You are now Natara Williams

You and Mal are guided by Evelyn to a secluded place in the plane. There she debriefs you on the whole situation. She is tall and lanky. She speaks only when she makes direct eye contact, which is highly unprofessional to your opinion.

Dammit Natara. Now you're just being rude. That blast must've rattled your brain.

Evelyn: Good evening.

Mal: Sorry Miss can't say the feeling's mutual.

You slap Mal playfully on the arm.

Natara: I'm sorry, what's this about?

Evelyn: Well Mr., and Mrs., when you both were in that, building a claymore bomb went off. It was identified by the NIA and targeted at this location. We would've been able to get here and warn you sooner but the bomb detonated before we could reach.

Natara: Detonated?

Evelyn: Yes. You see there was a sensitive detonator in the building. Probably a loose tile, or a small handle button, or … I don't know… perhaps… a stair wire.

Evelyn shakes her head in disconclusion. Me and Mal shot each other uneasy glances.

Natara: Thank you so much Evelyn. If there's anything that we need to kno-

Evelyn: Actually there is Agent. And I would prefer if you would let me finish so I can tell you.

You hang your jaw low, but not too low that she can see it. You can't believe that this woman is… is… making fun of you! It seems childish but, if hurts close to home. The same criticism, mocking, correction, and tone. It rushes memories of you as a young adult, arguing with your father.

Natara: Y-Yes

Evelyn: Up in Centerscore there has been a death by a young heroine named Sara Kessler. She died about three days ago. We would like you to go undercover to the scene and investigate.

Natara: … Is that all?

Evelyn: Yes Williams it is.

You and Mal exit the helicopter onto wet concrete. You come up to a bright sign that says 'CENTERSCORE HOSPITAL'

Mal: Ok so where-

Evelyn: Follow me detective.

Mal and you begrudgingly trot behind Evelyn to a section of the hospital labeled 'HEALTH CARE'. There, you see uncomfortable teens getting a physical, doctors examining ears with a pointy edge trying to fish out the kids' brain. But worst of all, you can hear bawls and shrieks as doctors give underage children shots.

Natara: I feel like I'm in a horror movie…

Mal: That or you're afraid of hospitals.

Natara: Yes, but this is on an entire different level…

Mal: Yeah well, I hope this Sara girl is an easy one. I really wanted to get back home. My head is killing me.

Natara: That's because you are working too hard. You're going to give yourself a migraine headache. Why are you working so much?

Mal bites his lip and his eyes immediately shoot to his thumbs, now twirling together.

Mal: Ahhh…. Ever since the Livewire case, I've been pretty set back so I've been working hard…

Natara: Ok don't tell me. Ill figure it out on my own.

You and Mal chuckle together as you make your way to a seething Anders.