Hello my wonderful readership, you sexy beautiful readers.

That's right. I am here to announce the start of the sequel! As you can see I'm not one for beginnings so you'll find that the first chapter sucks balls. Regardless, it's outtttttt, or will be out in a matter of minutes.

I will start with review responses:

The Keeper of Worlds: Why thank you. I thought the hologram was quite awesome too XD. Well your sequel awaits!

Showtime09: Thanks! Continue onward!

shadowmaster0304: Sorry for the short and shitty ending. There won't be much of a prologue. Just a beginning like shippuden. I dk about making it M, I'll have to ask my readers.

Duesal10: When I say soon, I mean now :)

Zatheko: God you're making me blush! Thank you for your support and I'm glad I was one of the first authors you read from! It means quite a lot!

avengeme: Ah yes, more secrets revealed about the Uzumakis!



blair27: Hot damn. You got it spot on. Anyways, I have received your Beta "Resume" and I am waiting for a pending one from someone who said he/she will get it in. I will respond to you later!

SuomiTytt: Well at least someone likes the ending! Thank you!

Dante siegfield: I strongly suggest you read the omake because it has a lot of introductions to the sequel in it. The whole point of an omake is that it is a story of its own except with key components from the original story. Not particularly a mood spoiler if you ask me but everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Well now that my heart is thoroughly shattered...

sereneskydragonslayer: thank you! and YOU are awesome too!

Killijimaru: I am but I didn't know you spoke french!

Tsuukiyomi: Naruto is/was adorable

TheMysteriousDude: golly jeepers ya'll making me blush

Aerotyl: or should I say fanfan. I'm not as dumb as you. God. It's like picking out neon yellow from a crowd of grey. Go fuck yourself or something, it will be more productive in your case

claymore78: Most unfortunate that you want me to do a harem because I don't really believe in that stuff. I hope you keep reading though.

fanfan9255: How are you even following this story? Hell, why would be more appropriate. If you don't like it, don't stick around. It's like masochism at its best. You don't like reading it but you keep reading it anyways. Do you enjoy doing that to yourself? Somehow I know you're somewhat smarter than that but you continue to pull this shit anyways. As fun as it is to troll, the joke grows old like a pair of smelly socks. You being the smell socks. It's just disgusting, over used, and ready to be thrown into the trash. And the joke is old...old like your mother who obviously didn't teach you any better. I think she and I should arrange a intervention for you or something. "Fan fan...you have to understand...this isn't healthy for you. You're causing detrimental damage to your health." Not that I actually care about your health, but I'm above wishing people's death. But I'd still like to mention you're wasting precious oxygen. Precious oxygen that should be preserved for future generations and not wasted on some idiot that reversed evolution and devolved into a monkey. What ever you do, don't reproduce. I'd hate to go monkey hunting to save humanity.

Guest: I don't know the purpose of you pasting an excerpt from my story. Is it an edit? Please state your intentions. But do not copy paste my story somewhere and claim it for your own.

Shadowstar92: Aww thank you! And yes! Moegi and Udon I believe? Yes minions indeed XD

Doomslayer10000: YESSS more for my kudos jar!

Djflemse: oh stop it you!

DarkinocensDLT: Matta ne?

Cloud Ex-SOLDIER: Some sort of saying about distance making love grow stronger? Well NaruSaku sorta in the first chapter of the sequel...muahahahaha hopefully that's not too long...


Wissing: Well, by the time you get here, you'll be ready for the sequel! Hope you read fast enough!