What Are We Supposed To Be?

CH 1

AU: Stiles has been dating Dean Hale, the star quarterback of the college football team. One chance encounter with his younger brother Derek during spring break however has him at a crossroads.

Notes: This is a much shorter attempt, it's a lot…sexier than previous work.

Stiles grabbed his backpack out of the black sports car as Dean Hale bounded up the stairs to his child hood home. The massive compound stood in the middle of a woody area in their home town of Beacon Hills and Stiles was happy to have a few weeks off from school now that midterms were over.

"Stiles get your butt in here!" Dean yelled impatiently tossing a hamper full of dirty clothes through the front door and dragging several duffle bags full of belongings into the expansive front entrance.

"Hold on, I just need my laptop and headphones. Where did you put the bag?" Stiles asked peering into the trunk of the car.

"I'm sure it's in there somewhere. I'll order some pizza. Hurry up its cold out there!" Dean's voice echoed from the interior. Stiles finally located his precious carry case holding his laptop and other accessories from the pile of Dean's luggage and wandered in, realizing that the Hale house looked just as massive and foreboding, a structure of wood and cement that stood like a monument against the green serenity of the forest.

Dean was on his phone ringing up an order "Yeah give me five large, make 3 meat lovers and 2 with…" He turned to Stiles.

"Hawaiian" Stiles affirmed putting down his bag.

"Hawaiian." Dean repeated begrudgingly into the phone. He hung up and turned to Stiles, drawing him in. "You can stay the night right?"

"Yeah. Dad said he won't be back till next morning." Stiles wondered how his dad was doing, as the Sherriff he seemed to be busier than ever. Usually it was the kid going off to college that forgot to keep in contact, but his dad had been the one to cut their phone conversations short, and often times missing them altogether. Stiles made it his mission to teach his dad how to text during spring break.

"Good." Dean whispered, his breath wisping against Stiles' forehead as there was at least a good foot of height difference between the two. They weren't exactly official, but real enough to where Dean took Stiles on awesome dates and the sex was pretty great, if he did say so himself. They had to keep it somewhat secret as Dean was the star quarterback of his college's football team and was already being scouted for the league. Stile wasn't exactly happy about it, but Dean more than made up for it with constant kisses, touches and cuddles. When it came down to it thought, Dean was rough, commanding, and always in charge and while Stiles never admitted it, he liked getting the quarter back riled up and benefitting from the results. Many times over.

They had met in some elective class that was equally as boring as the instructor. Dean was obviously sliding by with an easy class while Stiles had picked up more units so he could accelerate his graduation track. They had been placed in the same group for a project and Stiles remembered that he had never seen someone that sexy before.

Dean led Stiles down into the cavernous den which felt at least ten degrees colder than the first floor, causing his t-shirt to cling against his prickling skin. The den contained a pool table, a large L shaped couch that practically spanned the entire room and a big screen TV.

"Let's watch a movie, eat, and then move it on up to the bedroom" Dean announced with a dirty smirk, popping in a DVD. When the menu popped up Stiles tried to hide his disappointment. He had wanted to see Horrible Bosses since it came out but he had been so busy with research and schoolwork that he had missed it. Dean would probably drag Stiles upstairs as soon as they were done eating, so he hoped it would be as funny as it looked on the previews, because maybe, then maybe, Dean would be convinced enough to finish it.

After Dean had wolfed down a whole meat lovers on his own and polished off half a six pack, he started to get inappropriately handsy. In a few swift motions that Stiles barely realized, Dean had him on his lap, his large hands roaming all around Stiles' stomach while he made heated motions with his crotch, rubbing against stiles' behind.

"Dean" Stiles hissed trying to pay attention to the movie, knowing that his boyfriend had already lost interest in whatever goofy adventure the main characters were attempting.

"Babe. I haven't seen you since midterms" Dean groaned lowly, increasing his motions, causing Stiles to inhale deeply, trying to stop himself from reacting.

"We are in your uncle's house watching TV, this is not ok."

"He's gone for the week. No one else is in the house." Dean whispered against Stiles neck, making him shudder. "We haven't done it in the den" he continued his lips brushing against Stiles' skin.

"Dean." Stiles muttered feeling how big his boyfriend was beneath him. "We can't."

"We should. You know I'll make you feel so good." Dean growled biting down on Stiles' neck causing him to jerk involuntarily.

"Fu.." Stiles muttered grinding back on his boyfriends lap. Dean's hands left his stomach and began unbuttoning Stile's jeans, reaching in and feeling his heated arousal. "Dean hurry."

Dean growled in a feral manner. "I thought you didn't want to?"

"You are so bad." Stiles whimpered against his boyfriend's touch.

"The worst. And you love it." Stiles shuddered turning towards him as Dean captured his mouth in a filthy kiss.

Dean quickly spun him so they were face to face, Stiles on Deans lap in the light of the big screen TV, making out hungrily.

Dean's hands were roaming freely over Stiles' ass and Stiles had his hands locked around Dean's neck as the two kissed themselves into a frenzy. Stiles came up for air rubbing his nose against Dean's cheek. He let out a loud groan slowly pulling Stiles' jeans down exposing his ass to the cold air.

"Geez babe. I bet I could slide right into you. You're probably soaking wet." He uttered nipping Stiles neck, his voice heavy and labored. Stiles whined against his boyfriend, grinding down on his crotch, trying to get him to get the show on the road. Dean chuckled. Suddenly the sound of a garage door opening alerted them, before they could move, a younger man stepped into the den.

He looked just like Dean, except with a leaner build; he had the same high cheek bones, square jaw, and constant 5 o'clock shadow. Stiles noticed his wide smile, full of teeth and the beginnings of growth on his chest. Dean could grow chest hair like nobody's business. His eyes were green however, unlike Dean's which were a deep ocean blue. He also had short dark hair, close to black, that gave him the tall, dark, and handsome look while Dean's hair was light brown and shaggy. Stiles didn't even realize he was comparing the two and cataloguing their differences.

The man's eyes immediately fixated on Stiles' naked ass out in the open. Blushing furiously Stiles pulled his jeans up muttering 'sorry.' Dean chuckled, earning him a furious glare from his boyfriend.

"Hey little bro."

"Hey Dean." The man responded picking up several large bags off the ground. Stiles couldn't help watch his biceps flex as he did so.

Stiles turned, adjusting himself but not moving off Dean's lap, he held out his hand.

"Stiles." He offered sheepishly.

"Derek." Mr. Tall, dark, and handsome responded with a soft smile. Stile's heart jumped when their hands made contact and he tried to stop himself from staring at Derek's sexy-as-hell smile.

"I'll leave you two alone." Derek nodded apologetically, carrying his own set of luggage upstairs.

"No worries little bro, I didn't know you were going to be home. I thought you were going to Cabo for spring break?" Dean called out.

"Change of plans" Derek's voice bounced down the stairs. Stiles couldn't help but notice the hint of sadness in his delivery.

Dean was back, pulling his jeans down. The heat of his body telling Stiles that he was ready. Stiles turned back to his boyfriend and was captured in a deep kiss. Stiles could only see Derek as his eyes closed.

Oh Crap...

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