"Yondaime Hokage, I will never be sealed again, Mark my words, I'll kill you before you can even blink..."

"Kushina, there is one way to see our son again...the Hakke Fuuin. I'll seal our remaining chakra into the seal, and when the time comes, we can see him again."


Meanwhile, Sarutobi has managed to pierce the barrier Minato set up. He shunshined to where Minato and Kushina were.

"Namikaze! Don't tell me...you're going to to the Hakke Fuuin..."

"Its the only way Sarutobi" Minato looked to Naruto in a sorrowful gaze. Sarutobi followed his eyes to Naruto and realized his duty in the attack of the Kyuubi, and the life of the Namikazes.

"...No, I'll do it"

Minato looked at the Sandaime in disbelief.

"Its okay Minato, I've already lived past my prime years. I've seen what I've wanted to see. I've fought every battle I wanted to fight. Well, almost. There's one more...the Kyuubi"

"Sa-Sarutobi...Thank you"

"I'll still seal the Kyuubi into Naruto, but at least you will be there to protect him...I guess, this is goodbye...Hakke Fuuin"

And with that, Sarutobi Hiruzen sealed the Kyuubi into the infant and passed away. Several Anbu were present to watch the final moments of the Sandaime Hokage. Hokage fell to one knee in chakra exhaustion and the Anbu spread around the area. Tonight was the night, a legend died, and new one took its place. The legend of Namikaze Naruto.



Blue eyes shot open and the blond boy shot out of bed.

"W-w-wait Kaa-san! I'm up, I'm up!"

Naruto flashed to the kitchen where Uzumaki Kushina resided. She turned around and almost spilt her coffee on Naruto.

"Dammit Naruto! Stop flashing everywhere! I'm going to wash away every single seal you and your father put in this blasted house!"

"Maa maa Kushina, Naruto and I find it convenient, thats all..." Minato scratched the back of his head and gave a lazy smile, no surprise that Naruto was doing the same thing next to him.


Kushina yanked open a drawer and pulled out a cleaver. Her eyes twinkled with evil intent as her hair sprang to life in 9 tails. She then gave a sickly sweet smile and asked,

"Mi-na-to, come here for a second, will you honey?"


"Y-You don't have to say it twice, Tou-san"

Minato and Naruto dashed out of the kitchen and ran for cover. Kushina's voice rang through the entire village of Konoha at 7:00 in the morning.


Hatake Kakashi looked up from his orange book to hear the echo of Kushina's voice and flocks of birds flying from the trees.

"Thats Minato-sensei's family for you."

He rolled his eyes and headed for the hokage tower where he would usually find the two scared Namikazes.


"Anyways, Naruto, as I was saying, today you are enrolling in the academy."

"But Kaa-san, I already saw what they do in class, its too easy!"

"Naruto, being the son of the Red Hot-Blooded Habanero and the Yellow Flash isn't always your ticket out of things, besides, only academy graduates become Hokage."

Naruto pouted. His mom was right, but he couldn't stand all the fangirls. Its not like he could help it. Being the Hokage's honorable son was apparently a big deal to these girls (but he still couldn't get it). Thats right, The Second Namikaze Prodigy couldn't get why all the girls suddenly turned red and fainted around him. "Its just a sickness they are going through" he would always think. I guess you could be a genius in some aspects but a total brick head in others. Love would be one of the things Namikaze Naruto would be totally ignorant of.

"Fine Kaa-san, I'll go. Just don't blame me if its too easy..."


"Minna-san, we have a new student today, please settle down"

"Ehhhh Iruka-sensei, Who's the new student?", some kid yelled.

"Namikaze Naruto"

A few gasps were heard and then a squeal, then two more, then all the girls in class were squealing.

"Ahh~its Naruto-sama! Kyaa~!"

Naruto had to resist the urge to roll his eyes. Manners, Naruto. His parents said its all about showing manners.

"Haha Kit, look at all the Vixen"

"Too bad they're all after the name, not the person" Naruto thought "Now quiet Kurama, before i say something out loud to you and sound crazy"

"Hehe, that was your fault for the record."


