Daredevil: the story of Matt Murdoch

Well, I was watching Daredevil the other day and wanted to make a story adaption of it, I have changed a bit of the content though so I don't get sued for copyright. Here you go chapter one

Chapter One: Just an ordinary kid

My name is Matt, Matt Murdoch, and I was just an ordinary kid, see how I said the word JUST in that last sentence? Well I will tell you why soon enough. But first I need to tell you my story. Let's start one day at school.

I sat down on my usual seat, about 3 rows down from the front. I was wearing my usual school uniform, which consisted of a blue blazer, a black tie, grey trousers and a white formal shirt. My hair on the other hand did not suit the school uniform, my messy blonde hair would usually get in to my eyes and it would take me ages to move it out of the way. Ever imagined a full bed of hair with spikey bits on the top and a flop dangling over your eyes? That pretty much describes my hair style. So anyway, back to my story, I sat there watching Mr Lythe put our work on the board when a young girl entered the room "is this room 67?" she said in a very subtle tone, she was wearing the school uniform, except she had tight trousers on instead, her hair on the other hand was long and black but she wore a bandana to cover most of it. Mr Lythe looked at her and opened his mouth "oh you must be Elektra Nathios, nice to meet you" Mr Lythe shook her hand carefully as he pointed to the seat next to me. She walked in a posh manor, as if she was wealthy; she certainly looked it seeing her clothes she wore. As she sat on the old, wooden chair it creaked. I turned to face her and opened my mouth "Matthew Murdoch "I reached out my hand and she shook it "nice to meet you Matt"she said as she giggled. Being a new student I volunteered to show her around but sir said I couldn't because I was only twelve, so he shown her around.

After school I walked through an ally, not the greatest of decisions saying I lived in hell's kitchen. I got about half way home walking through the dingy bottom alleys of hell's kitchen when I encountered three bullies, they all looked 15 or 16 and each looked pretty rough, one was a big black fella, with huge biceps and muscles and the other too looked exactly like this one except one was Chinese and one was white.

I came home in bruises and cuts one day, not a good thing when your dad was THE great devil Jeff Murdoch, a boxing legend, he was killed one day coming home from work, if he was alive and seen these cuts he would of told me 'toughen up'

Ok guys hope you like my first chapter

Chapter 2:another day disaster(coming soon)