of breaking apart as we needed air. I couldn't help but smile cheekily as I slipped my hand into Naomi's and pulled her into the water quickly splashing her. She squealed as the cold water hit her trousers but of course got her own back as she splashed me back. I couldn't help but squeal myself; the water really was fucking freezing. We carried on until we were both cold and wet. Naomi pulled me out of the water and wrapped her arms around me as we shivered together, she kissed me softly "Come on I need to get you out of those wet clothes."

I could see the glint in her eyes "Now there's an offer I can't refuse."

We ran back to the hotel and quickly stripped one another of our wet clothes falling into the shower and rapidly warming one another up.

Later on we had gone out to dinner and I had dragged Naomi onto South Sea Pier to go on the fairground rides. I pulled her across to the waltzers "These are my favourites; I used to go on them with Katie all the time when we were younger."

I trailed off realising what I had said, Naomi smiled "It's ok to talk about her you know, I will listen to it all, I just want you to work through your feelings at your own pace."

I smiled "I love you." I kissed her softly "Now come on, let's have some fun."

We went on all the rides and I couldn't help but laugh as I listened to Naomi screaming as she gripped my hand tightly. As we came off the last ride I kissed Naomi hard. She smiled as we pulled apart "What did I do to deserve that, not that I am complaining."

I smiled "You are so cute sometimes, that was for giving me time, for bringing me away and for us having fun together today."

She kissed me softly "Well how about I take you back to the hotel and we have some more fun."

I smirked "Sounds good to me but first I'm going to buy you some candy floss, I know you love it your mum told me when she was showing me the photos in Ireland."

She smiled "You're the best but don't be too long I have plans for you tonight."

I kissed her softly "Trust me I won't be long."

We spent most the night exploring each other's bodies, I seriously couldn't get enough of Naomi and she couldn't get enough of me. Eventually we fell asleep tangled together and didn't wake until nearly lunchtime. Naomi ordered room service as we were both starving; we had a lovely relaxing lunch just enjoying being together. After a while we showered and headed out for a walk, we wandered around the shops before ending up on the beach again. I sat down on the sand pulling Naomi down next to me "Naoms I think we need to talk."

She smiled slightly "Ok, what is it gorgeous?"

I grinned "Well I do believe we have a wedding to plan."

She hit me playfully "You made it sound serious, not that our wedding isn't serious, oh you know what I mean."

I couldn't help but laugh "I do, anyway do you have any ideas?"

She smiled "A few yeah but the main thing is that I want the day to be magical."

I smiled, I couldn't help it "The day will be magical because I will be standing opposite you."

She leant over and kissed me softly "True. I was thinking though, what would you feel about a small Christmas wedding, make it special and romantic."

I flung my arms around her "Naoms that sounds fucking amazing." I kissed her softly "You're an old romantic really aren't you."

She laughed "You bring the romantic out in me. When we get back to London we will book somewhere and then plan the rest."

I scooted over and sat between Naomi's legs leaning back against her body as she wrapped her arms around me. It may have been cold out but I could never feel cold with my body snuggled to Naoms "Sounds good to me."

We sat there for ages just enjoying being together and taking in the beauty around us. Naomi kissed the top of my head as the sun began to creep down making way for the night sky. I pulled Naomi up from the sand and stood with our backs to the sun. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and held it out in front of us taking the photo. I smiled as I looked at it and quickly set it as my wallpaper on my phone. Naomi smiled as I showed her it "That's a gorgeous photo, you are going to have to send me that, I feel a new computer desktop background coming up."

I laughed as I emailed her it "You'll get more comments from Effy about us being sickly cute."

She laughed "I don't care, I'm so in love and I want the world to know."

I kissed her lips softly "Same." I tugged on her hand "Come on let's go and get some dinner."

It was amazing how relaxed I felt after two days away. I flopped on the sofa as we got home and Naomi came and sat with me as she pressed the button on the answer machine. We both sat up a little as Effy's voice filled the room, both of us surprised as she usually texts "Hi guys, I'm sorry to do this after you've been away but I wanted you to know that Katie has been in about five times a day plus over the last two days. I have just told her that neither of you were in and didn't mention when you would be back. Anyway I'll see you tomorrow."

Naomi pulled me into a hug "You ok?"

I pulled back a little and nodded "Yeah, Naoms I think I need to talk to Katie, I need to know if she really is serious about making a go of our relationship again."

Naomi held both my hands in hers "Emily I will support you with whatever you want to do, and I really hope that Katie is being serious for your sake. I won't let her hurt you again though Em, I can't see you in pain."

I hugged her tightly before pulling back and kissing her cheek "Have I ever told you how much I love you?"

She smiled "Yes just a few times but I always love hearing it."

I smiled "Ok so if Katie comes in again tomorrow I will ask her round for dinner on Saturday night."

Naomi kissed my cheek "Ok sounds good."

I kissed her softly once more "Thank you Naoms, I know I keep saying it but honestly thank you, I couldn't do any of this without you."

She looked into my eyes "I will always be here with you and will always support you."

I smiled as we snuggled down on the sofa again together.