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Clove POV

The new school year has arrived so, naturally, there will be party to celebrate our last days of freedom, sort of like a last hurrah before school starts. I mean come on it is The Upper East Side. So I wasn't surprised when a text got sent round that Finnick was throwing a party, I was surprised, however, that I was going to be attending.

I don't really love the social scene at my school. I go to the Private Academy for National Entertainers and Musicians also known as P.A.N.E.M. It's full of snobby rich kids that act like sluts and players because they think it's cool to defy their mommy dearest. We'll let me tell you . . . It's not!

"Come on Clove, it's the beginning of you junior year of high school, you're practically obliged to show up and Finnick is one of your best friends!" Eliza (A/N Eliza is my name for foxface!) stresses tucking her auburn hair behind her ears as she dives back into her closet. Just by looking at her you can tell she's a drama geek, she over reacts at everything.

"Fine, but only for Finnick, that's it!" I moan sinking into one of Eliza's plush purple armchairs in the centre of her dressing room.

"Yay," She shrieks, the sound muffled from inside the closet "so what are you wearing?" She asks perkily.

"Well I kinda thought I'd just go like this?" I ask knowing it'll never be allowed. In an instant she's out of her closet with a very serious look on her face.

"Oh no you're not!" She snaps.

"Why, what's wrong with this?" I ask signalling down to my loose grey dream catcher print top, leggings and converse.

"Oh nothing, if you want to turn up looking like a slob!" She exclaims throwing her hands up in the air.

"I wouldn't be turning up if I had a choice in the matter." I grumble hoping she didn't hear me.

"Well you're going and I think I have the perfect outfit!" She squeals charging back into her closet.

She's been in there for two minutes now and I'm starting to get worried that she got attacked by her hoards of clothes when she finally submerges.

"Here." She pants as she thrusts some clothes in my direction. I look down to see a beautiful black leather v neck topped dress that winches at the waist to reveal a beautiful sheer blue floral chiffon skirt.

"Wow Eliza this is . . ." I start but she cuts me off.

"Yeah, whatever save it for later." She sighs as she snaps her fingers "You, in there, now." She commands signalling to the closet.

"Sure I'll just, go change." I say rolling my eyes, slumping over to the closet.

"Erm Eliza, I kind of don't have any shoes?" I ask her and she just groans and replies with a huff "Just take a pair of the shelf okay, but ruin them and I'll kill you!"

"Okay captain." I chuckle as I ponder over which shoes to take. I finally decide on a gorgeous pair of nude patent Chloes.

As soon as I emerge from the closet she orders me to sit at her armoire and thrusts a curling iron into my hand.

"I trust you can curl your own hair by yourself, I'm going to get changed, don't burn yourself!" She says, again muffled by the closet. I've just about curled my whole head by the time she walks out of the closet.

"Jesus what took you so long?" I ask swirling round. She looks stunning. She's wearing a gorgeous collared long sleeve skater dress with a floral pattern that starts off a beautiful bright blue but gradually darkens to a navy at the bottom paired with some cute black Tory Burch wedges.

"You look amazing, this gorgeous look isn't for anyone in particular is it?" I ask as she walks over to the numerous containers of makeup.

"Okay Clove me and Marvel have been going out since the end of the sophomore year, you can let go of it okay. Now, close your eyes and don't look until I tell you to, okay?" She says.

"Sure, fine, whatever." I tell her as I close my eyes. I then feel brush after brush coat my eyes and face until finally she says, open.

And so I do and I have to double check to see if I am actually well me. She's completely transformed me, my eyes are simple and neutral yet dazzling at the same time and my lips are a beautiful deep burgundy.

"This is great Eliza." I say, finally getting into the party mood.

"Hell yeah it is girl now, let's go partaay." She giggles as she grabs her car keys.

Cato POV

"Hey dude did you hear about the party at Odairs?" I ask Marvel as he scores another goal on FIFA 14.

"Hehehe shame Cato, you should really get better defence, you know the best time to buy good players is in the middle of the night because they're so cheap. And to answer your question yes I heard and yes I am going." He says.

"Great well can you give me a ride, because my car broke down." I tell him.

"Dude again?" He asks, yes I have a very good top of the range car but I usually forget to buy gas.

"Yeah I know gas again, save me the lecture." I tell him. "Anyway, let's talk about tonight, how's everything going with Eliza?" I ask.

Now I know this isn't a very manly question to ask but me and Marvel just aren't like that with each other.

"Yeah mate, it's going good, she's really nice." He says.