Its been two years since Naruto had first made contact with the Kyuubi, four years old and he had already contacted the century old Bijuu. They became friends after a while, somehow. No one really knows except Naruto and Kyuubi. Naruto would have conversations with Kurama in his head sometimes but one time he responded to Kurama out loud at the dinner table and Minato and Kushina looked at Naruto in shock.

The Namikaze's were sitting at the dinner table eating silently when suddenly, Naruto bursted out.

"Shut it Kurama, I won't eat 'em, I hate peas..."

"Naruto?" Kushina and Minato looked at Naruto, mouths gaping open. "Who is Kurama?"

"Oh no Honey, Naruto has an imaginary friends, We raised our son to be insane! Minato what do we do?"

Unlike Kushina, Minato had somewhat of a clue who Kurama was. "Naruto is Kurama the..." and Minato made to ears with his hands and flopped them around on his head.

"Uhh...Kyuubi? Y-Yeah"

That was the last time Naruto responded to Kurama when people were around, that is until now. Naruto quickly bowed and took a seat in the back next to a kid with spiky black hair in a ponytail. The kid looked up to Naruto and said, "Nara Shikamaru, pleasure to meet you" Then he put his head down and fell asleep.

"Uh- yeah, Namikaze Naruto...p-pleasure to meet you too"

Naruto stole a couple glances at the sleeping boy. How could he pay attention if he was sleeping in class? But it didn't matter, the whole class was easy so he felt like he could understand why the boy slept through lectures. What a joke Naruto thought. They were talking about Konoha's history which Minato had already drilled into his head years before. Yeah, at age 4, Naruto had already memorized Konoha's history. When Iruka-sensei passed out a quiz, he and Shikamaru took the test and got 100 percent. Naruto then remembered the Nara clan being full of geniuses with IQs above 200. He and Shikamaru grinned at each other sharing a mutual understanding of how easy this material was. He could make friends.

Then, they had gone over Kunai and Shuriken throwing. All of the children couldn't throw properly, aside from Naruto that is, who was ambidextrous, and deadly accurate. Naruto hit every target spot on thus surprising everyone. Naruto only smirked and walked back to sit down. On the side, Naruto could spot an Uchiha, Sasuge? No, Sasuhe? No..what was his name again? He kind of slept through the roll call and couldn't quite put his finger on the name. Well either way, the uchiha was staring crossly at naruto with his cheek puffed out. The Uchiha managed to only get 4 kunai in the targets. It kinda put shame to the accuracy that the Uchiha were so famous for.

The last part was sparring. Each clan had a style, there just so happened to be a couple of future clan heirs in this particular class, all specialized in their own clan style. Too bad Naruto had researched these styles and found counters for all of them. Even those who made their own styles were immediately countered by Naruto. He wasn't called the prodigy of konoha for nothing. Naruto could analyze any fighting style and find its flaws in a matter of seconds. He was the second coming of the Yellow flash. (No surprise there). And of course, Naruto beat every single student in spars regardless of whether they used jutsu or not. If you could put Naruto on the ranks of ninja, he would be around High-Jonin in most aspects with Kage level chakra. His jutsu arsenal rivaled that of Copycat Kakashi with 1000 jutsu's copied. Iruka already knew this, considering he was actually Anbu undercover. The Anbu knew everything, well, almost everything. He didn't know that Naruto knew he was Anbu, and he didn't know Naruto could sense the other two Anbu hidden in the room. There was a lot to learn from the boy.

Class ended and Naruto was asked to stay after class.

"Naruto, I know you find this class really boring and i already know your skill level. Do you want to try to graduate this year? We can move you up to Grade 5, the last grade. Although a majority will of the students would be older than you, the skill level is at least a little higher. Besides you have to take the last year to take the Genin Test anyways."

"Really? Uh, Okay then, I'm cool with it. Just ask my dad for approval."

Naruto nodded and shunshined back home, leaving Iruka to clean up the classroom.