Millie woke up and got dressed, brushed her teeth, did her hair and make-up then walked to school like any other morning. When she walked in to the school doors she felt the urgent need to use the bathroom so rushed off ignoring the school bell ringing.

She entered the cubicle doing her business then exited it to see the school bullies Georgina and Chelsea in front of the door blocking her.

Georgina scowled at her and shouted "want to have some fun, scag?"

Georgina looked them in the eye and shook her head.

"You're lucky we haven't got our knifes today" Chelsea said as she scowled at Millie.

"Look, please let me go I just need to go to form" Millie tried to speak calmly but the girls had none of it.

"3… 2… 1" Georgina counted down and when she got to one they both punched and kicked Millie knocking her to the ground.

Millie wept in pain.

"Tell anyone we did this and I will bring my knife next time" Chelsea said as they both walked off.

Millie reached in her pocket getting her phone she dialled 999.

"So Dix.." Jeff was cut off from the radio.

Dixie responded to the radio and both of them dashed for the ambulance setting the sirens on they drove to the school.

"Hello princess" Dixie said as she squatted in the toilet cubicle with Millie.

"What's your name then" Jeff asked.

"Millie, Millie Mould" she croaked out as she continued weeping.

"Ok, can we take you in out ambulance?"

Millie nodded as the paramedics helped her up.

Jeff and Dixie wheeled Millie in through the ED doors in a wheel chair.

"This is Millie Mould, 15, she has a tender stomach and has vomited twice in the ambulance" Dixie announced.

"Yep and both times on me" Jeff moaned as Sam laughed at him.

"Let's get her in to cubicles please; resus is full at the moment."

They helped her on to the bed and the paramedics left.

"Ok, I am Dr Nicholls but call me Sam. May I feel your stomach?"


Sam felt Millie's stomach then reached her ribs.

"Ok, I'm pretty sure you have fractured a rib, you will need to do a breathing exercise three times a day to fix that!"

Millie nodded.

"Who did this to you" Sam asked looking at Millie sympathetically.

"No one I just fell!"

"Well you didn't did you; you have bruises all over your stomach obviously caused by kicks and or punches."

She looked at Sam then whispered "Just two girls, I don't know their names and I wouldn't be able to recognise them" Millie lied, wanting Sam off her back.

"Ok, are you sure?"

"Yes, positive!"

With that Sam stepped outside the cubicle and walked away.

"Millie, sweet innocent Millie Mould" Georgina came in to the cubicle and smirked.

"We did some good work here" Chelsea said walking in from behind Georgina.

"Please don't hurt me, please!"

The two girls circled the bed!

To Be Continued!