Then a loud knock on the door disturbs the silence and breaks me out of almost scoring my redeeming goal.

Marvel switches the xbox off and replies, "Yes Johanna what do you want?"

She opens the door, walks in and plonks herself on the third gaming chair in Marvel's room.

"Well I just so happened to overhear your conversation about the party and I was wondering if you'd give me a ride?" She asks.

"Eurgh, do I have to?" He replys sourly, nothing like good old sibling love right.

"Well I already asked mum and she said you have to take me since she sent my car to the shop yesterday."

"Okay fine, you can go get ready now." He groans reaching to press the power button again but she slaps his hand away

"Wow thanks bro, but I'm already ready and if we're going to go we kind of have to go now or we'll be late!" She snaps pulling from his chair and yanking him out of the room.

This is going to be one hell of a night.

Clove POV

So we're now here in the elevator up to Finnick's penthouse fifteen minutes late, "Eliza, did you really have to stop for that doughnut?" I ask.

"Of course I did it was on offer!" She chuckles as the elevator finally stops.

"You two are late!" Finnick demands as soon as the elevator doors open.

"I know, I'm so sorry Finn, but this one thought it was necessary to get a bite to eat before we got here." I say apologetically as we hug.

"Oh it's fine it's just her that's going to get the cut. Everyone else is in the balcony, you guys can go right through." He tells us and I nod and we start for the balcony but not before hearing Finnick shout "Don't you dare touch my grandmothers kitten vase."

Wow this place is whacked.

We finally make it to the balcony and are greeted with smiles and hugs from everyone, that is everyone except Katniss "No, music is much more complicated than dance!" Argues Katniss twiddling with her braid.

See each of us all got into the school for a different talent we have surrounding the arts. Katniss is a Music Scholar and has a beautiful singing voice as well as an affinity for many other instruments.

"No it's not, dance is way more intricate." Glimmer argues back. "Yeah. Glim's right, dance is so much more complicated." Backs up Johanna and Annie nods.

Glimmer and Johanna are both dancers, as you can tell but where Glimmer does Freestyle and Cheerleading, Johanna does Ballet and Modern Jazz. Annie also dances, but she sticks to interpretive, It's much more creative, or so she says.

"No, music is so much more professional." Says Madge, she is amazing at cello.

"No acting is way more intricate." States Eliza as she plonks herself down, "Wouldn't you agree Clove?" She asks, "Of course acting all the way." I nod as I am also a Dramatic Scholar and excell in the subject.

"But we should ask the guys just to be sure." I say.

"Sure." Eliza says in an unusually calm voice, then hollers "GUYS, WHICH IS BETTER; DANCE, MUSIC OR DRAMA?"

"Jesus Eliza could you get much louder?" I say, shaking my head.

Almost instantaneously Cato, Peeta and Marvel shout "Drama!" Of course they would. Thresh, Finnick and Gale then shout "No, music!" So then they start having a debate about it.

I just need to get away for a while and whisper to Eliza, "I'm going to go get something to drink."

As I slip away I hear her shout "Have fun honey!" And with that I leave.

I have to root around a bit but I eventually manage to find a can of Coke at the back of the fridge. "Hey Clovely!" Says a voice and I almost crash straight into Finnick's brand new marble counter top.

I spin round to see Cato, "My god Cato you scared me, don't ever do that again!" I say, playfully shoving him in the arm "Nice to see you too." He laughs as he pulls me in for a hug.

"So how was your summer?" He asks, searching the fridge for a drink. I hop onto the countertop careful not to bash my head on any of the sleek white cupboards.

"Good, I spent most of it up at the beach house in The Hamptons on my own because my mum was off in London launching her new line overseas." I say rolling my eyes. He chuckles as he closes the fridge.

"How is that going, I mean doesn't she make you like try on her dresses all the time?" He asks.

"Yes, and model them, and review them, it's so painful." I say smiling at him.

"Well, I guess that with all of this you'll get to meet great people right." He asks.

"Yeah sure, I guess but I just want my mum to be my mum not my boss." I tell him.

"Well yeah, I get you, my dad's already forcing me to play football everyday to get ready for the new season." He says, inching closer.

I really don't want to ruin the moment but I can hear Eliza shrieking from the balcony and I'm afraid she'll jump off, so I hop off the countertop and say "I think we should probably get back to everyone else."

"Yeah." He chuckles and we walk back to the balcony where we all talk and chatter until everyone's already left and it's freezing.

Then Finnick finally kicks us out saying he's tired and needs beauty sleep, my my that boy.

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