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Bella's Dating Detox


Nine Months Ago

The second I entered the room, I knew this party would be a load of rubbish. Every eyes had turned to Edward and I the second we entered the room, and I had been ignored ever since. Edward was the only one they greeted. That was two hours ago and now here I was…sitting in the kitchen, in my plain black pencil skirt and neat blouse, granny glasses on a chain round my neck. Alone. Trying to enjoy myself and failing. Terribly.

I so wished my friends was here. This would make it more worthwhile. At least I wouldn't be so lonely, and I could actually enjoy myself at little. I bet right now, they were clubbing and getting drunk and hooking up with hot guys in a highly sophisticated nightclub. I wish I were there. However, no, I had to be here instead. It is what a good girlfriend does. My boyfriend Edward was here. He knew the guy hosting, or he had a friend of a friend who was hosting. That didn't matter. Everyone here was so unfriendly! It wasn't fair. I did nothing wrong. They probably ignored me because of my geeky librarian costume.

The theme for this party was 'Come as Your Childhood Ambition.' Several sexy nurses, pink ladies and ballerinas surrounded me. (I didn't really think some of these jobs were something for children, but whatever) I really should have come as a teacher or a president. Nevertheless, I really did want to be a librarian. All the guys in the lounge were either, Jedi knights or Indiana Jones. Edward had come as a judge; he had told me it was his long time dream.

Whatfuckingever. Who fucking cared what everyone else was wearing? I felt so frustrated!

For goodness sakes! I was 22! Why couldn't handle an unfriendly party?

We were in an apartment; somewhere in Seattle, the fucking place was packed. I usually loved this kind of party; maybe the reason was I had my loyal friends there. Right now, I was fucking being ignored and hating it. I wondered how much longer I could sit in the goddamn kitchen and pretend to read. Or send non-existent texts. Sigh. This was so NOT me.

When I was getting ready, I had felt so fabulous and chic…now; I felt like a drab…I felt freaking boring…I seriously wanted to go home. But I didn't want to upset Edward. Or his friends, I didn't even know them that well.

Where in the Hell was Edward? Didn't he know I was dying over here? Did he care at all? Probably not. Our relationship was getting strained, we were pulling further and further away from each other. I couldn't fathom what it was, but I would sometimes rather hang out with my parents that him sometimes. I would at times rather talk to him then make out. My distaste for him half the time was confusing… I know right. I was such a weirdo.

I glared at the kitchen door, and lit a cigarette…They helped me get my mind off things. I took a long drag, breathing in its intoxicating smoke. I was so fucking pissed! Shouldn't a boyfriend stay with a girlfriend? Or should he just abandon her. Okay, I knew his work was crazy at the moment but he seriously should let me know where he is!

"That's it!" I hissed, hopping off the kitchen surface and stubbing the remains of my cigarette flat before tossing it in the trashcan. I was going to find Edward and we were going home! I didn't care how fucking serious his work was. "Fuck it all."

I yanked the kitchen door open and was suddenly flooded with people, and stench of alcohol, cigarette ash and sex? I made my way through them, pushing and slipping through gaps as the loud cheesy 80's dance music pounded in my ears. I finally made it into the hallway, and I leaned against a wall, trying to catch my breath, which had been suffocated out of me by the crazy dancing in the lounge.

Some people turn and see at my entrance and turn around again, noticing that I am boring. See what I mean!

I took no notice of them and turned my attention on finding Edward. I entered a bedroom, with a closed-door, feeling instinctive. Oh, wait a second… There he is…

Oh my oh my oh my oh my oh my god

What I had said 'Fuck it all' I had not meant literally.

Edward was on a couch. He was completely naked except for a judge's wig, being straddled by a nearly naked pink lady (his slut of an assistant), I could tell because she was still wearing her pink jacket, with 'Frenchy' embroidered on it.

They were having sex. Holy shit, they were having sex. The statement took a few minutes to register in my head. Fuck! How could he? And when I'm at the party too! It was like cheating while I was looking at him! HOW COULD HE?

As a look of ecstasy crossed Edward's face, he glanced up at the doorway and saw me, standing there in utter shock. He cursed under his breath, and 'the pink lady slut' clearly noticed and turned to see me, as soon as she knew whom it was. She smirked at me. Stupid Bitch! She must have seduced him!

Shock replaced pleasure, on Edward's face "Bella!" he gasped, pushing the slut off

Tears had begun pricking at my eyes. I didn't know Edward was such asshole!

I had to get out of there. I had to get out of there.

I backed out of the door, tightly clutching my clutch bag. I turned and ran out of the open front door, letting the fresh air engulf me. It wasn't helping. I felt sick. I couldn't breathe. I could hear them all whooping and cheering. I hate him! I hate them all!

Sickness turned in me, rising like bile in my throat. My hand covered my mouth as I searched for a place to throw up my guts… My eyes located a plant pot on their driveway. It would be rude, but what ever, screw Edward and all his Friends. I leaned over it and let my guts flow disgustingly out of my mouth. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand, and sat on the floor, my arms shaking, and my face wet and salty with tears. I glanced towards the front door, which was now closed.

How could he? Why hadn't he come after me? I shook my head at myself. Not questioning myself further. Moreover, looked for my car, once I had found it, I jogged to it, and got inside. I put the key in the ignition and drove…just drove…far far away from that wretched apartment.

15 minutes passed and I found myself at home, and I unlocked the door and entered lazily, still in shock. Slamming it shut behind me. I flopped down on the couch, leaning back into the cream cushions, and got my cell phone out of my purse. What?! Not one freaking Call! What the fuck?!

Furiously, I stabbed Edward's number into the keys and called him. After six rings, he answered.


"It's me….How could you do that to me, Edward?"

Edward chuckled; "It was easy really." what was so funny? How could this be a joke to him?! HOW?!

"I'm so upset…if you wanted to break up with me, you should have just said so!" I almost screamed at him

"Listen. I can't deal with your shit tonight. You asked me about the party so I assumed you wanted to go." He remarked in bored voice.

Was he even going to apologize? Didn't my feelings count?

Tears came out of my eyes and dripped down my face, my chest throbbed painfully at the lightness of his voice. "I…how…why… why did you do it?" I stammered into the cell, my other hand gripping the arm of my couch.

Please, dear God please! Please don't let him leave me! Please apologize or even ask if I'll forgive him! Please!

Edward sighed impatiently as giggling came from the background, (I gritted my teeth), "I don't love you and I don't want you anymore!"

I am left with dial tone.

I fall off my couch, my knees hitting the ground, as I heard the bang of my cell phone break as it hit the hard floorboard floor. I buried my hands in my face, wanting to be sick again. But I couldn't. I had nothing left to barf out. I can't bear this. The heartbreaking pain. This is the sixth time this has happened. That was it. I was done. Never again. I was sick of guys and none of these Bastards was going to double cross me again. I was going single. Forever.

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