So this is the end of The Meaning of Love, awwww sucks right, but all (hopefully) good things must come to an end but I am going to start a new Zevie story. "I Never Though"


Zander Robbins and Stevie Baskara never met. So this means G5 never existed. Zander is a neurosurgeon and is still pretty young, 24 to be exact. His best friend, Kacey, Kevin and Nelson along with Nelson's wife Grace all hang and basically have a band called Gravity 4. Stevie Baskara is also a Paediatrician and is all about work and has a hidden passion for music. The unknown is Zander and Stevie's parents are very close friends what happens when these two complete strangers meet? P.s. Did I mention Zander has a girlfriend? What will happen to this two people...something you never thought!

So does it sound good? Should I write it? please answers wanted! REVIEW!