Sam and Tom finished their shift shortly after and then drove home with Millie. They arrived home and Millie sat on the couch thinking.

"You want some food super Mil's" Sam asked entering the kitchen while doing the superman pose.

"Just a cheese sandwich please" Millie replied giggling.

Sam returned 5 minutes later handing Millie the sandwich which she had even in minutes.

"Just go the toilet" Millie said walking upstairs.

She walked in to the bathroom and locked the door before kneeling down in front on the toilet then sticking her fingers down her throat.

Meanwhile down stairs Sam sat eating a salad when she head Millie vomiting "is she being sick?"

They sat silently listening for a minute then Tom nodded "I think so."

They both sat with worry on their faces then Sam ran upstairs.

"Millie" she said sitting outside the door.

"I've been sick but I'm ok" Millie shouted from inside.

"Ok I'll wait outside until you feel better" Sam said.

Millie stayed in the bathroom for 10 minutes then came out and walked in to her bedroom and laid in bed where Sam tucked her in.

Sam walked down stairs and explained to Tom what was happening.

Shortly after eating they both also went to bed after a busy day.

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